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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 2

Post number 3! Weird how the post I started writing first...hasn't been posted at all. XD Weird how I do things. It is like I have such a short attention span. I go oh I need to do the dishes wait let me get the screenies for this first the laundry needs to be folded this episode is done downloading so I will watch it first so when my horrible reality shows come on later I can just blog everything. See how scary inside my head can be? So much focus!!!
 photo titansepisode28_zps77b95391.jpg
Inside the main wall...with a gate...hmmmm!
But here is the next episode of the night. Shingeki no Kyojin episode 2. Spoilers for tons of anger and death...I guess off screen.
 photo titansepisode25_zps91f5af3f.jpg
All episode ANGRY!
Episode Summary: People are running through the streets, heading towards the second gate. Where these people live is a basic lookout around the main wall. Like a little circle fort. So the humans are trying to make it to the MAIN wall. With varying degrees of success as Titans are eating people left and right. Eren is still in shock over what has happened and starts bashing Hannes in the head. Hannes throws the boy and calls him weak and refers to himself (Hannes) as scared of the Titans. There is some crying and they make their way to the escape boats which go slower than a snail. As Eren is having a pissed off moment and Armin is happy his friends have survived Hannes goes to the main gate to tell them not to close it yet, people are still escaping. The military on the outside of the main gate are doing their best to defend and protect the gate while people are escaping but more and more Titans are making their way towards them. Everyone holds Hannes back as they try to close the gate. Suddenly another Giant, different looking Titan appears and decided that he is a football player. He gets into a running stance and all the nearby humans can only watch as this Titan runs into the wall, actually destroying the outside barrier between the humans and Titans. All the humans in the boat start to panic even though there are still tons of humans on land. Eren gets even more pissed off and vows to kill all the humans.
 photo titansepisode27_zpsd171f11b.jpg
The Titans broke through one wall, quick go to the other one!
There are humans on the inside of the now destroyed wall who got word the fort was destroyed and were like well lets not panic. When the boats start arriving full of people it is time to panic and to move everyone into the second gate. Over 10,000 people were killed in the attack and the conditions of the survivors is not good. They live in small quarters and get small rations a day while the people inside the second wall grow resentful of the fact they have to help these people out. Eren is sleeping in one of these quarters and has a nightmare about his father attacking him with a syringe. He has no idea if this is really happening or not but his father tells him to hold onto the key and to stay strong. When Eren wakes up he is in fact wearing the key but puts that aside to get rations from unhappy soldiers. Eren gets upset at these negative comments towards the refugees and mouths off. He gets beat up and Armin has to step in to calm the situation down. Eren talks about how he is tired of handouts and how dare the Titans do all of this. Armin gets upset that Eren is talking this way and Mikasa shoves the food down Eren's mouth so he can live. The conditions get worse as the refugees have to try and help harvest crops but that is clearly not enough for everyone. So the King and his people decide that the refugees will go and reclaim the wall. ¼ of the human population marches back towards the third, outside wall and 100 of them come back alive. Eren muses that now the food problem has been solved...Armin is now pissed because his grandfather was sent to fight and well he is dead. Eren and Armin decide they are going to join the military training when they are old enough in a year. Mikasa decides that she will too to keep these fools alive. Well apparently a year is 4 in anime land because they all look way older when they are being yelled at by their drill sergeant. Are you ready to be Titan food? THE END!
 photo titansepisode24_zpsc862e814.jpg
Is this show getting censored a la Blood-C style?
And the blood keeps on flowing. Clearly this anime is going to show us the strong side of humanity and the awful side of humans when push comes to shove. The pushing and shoving being the humans and the munching the Titans make when humans go down their throats.
 photo titansepisode23_zpsc7858e29.jpg
The crazy wall stuff is supposed to come later but now is good to show how insane people are.
