Friday, June 17, 2011

Kobato Drop 23 f

It is official. CLAMP hates us.

Actually that might have been obvious a long time ago. XD Somewhere in between X/1999 never being finished and XXXholics having the worse ending ever. Since CLAMP has already broken our hearts once this year let's pray that Kobato's last chapter has at least 50 pages. If not I fear there will be tears.


I wonder what the angel has to say about all this.....X_x

Spoilers for CLAMP trying to wrap things up a little too fast because they moved onto another project.

Since Ioryogi wasn't suffering from NO PLEASE DON'T DO THIS CLAMP he was able to see that HEY Kobato just talked to Mr. Rabbit-chan. And Kobato probably shouldn't know Mr. Rabbit-chan. Thinking back now though Kobato should know something about heaven and God and such. After all...who gave her the bottle? Did she think this was something everyone did? So Ioryogi being all XO was a bit weird since Kobato obviously knew something was up in her life. Her happy/confused smile just made everyone think she was too ditsy to get it.


Maybe she should have wished for more candy...

Kobato explains to Ioryogi that when her time was stopped God talked to her too. Which is a good thing since she was the one dying for no reason and all. But he said hey, since life is unfair and you is about to die you get one wish. And Kobato is actually SMART people. She wished to live. I never doubted you for a minute Kobato. And since this God is the WISH God he decided to be fair and let her redo her wish (since Ioryogi was going to deal with that). So Kobato then wishes to go to the place where the people she loves are.


Bring it back CLAMP. And none of this 100 years in the future crap this time!

Kobato continues to explain that her life before wasn't so hot. She was always sick and in the hospital. People were always worried for her. And since she was always in the hospital she saw how easily people could die despite having a happy smile the day before. So the only way she could think to make people happy was to be with them again. Even after she died and left this life. To me this might have been a wasted wish as GOD in CLAMP (well in the "happy" mangas anyway) tends to reincarnate people to where they need to be but since Kobato was wishing for other people and not herself she gets like ten points or something. Ten candies actually since she needs them.


How about you wish that you all live happily after in a villa run by Fai and Kurogane? I'm just saying.

God explained to Kobato that her wish might change as she experienced different things. And so it has. She tells Bunny-chan that she wishes Okiura's dad leaves them alone forever. Ioryogi is super pleased by this wish. Super pleased.


What about your angel home slice?!

Ioryogi is even more pleased when Kobato doesn't have enough candy in her jar (duh) and Bunny Dude seems to take Kobato's...soul as payment? Because things aren't bad enough for Kobato right? X__X So now she is super dead. She was dead before but now she is so dead. For 15 pages at least.


The crown is so much better in the manga than it was in the anime.

Ioryogi tries being angry with Kobato but she smiles and says she is okay with how things ended up. She is happy she got to spend time with Ioryogi and thanks him for working hard for her. Ioryogi can only look on sadly as the bottle does its thing and Kobato's hat flies off, revealing her dead crown.


Perfect timing...NOT!

Fujimoto is staring up at the sky still while all this is going on. He and the others are probably having their memories erased of Kobato. But before Kobato disappears she tells Fujimoto she loves him. :( Fujimoto has barely realized how he feels about Kobato and here she is dying on him and he won't even know she existed! Too sad for words.

Do you see these tears? ;_; How can there only be one more chapter left? Do us a favor CLAMP and sorta follow the anime. Sorta. As Ioryogi and his angel need some major love. So give us....100 pages and I will be happy? Sound like a plan? Kobato gets to live, the angel gets to live, Fai ends up with Kurogane, and you rewrite the ending to XXXholic? BUSY WEEK! I will let you get to work now.


I just love this picture of Kobato. So full of hope and job despite knowing the truth about her life.


Valeria said...


So I loved your blog. I must say I agree with you on everything.

I cant believe that Ioryogi and the Angel wont end up together and nobody is really happy at the end.

Why Kobato doesn't end up with Fujimoto!!! They should do something like in the Anime... but do get Ioryogi his angel and his body back, as well as the rest of his friends...

CLAMP must really hate us!!!

Everything is so sad...

So when is the last chapter coming out?
Don't tell me this was the end PLEASE!!!

Anyway, let us hope that it isn't...

But could you please blog again when it happens?

And if you can... please send me an e-mail answering my questions... it would be nice to know!

here is my address:

Thank you and once again I loved it!

Anonymous said...

While the last chapter didn't have 50 pages it did have 32 which is pretty close.

Christina said...

Late response is late!

Valeria- I think CLAMP does hate us but at least they finished Kobato....even if it made no sense and was super rushed. I think after the sadness that was Tsubasa and the ANGER that was XXholic they had to make Kobato have a happy ending or we would all be rioting in the streets.

Anonymous- Your comment helped me run over and see the new chapter. Thanks for the heads up....and it really needed to have 50 pages. :(

Anonymous said...

HI, loved your blog. I wanted to know where I could download drop 23b-f. I have all the others. and the FAIL Word press website has been closed. :(

Christina said...

Anonymous- The Fail Website...yeah. The owner had a mental breakdown because ONE PERSON called them lazy. So a great website was taken down and many CLAMP fans were left with nothing.

This website seems to have all the chapters though so all is not lost. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused. where is this in the manga?? >.<
please email me at because i don't get it..