Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Channel episode 7

Have you ever watched a movie before and afterwards you don’t know if you like it or not? That is how I am feeling about Super 8. Probably the only people who saw that movie last night because everyone else was at a certain green movie.

But since today is Father’s Day and that means absolutely nothing to me….maybe I can catch up on some anime today? WOOHOO for me being a Debbie Downer. But for real I hope those with decent fathers or mothers fill both shoes have a great day with your parent.


Just eat the candy!!!!!!

Let’s do A Channel as this show is easy to watch. As in the episodes really don’t build on each other and if I need to go do something else it will be easy to switch back and forth. Spoilers for lots of singing!


So very, very thirsty.

Episode Summary: Run and Tooru are eating ice cream again when Tooru randomly brings up guys and if they hit on Run. Sato gave Run a candle which makes Tooru homicidal. Afterwards they go meet up with Yuuko and Nagi at a café to have lovely drinks and talk about how summer vacation is almost over. They plan on going to a festival later that week but need plans for today. It is decided that karaoke is fun to do because Run likes to eat food there. Tooru is less than thrilled. They get to the lovely place and Yuuko sings well, Run sounds like…Run, and Nagi sings her all because she is trying to burn calories. Tooru doesn’t want to sing but eventually does with Run sings with her. Their karaoke time is cut short when they realize that Sato is next door, thinking about Run. Run helps Tooru get ready for the night time festival…at 10 am. XD By nighttime the girls are ready to spend money at the festival. It is time for noms, silly games, and the girls generally having fun. Nagi gets the girls to spend too much time cutting out candy that they miss the good firework seats. They must run up several flights of stairs and they only manage to catch the finale. They spend the rest of the night playing with Yuuko’s fireworks and promising to do this again next year. THE END!!!!

Japanese people are very, very thirsty. They can be drinking an expensive and overpriced drink one second and need another drink the minute they arrive to a karaoke bar. Expensive folks! And no refills.

The entire I need to lose weight plot is getting old. I wish to learn more from Nagi. Also I am sure there were way more calories in her drink than the fries.

Yuuko is annoyingly good at everything. Surely she must die.

Run sounded like I thought she would…which was special.

Creepy teachers hitting on their underage students will never be reported. Just run away from the situation and it will work out.

Run’s family must be rich. Did you see all those yukatas? I know it is the kimonos that are truly expensive but how many do you need?!

Dude how are these girls affording everything? XD Stand food is very expensive.

Yuuko should have gone postal on Tooru. Apples in Japan are expensive and the girl ate it all!

The candy cutting out thing looked boring and too hard. Just give me my noms!!!

Fireworks obviously work differently in Japan. Here in the US when they are shot in the air…people can see them XD But in Japan we got to run up some stairs to miss half of them.

Sparkles are awesome. Except for some people who are scared of them. XD


What aren't you good at?!


They have no Code Red in Japan. :(


Look at me being perfect!


My what big eyes you have.....


See this is what I don't sing. I don't want to catch things on fire.


They sense a disturbance in the force!


Why would you keep a mold garments with other ones?


They do get a little aggressive with the yelling on the street stuff Good plan Tooru.

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