Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Channel episode 6

I love my job so, so much. I wake up in the morning and think wow today I get to go to work and it will be super fun. I just love it so much words can’t describe it.

So onwards to more truth words my family is silly XD I guess they realized tomorrow is Father’s Day so plans for a day trip to a (free) theme park were put on hold. Which means maybe I can catch up on more anime? I do want to spend more time with my brother before he leaves but spending time with his new father-in-law on Father’s Day is probably more important.


This looks strangely familiar....

Up now is my attempt to catch up with A Channel. Spoilers for making breaking and entering look fun and exciting.


Hurry! Upload it to the internets so we may all mock Tooru!

Episode Summary: Run goes over to visit Tooru as she robbed the store of all its ice cream. Tooru has fallen and can’t get up so Run does the proper thing and take pictures of her suffering. After all that Tooru loses her mind and allows Run to cut her hair. This goes as well as can be expected. Sometime later all the girls have to go to school as all the students are handed their future survey thingy thing. They are told to take this very seriously as it can affect the rest of their lives. Tooru has a brief encounter with her teacher Kito but this in interrupted by Sato the nurse being weird. Then there is a really weird scene where Yuuko thinks the first year rooms are on fire when really they are cleaning out the chalk rags. It is weird and uncomfortable for all. Nagi tries to act all mature but she is weird too. Later that night Yuuko realizes that she left her survery at school and convinces the girls going back to get it is a good idea. After nearly being eaten by a dog they all make it into the school. A random happy song starts to play as the girls “explore” the school at night. A bathroom break is interrupted as Sato scares the girls to death. But then they knock him unconscious and have to drag him to the clinic. This ends well for Sato. The girls finally leave the school and Yuuko realizes that she still left her survey at school. THE END!

Instead of calling out for help it is best to stay stuck in between your bed and wall.

Teenagers in Japan with no jobs have enough money to blow on tiny overpriced ice cream.

Instead of hanging out these surveys the last day of the first semester it is better to make all the kids come to school during their vacation to hand them out. Obviously people don’t go on vacation.

It is unnecessary to explain the tension between Sato and Kito. They just hate each other.

Instead of asking all her friends for the information on the survey so she could have the answers ready when returning to school, Yuuko decided that breaking into school at night would be a better idea.

Instead of suggesting to Yuuko that they could just loan her the survey questions all three of the girls decide to help break into the school with her.


Things are much more interesting in the dark than in the day time. Like the rice burner and the place to put your shoes.

Also when breaking into a school it is best to spend as much time as possible doing stupid things so you can increase your chances of being caught.

In the year 2011 it is better to walk around with a candle stick than a flashlight.

Teachers are so cool in Japan they don’t yell at their students for breaking and entering.

How did his pants get back on…..

And in the end it wasn’t worth it because Yuuko forgot the survey again. WOOHOO!!


Run was worried about the molesters...


But in the end she was the one talking off people's clothes!


Run can't even walk in a straight line and you let her cut your hair?


Insert moe blob here.


Now the vending machines come directly to you!


Best friends are the ones who are willing to go to jail with you, not just bail you out.


Not a rice cooker OH NO!!!!!!!!


For being a ditz Run has some of the best lines.

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