This episode didn't go....well exactly with how things went in the manga. Which is good since my mind is still confused that I know sorta of what is going on with this show. Usually I watch the anime first, my brain is not understanding what is going on. But yes the manga and anime are probably going to be a little different, a lot different if they have an original ending. But also a difference that will start in episode 3 is that this series is going to go in chronological order! Which I think is a plus. Yes flashbacks are important and what not but the way it was done in the manga I wasn't aware that we were IN a flashback at the time. Or that characters actually meant something, because they trained together with Eren and the crew. This way we can care about people before they get chewed into tiny pieces.
 photo titansepisode26_zps235a621d.jpg
Scared because I never thought I would have to do this!
Eren and Mikasa were not enjoying their rescue very much. Although if I were being carried away from Titan eating monsters I might not be hitting my rescuer in the head until I was on the ship sailing away to protection. Eren thought he had reason to be pissed at Hannes. I am not sure if I was Hannes I would admit to my weakness or tell a little kid that the reason why his mom just got eaten was because said little kid was weak. We will chalk all of this up to insanity of the moment. It had been 100 years since the walls went up. No one left alive has remembered the horror of the before times. Hannes should have been more prepared but I think they made it to safety because Hannes didn't have to carry the mother. I don't know, this episode was the many angers of Eren.
 photo titansepisode29_zpscd2e7690.jpg
Can we please go on the boat please?
Those rescue ships were the slowest things on the face of the planet. Again there had been no attacks on humans in years so maybe there was no need to keep the rescue ships up to date and the best of the best? But still everyone was standing there so orderly. Like um no where is the War of the Worlds again? Only two people tried to jump on the boat? I see indeed.
 photo titansepisode22_zps20d07ef8.jpg
See why go for the tiny circle and not the big one?
Now maybe I am remembering the manga funny or maybe this is new stuff...but...okay how to word this without being spoilery. Okay I think it is clear that there are at least two kinds of Titans yes? The ones that look like DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERP, like they smoked way too much weed and their faces look like they are melting off in the middle of an orgasm. Then there were the Titans that destroyed the walls. Mr. Flesh Titan and Mr. Running Titan. We can agree on that yes? Okay they SEEMED to be doing things on purpose while the regular Titans were just like WOOHOO people. Now why is it that Mr. Flesh Titan broke down the....if you would Fort of the main wall? If there are only a few of those circle forts surrounding the actual main wall why would you waste your time taking down the fort and then the main wall? Am I missing something or was there a point to all of that nonsense?
 photo titansepisode210_zps50a41c13.jpg
I need to make up for earlier!
I am not sure how I feel about Hannes trying to save his fellow soldiers when things were getting really bad. Obviously before Running Titan appeared because HAHA none of that really mattered after that point. But before that there were several normal Titans approaching the gate and Hannes was like NOOO save the people that are outside. If the normal Titans got in there would be more deaths. Of course....Mr. Flesh Titan knocked down that one wall like it was nothing. People's natural reactions are to run away but really what was stopping him from just walking to the next wall and the last wall and POOF byebye humans? Didn't anyone think about that? But yeah I think Hannes was trying to make up for the fact that he left someone behind by not letting anyone else get left behind.
 photo titansepisode213_zps4bfc208a.jpg
Why so angry?!
I thought that Eren's reaction on the boat was pretty normal. Crying and screaming and cursing the Titans. I am not sure why Armin was like nooo sit down Eren don't talk crazy talk. I mean even now if someone did something awful to a person I loved I would be like I am going to Kill Bill. If I did it or not is really not the point. Well maybe not legal but certainly not the point. When you are that upset you say outrageous things. Quite frankly it was shocking that more people weren't as upset and saying dumb things.
 photo titansepisode215_zps22ecb143.jpg
Asshole alert!
It appears this show is going to take the sometimes humans are assholes approach. I think that is going to lay the grounds for other things to happen in the show, something that isn't present in the manga. But in any event it makes logical sense. Humans NOW aren't all loving and caring of each other. A lot of people have the resources to help others out and they choose not to. So in the future where Titans can eat your face and resources are limited people really can't afford to help each other out. It seems to me the further out you are the poorer you are. Which makes sense. Even if these walls are amazing and haven't been breached in 100 years you still don't want to be on the outside one just in case. So the rich people are on the inside, the less rich are in the middle, and the poor were on the outside. So these people think they are better than the refugees even though they are not that well off either. Humans were not in a good place before losing the wall and now there is overcrowding and anger. Maybe some of them should control it better though.
