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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 10

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Who is guarding all of this?!
Third post of the night and then it is time for bed. Got to be ready to be HAPPY HAPPY at work tomorrow. As I roll my eyes. But there is a Zoo Trip and Downtown Disney Trip in the works so April should have some fun in it. You go to work and say okay just XX more days til this and time should go by faster? But anyway it is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 10 time. Spoilers for so much wheat!
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Let them eat cake! I love cake. XD
Episode Summary: pretty upset about what happened in episode 9. Like everyone sits around a table and says how they are sorry their actions have reflected poorly on the nation and how the Central Kingdom will probably come in and destroy them. The Queen of Bard Kingdom seems less upset about all this nonsense and tries to figure out ways to get out of this mess. Not only are the people behind Crimson Scholar but they are also really riding her ideas of freedom. So the way to really regain control of things and stand out would be the free the serfs. Other ideas on the table is to make it so that Central Kingdom residents could come and live in the Southern territory. They make use of Demon King's printing press to send out fliers and such announcing that they are separating from the main church and creating a new church. That way people wouldn't feel like nonbelievers and could come over to their side. But since most serfs can't read this plan really doesn't lead to much. The Bard Queen suggests using songs but Youth Maid doesn't want them to talk about the church and get the serfs in trouble. Instead she rather them just sing about how wonderful it is in the Southern Kingdom. This and the fact that the armies of the Central Kingdom are all spaced out gives the Southern Kingdom time to think of better plans. In Central Kingdom Young Merchant has heard of the speeches and what not and decides he will act. He tells his black haired Merchant Friend that he will buy....basically all the wheat ever. No matter the prices. In fact he will be buying everything. If there is war they will get rich. If not he has a plan for that as well. He plans on making agreements with land owners that he will buy their wheat before that crop comes in and the price will be set it. Soon prices rise on everything, driving people into a crazy frenzy for wheat. Will the Central Kingdom be starved out of the war?
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A long way to get food.
No instead people start arriving to buy up everything in the Southern Kingdom as prices have no risen. Crimson Scholar's students, both the merchant and the other noble boy, find out this plot and run to the higher ups to tell them the only way to save their economy is to have tarrifs placed on all outgoing food. This will be another blow to the Central Kingdom. Over in Gateway City they have run out of some important supplies as well. With war in the human world looming the humans and demons in the city worry about what will happen to them. So the Dragon Princess goes and seeks out Young Merchant as she thinks they can do business together. Young Merchant sees dollar signs but maybe something else when he looks at Dragon Princess. Soon Central Kingdom really declares war and it will officially start in 11 days. Hero is very upset as he knows Demon King doesn't want this to end in bloodshed. He wants to put off the real war as long as possible as Demon King is still gone. Apparently this means that the Winter King needs to make it snow. While everyone does the snow dance there is a flashback when Head Maid and Demon King were making bad fashion choices in their youth. Head Maid didn't want Demon King to become King because part of the process is having your mind altered by the previous Kings. Demon King promises to remain herself and shows Head Maid a book. A human boy has just been born and will one day become the Hero. Head Maid points out that is even more reason not to become King. Demon King says that she wants to meet him and hopefully he won't kill her but instead show her her real fate. THE END!
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The church is acting pretty scary. X___X
Again I didn't see most of this coming. It is weird how all the characters are doing such things that will help the world out eventually but a lot of it hinges on what other characters are doing and plan on doing based on other characters and what not. Does that mean human nature is really predictable?
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I don't know what I thought Young Merchant was going to do. I thought he had sent Merchant Student to spy on the council of 10 but instead the Merchant Student was doing the spying on Young Merchant. Which was probably the plan all along but you know. I don't know, I thought he was going to go up against other people and try to help Crimson Scholar and gain support for her.
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Getting some tail on the side? XD
Maybe in a SUPER round about way Young Merchant is doing that. I mean he really thought he was increasing prices to starve out the Central Kingdom. That would have been pretty effective. You can't really stage a war when all your people are dying from hunger right? I am not really good with economics. I know I want to buy things so I save money. And if I don't have enough money I don't get them. So to me with ONE person really controlling the market is a bit brain hurting. But I guess when someone is throwing money at the situation anything is possible. Like BAM going to buy all the stuff, who can complain about that?
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I think your pockets like this waltz too.
