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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 5

OH ANIME! How I have missed you! Sure I watched some in Japan but it is slightly hard to enjoy a show when you have no idea what the characters are saying. XD So happy days for me.

But oh boy folks. I am more behind than I originally thought. I decided to watch an episode of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi first and it is up to episode 11. I AM ON FIVE! X__X How will I catch up before the new summer season? Surely I am behind.


I love episodes that start off on a positive note.

But I shall take it one episode at a time. Hopefully everything will work out. Here is my first attempt at catching up anyway. Spoilers for a whole new set of characters confusing Tenchi!


Awkward words in a yaoi anime....

Episode Summary: Instead of the focus being on Ritsu and Takano’s love drama we are introduced to new characters. Yoshino the manga artist, Hatori the editor, and Yanase the assistant are trapped in their own love triangle. Yoshino is a bit…loopy in the head though which is what makes things interesting. Everything starts off with Yoshino being yelled at by Hatori. Obviously his storyboard was junk and he needs to change it. Hatori mentions there is another book signing deal but Yoshino turns it down as he doesn’t want people to know he is a man. He feels as if that will let his female readers down. Hatori acts weird but agrees to go back to Yoshino’s place. Where he makes Yoshino dinner and does his laundry. Yoshino gets all up in Hatori’s personal life as they have been friends since high school and can do it. Hatori admits to being in love with someone but won’t say who it is. I WONDER WHO IT IS. Yanase comes over to give Yoshino a book but there is obvious tension between Hatori and Yanase. I WONDER WHY. Both Hatori and Yanase leave and Yoshino is unable to work because he is upset about the tension.

Yoshino goes out of his away to avoid them, to go as far to deliver his own work to the publisher. On the way home he catches Hatori and Yanase sharing what looks like an angry kiss under an umbrella. Yoshino flips out and runs home all X__X The next day at his home he is unable to get anything done which means all his assistance are unable to work as well. Yanase is last to leave and questions why Yoshino is acting weird. He then questions if Hatori said anything about him (Yanase). Yoshino takes that as they are in a relationship and are trying to keep it from him. There is further confusion when Hatori calls and asks if Yanase said anything about him. Yoshino is happy their relationship is not one sided but then becomes irritated that there is a relationship at all and is unable to work. But when Yoshino wakes up from his nap he does so because Hatori is making out with him and trying to undress him. CONFUSION! Okay then.


Well that wrapped up nicely X__X

Yoshino manages to finish his work but ends up with a cold right afterwards. He also dreads seeing Hatori as he thinks Hatori is really in love with Yanase and was only using him as a substitute. But Hatori still calls to see how he is doing and that he wants to see the fireworks with him (discussed earlier in the episode). Once they are there Hatori wants to quit as editor as he causes Yoshino to be behind on his work. He also confesses he is in love with Yoshino who goes X___X. Yoshino doesn’t want Hatori to quit and thinks Yanase and Hatori were a couple. After Hatori stops throwing up in his mouth he says he joined this industry to be close to Yoshino. Yoshino confesses he loves Hatori too but Hatori says that is just a friendship love because he is always around. Yoshino suggest they kiss again so they can see if it is real as he is desperate to keep Hatori. Hatori is like no but kisses him anyway. This leads to a rainy walk home and some sexy bedroom times. I am thinking it worked. XD Fast forward to today and Yoshino is bickering with Hatori and Hatori is teasing him. Seems like they are a couple to me.

Well then…I think I have to remember how to make a summary. Obviously I forgot how to edit myself. XD Go me.

But yes I was reading some past blog posts to remind myself about our reluctant couple ad BAM I am introduced to a new series of characters. Which I should have expected as Shungiku Nakamura’s other work has two sets of couples too. Just not a very good episode to restart the series for me.


It's okay. Everyone thinks you are special.

Yoshino is 19 kinds of special. I guess I am just tired of really clueless people whether they are male or female. Like how BLIND do you have to be to the obvious? But I do like how Yoshino was unconsciously upset about Yanase and Hatori being a couple but was going to support them. I mean he didn’t know he was jealous but I like that he was going to be supportive.


Yanase and Hatori were giving Yoshino reasons to be confused....

Even if he was a nervous wreck around Yanase. Maybe that was more of the unconscious behavior being exposed. Like back off my man.


Serious case of the DUHS!!

But Yoshino was only clueless because people were not honest with him. Hatori was obviously in love with Yoshino from the start, to go as far to join the same industry just to be with him. So he was not a shy boy by any means. He needed to give that boy direction, to say HEY I love you. Because the subtle taking care of him was not working.


Unnecessary drama from Yanase.

I wasn’t cheering for Yanase because he wasn’t going to win anyway. But even if they were on equal footing I would have picked Hatori. He just seemed like an angry jealous mess as Hatori was at least trying to let Yoshino make a decision between the two of them.


Why are we censoring the kisses now?! XO

I say that and Hatori was the one molesting Yoshino in his sleep. Guess that wasn’t really letting him make a decision right? XD That was pretty straight forward PICK ME. Wonder how many times he had done that before…..


I hate you for being taller and more amazing than me!!!

Probably deep down Yanase knew he was fighting a losing battle but was just acting super resentful towards Hatori. He goes out of his way to bring Yoshino a book but how can you compete with dinner and chores and constantly being by his side? Poor resentful Yanase.


No mixed signals at all folks.

Although I do want to know what Yanase and Hatori were yelling about. I doubt they were kissing. It was probably more of Hatori leaning in to say something hateful to Yanase. Or maybe it was a Hatori kissing Yanase and saying how many times he has done that to Yoshino. I wonder if Yoshino will ever be told the truth.


Love triangles are difficult for everyone, even when you don't know you are in one.

I liked the scene with Yoshino sick and crying. Not that I want him suffering but he was genuinely upset and confused. I guess I like how he really loves Hatori but never really knew it. But he was willing to help his friends out and was worried this would mess everything up.


Stop asking about other people!!!!

Hatori wanting to quit as editor was a little dramatic. I think I would have liked it better had Hatori wanted to quit because he was in love with Yoshino and not because of some failure to meet a deadline. It looked like Yoshino worked himself to death trying to finish in time so for Hatori to play martyr was slightly annoying.


These people are so romantic. XD

Their little love confession at the fireworks could have gone a little smoother. I saw where both men were coming from but I am sure it could have been a little more romantic. XD However since the scene ended in bed with them saying their first names I am assuming that all is well. I guess being in love with someone for years and them loving you back is a bit of a shock and you rather be in denial than get your hopes up.


First names are very important romance business.

But yay folks!!! They are going to be the couple going through trials (Yanase) instead of being the noncouple til the very end. Now who do I like better, Ritsu or Yoshino? I guess time will tell. XD Oh wait I don’t have to wait. I can watch more episodes right now WOOHOO!!! Then onward to the next episode!

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