 photo titansepisode212_zps55ad01a3.jpg
Almost Hulk Smash angry.
Eren and his many faces of anger.....needs to eat the damn bread and think about how he is going to get revenge when he is older. Because it is hard to get revenge when you are dead. At this point I am on Team Armin. Like stop making the soldiers upset who are giving us food. This could affect many people. It was one of those moments where you can be pissed off in private but playing the martyr card isn't going to help anyone and it will do a disservice to the people died saving you. Mikasa seems to do a lot of talking with her fists.
 photo titansepisode216_zps7ffcd5f2.jpg
Well this ended well....
Now where I think things took a really....odd turn was sending most of the refugees out to die. I probably would have been better to just set them all on fire or something. Why not at least train these people? Give them a chance? Things might be really rough for a while in terms of food and shelter but what was the point in killing everyone? Because without repairing the wall it wouldn't matter how many Titans the refugees were able to kill (IE none with their pitch forks and cannons). The entire world seems to be covered in these things so it would be like killing one ant at a time and thinking you will eventually kill all the ants in the world. Why did the refugees agree to this terror? Without a plan to patch the hole this was never, ever going to work and it was like a forced volunteer to die so more people can have food.
 photo titansepisode2_zps7bec415f.jpg
And we will kill them all!
Needless to say this does not make Eren, Mikasa, and Armin very happy. They are focused on how it is the Titan's fault when really the refugees were forced to to go out and fight a losing battle. But I guess it is really the Titan's fault for taking all the land to begin with. Still Armin is like I want to kill them all, now that he has lost his grandfather. Eff you mom and dad. Eren was all for joining the military before this happened and Mikasa is like....great now I have to protect you two fools. Yay for new troops!
 photo titansepisode217_zpsff99a4f0.jpg
Maybe that is why everyone was set off to die? So to the viewers it will make sense why we are following the story of now (really grown up looking) 12 year olds and why they are the new recruits. Because everyone else was eaten and these kids are going to be harden. They lived through the horrors whereas the second wall people don't know what it is like to lose everyone you know. Well some of the kids anyway. Maybe the ones who lived inside the first wall didn't see anything but they still lost everything. So we will watch a show about kids who have nothing and are pissed off, probably understanding each other better than the other citizens from the second wall. Fun times.
 photo titansepisode214_zpse8e97b1f.jpg
Um what is this all about?!
OHHH! I forgot to talk about the dad. Well lets just say Daddy is not around much in the manga. They added that scene in with him in the carriage, to let the viewers know this asshole is still alive. But the dream that might not be a dream...yep that is about right. Eren is getting injected with something and is going to be shown what is in the basement of their old house. Now dad was going to show Eren this when he showed interest in fighting Titans. And he had the key. So he did return to Eren to do...whatever it is he did. But why did Dad just take off and leave Eren and Mikasa behind? HMMM PEOPLE! No really HMMM people we still don't know why. XD


Anonymous said...

let's do some math... I think they were 14, a year passed (when the refugees were sacrificed) so currently they are 15 which means by the end of training they'll be 18 hmm....

Eternia said...

It's not flesh titan, christina, it's armored titan.

cheap nfl jerseys said...

another titan story?

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think they were 10 during the attack, 11 when everyone was sent to die, and everyone can join the military when they are 12. But this might be manga numbers. The anime is clearly making them look a lot older pretty fast.

Eternia- I am all weirded out that I know what is going to happen next. So I didn't want to spoil things by actually naming the Titan. But I think most viewers should realize by now there are clearly at least two classes of Titans yes? But the way his jaw hangs from his face...want to gag. Flesh indeed.

cheap nfl- Yes but this time with more dead people. And maybe plot. 23 episodes later. And the titans mostly look creepy and are naked with no sexual organs.