I guess I just thought Young Merchant was in this for the cause and the amount of money he was making on the situation left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean people can make money and should enjoy life. But what would happen to all the people who were starving in the mean time? If he was trying to punish the high up people it really wouldn't work. Maybe...he really was trying to get people to move to the Southern Kingdom and get them to buy their crops but it seems that this really benefited him more. Maybe there is more to his plan later but the idea that people were paying so much for gross food is...well gross.
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So much sorry.
I thought it was sorta funny how depressed the rest of the characters were acting. Like how I would act in real life. I am going to be big and bad and stand up for people but the next day just die on the ground. But what these people did was on a huge level. Massive level. Like well I probably just got a bunch of people killed kinda level. So thus the moping. Mopping? Moping.
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You might want to free your face from that make-up.
I think they all bounced back fast. Or maybe they are just light years smarter than I am. Like okay we got people with sparks in them now. We can make the landowners happy but since the serfs out number then like 50 to 1 lets make the 50 happy. Of course the freeing of people should have come no matter what and not out of fear or to better their own position but I guess a victory is a victory. It also makes their kingdom look more desirable and maybe others will want to live there. The happier the people the better the outcome yes?
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Sounding pretty familiar indeed.
Even without Demon King there to help out everyone was able to keep it together. Thought up plans that would work in their situation. Of course they were able to do that because of Demon King's forthought. The printing press really helped out. But there were things they did that were all on their own. Having a new but similar church. Where have I heard that before? But really it does work on the masses. These people still want to worship and follow the same deity but now they can do so under a new church. That way they won't feel like awful human beings and still support the Winter King.
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Sing some happy songs and bring the people together.
While Youth Maid likes to get down on herself she really brings a different perspective to the table. Everyone else is someone...well what she considers important while she is a person of the people. She thinks about how things will affect them and what will work best of them. So instead of singing songs about a new church that will possibly get people in trouble sing about something bright and happy about the Southern Kingdom. I mean...that will still probably not go over well but you can't beat everyone or you will have no work force yes?
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So much going on. Feels like a history class.
I think the tariff idea was a little out there. It sounds like there hasn't been that kind of tax before so to think it up that fast seems a bit out there. But totally necessary as raising prices as a whole would hurt their own people and what sense would that make? We need to keep these people happy. But obviously this tariff thing was not going to go over well. Not that anything at this point would. I guess the other kingdoms should be grateful they weren't attack as everything was so strained yes?
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Well massive duh yes?
In the end everything seems to be working in their favor. Hero really started to beat up on himself. I don't know why since he isn't the one who ticked off Messenger last episode. He was the only one who kept his mouth shut. But I guess all of the plans were left to him and he is taking responsibility as it is the Japanese way. He seems to think this war could be stalled and no lives could be lost. It might be hoping too much for snow though. Just a bit....too much.
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The horror was so bad you have to look at....bad looking Demon King.
Elsewhere in the world Demon King is still undergoing her Kingification. Which apparently is her gaining all the memories of past kings and what not. Thus the other Heroes from last episode. That is nice and stuff but I am scarred for life seeing a younger Head Maid. Like really what the hell was that shit? Scarred for life. But I guess it is nice to see that Head Maid was always looking out for Demon King. Even if Demon King went into this for special reasons. She was going to be different ya'll!


Eternia said...

Why are talking as if "Merchant" is a good guy? He's an evil bastard who's hogging all the food himself. His objective is, of course, to make the currency useless, because of the crazy inflation. Later, after the currency become useless, he uses the wheat as currency, making him even richer and richer. Of course, this is an illogical plot, as I said on my post. The ruling King of Central should bust up his place and arrest him for treason. And all the [really] hungry people would attack his place in a mass panic and angry mobs. Or, could it be somebody want to argue that the people don't know who's behind this terrible incident? Impossible. He openly make contract with nobles and landlords ragarding their farms.

Christina said...

Eternia- I think that Young Merchant benefited from his plan. However I do think he was trying to help others in the long run. That he was trying to get people to move to the Southern Kingdom. I don't think he was trying to starve the common people but the nobles and hirer ups. That everyone would go well there is NOTHING for us here and Southern Kingdom says we can be free there. And they got food so lets go.

Or maybe he was evil and took advantage of the situation. But given how much he risked to help Dragon Princess maybe he wasn't as bad as he was portrayed. I think the hair style was making him look more sinister than he really was. XD

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