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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 7

X_X I would like to breath folks. And my eyes would like to stop watering. So I give the sky permission to open up and drench my state. PUT OUT THE FIRES! I know we all want Casey Anthony to burn but can the rest of us be left alone?

In other news RARW TO WORK. All day I kept saying 6 more hours, 5 more hours…Really people it’s just pizza and since I am bringing it to you and it is raining ASHES outside maybe we could show a little more appreciation and understanding. UNDERSTANDING!


Ritsu's next job will be that of a ninja!

But yay for anime. XD Slowly I shall catch up. Just in time to get behind on the Summer 2011 season. I want to know what I was thinking deciding that I would spend 2011 traveling. X__X Spoilers for Ritsu spazzing all over the place.


Nicest stalker ever!

Episode Summary: WOOHOO back to Ritsu and Takano. Ritsu has a romantic memory of stalking Takano in high school. Only he stalked what books Takano used to read so Takano is not really in danger. Ritsu wakes up from this “dream” and declares it a total nightmare. At work Takano rejects Ritsu’s proposal for picking up a new manga? Or maybe it was for the marketing of said new manga. Ritsu is pissed and Takano thinks he is just making excuses. Very lovely. Everyone in the work place loves hearing the fighting. Ritsu stays late to work on his proposal and Takano insists on helping. This makes Ritsu nervous but soon he seriously takes notes. So seriously that Takano feels the need to kiss the serious out of him. Ritsu freaks out and Yokozawa walks on by. He sends Takano off to a meeting which I am sure Takano was thrilled about (Hatori’s name comes up CROSSOVERS!!!). Yokozawa then confronts Ritsu, demanding that he leaves Takano alone. TAKANO IS HIS. Ritsu tries to explain um no but Yokozawa leaves before Ritsu can make his point. Now Ritsu thinks Takano and Yokozawa are in a relationship and this irritates him more that Takano is only playing with him.


Somehow he seems like a nicer boss that Takano...

The next day Ritsu asks Hatori some questions about Takano and Yokozawa and the conclusion is…they are close. Hatori abandons Ritsu on the elevator with Takano. They argue about the proper way to say hello. Takano tries to take something out of Ritsu’s hair and Ritsu freaks out on him. He vows to finish his proposal but runs into an old co-worker Saiki. She also works at this company now but always supported Ritsu at their old job when people were hating on him. Soon Saiki gets drunk at dinner and Ritsu tries to control her. Ritsu tries to help her leave when Takano walks by with his own girl in tow. Ritsu is like -___- and pretends not to care. Saiki then reveals some things about Takano, that he is a great editor but a playboy. This further upsets Ritsu on his rainy walk home.


I wish my umbrella was that cool in Japan. :(

When Ritsu returns home Takano is waiting outside his door. He pretends to be mad because Ritsu isn’t working hard enough but really he was jealous that Ritsu was out with a girl. Ritsu is like YOU were out with a girl too and Takano explains that away. He pulls Ritsu into his apartment and demand he work with him. Ritsu tries to leave, saying that he is tired of Yokozawa being wrong about them and Takano gets forceful. He states that Ritsu is in love with him and he is in love with Ritsu. He seems to force Ritsu to touch him and some action appears to happen. The phone rings and Ritsu runs out saying he will never fall in love with Takano. The phone call happens to be Yokozawa who Takano is now pissed at. Yokozawa says he is trying to protect Takano who has been burned by past relationships and Takano seems upset. The next day Ritsu is very nervous about the presentation but Takano promises to have his back. He is introduced to Isaka, the man in charge and also the son of the company. There is a brief moment where Takano seems to be caring about Ritsu but goes back to teasing Ritsu the next moment. Ritsu declares he will never ever fall in love with Takano. THE END!!!


Greet your molester properly!!

Ah Ritsu. He is always 19 kinds of special but at least he is semi-conscious of what is going on. But maybe I give him too much credit. Takano sorta straight up told him how he felt and they had a prior relationship…but still I enjoy the spazzing.



The manga world is HARSH folks. Of course that is probably because there are tons more mangas out there in Japan than animes. Only a select few mangas get turned into animes and a select few of those are popular enough to have tons of merchandise behind them. So the pressure put on everyone in the manga industry must be horrible.

However I did not think it was the editor’s job to do the advertising. Is Ritsu an editor? Whatever he is I thought it was someone else’s job to do all that jazz. Of course he was only going to suggest stuff to other people so maybe it is not that big of a deal. It just seemed odd that Ritsu was going to do something so important so soon. I think at this point I have no idea what Ritsu was really doing so I will shut up.


Um I was trying to work here dude.

Takano is a really bad boss. It is his job to guide and teach Ritsu, not torture him. Should Ritsu have asked for help? Of course. Don’t mess with someone else’s money. Or in this case a lot of people’s money. But he should never have been put in a position to have to ask. His boss should have walked him through the process. You just don’t throw someone to the wolves!


How dare you be serious about work!

After Ritsu had his little spaz attack he was being a very good worker. For Takano to tease him/molest him into a kiss was RUDE! Ritsu was trying to get them out of the office at a decent hour and Takano was not being professional. The molesting can wait until they are at home GOSH.


Good! You can have him!!!!

Yokozawa is a jerk. I don’t know if he is in love with Takano or he is trying to protect Takano from being hurt again. Maybe it is a combination of that and wanting to make sure the business doesn’t fall apart. But he doesn’t need to be yelling and acting all unprofessional with Ritsu. Clearly the boy doesn’t like Takano and is trying to avoid him. So why is he telling Ritsu to stay away from Takano? How about you keep your boy away from him? Stupid.


Poor confused little Ritsu. :(

Ritsu not knowing he is “jealous” of the nonexistent relationship between Takano and Yokozawa is meh. Expected at this point. So deep in denial yet he is still jealous of people.


The love between them is so red hot.

The introduction of Saiki was necessary. Before Takano had all the cards in his hands. But Ritsu needs a friend from the past. It is nice knowing that not everyone was talking behind his back. Also she made Takano super jealous. He will deny it and say he was just worried about work but there was clear jealousy in his eyes.

XD It did get him to say that he loves Ritsu. It would be very hypocritical of him to make Ritsu say it if he could not say it himself. So that is a plus…..?


Stop looking so sexy when you are getting molested!

But the whole not letting Ritsu leave him his house was X__X. And the whole “touch me” thing was…you know. Not cool. And sadly I found it sexy. That makes me a bad person. Poor Ritsu. Getting forced into kisses, into being touched, and now Takano is like oh you will love me if you touch me. Maybe there is a reason your previous relationships have failed my friend.


Ritsu should write down this one moment of niceness. It might not happen again.

I am not sure what happened the next day. If I was Ritsu I would quit but that was just me. It was kind of Takano to say he has Ritsu’s back but sorta throwing him into a situation with the son of the company president is a bit X__X. I love X__X by the way. But I think Ritsu is protesting too much. Keep saying you don’t love Takano a little louder please.

Hopefully I just keep on blogging. But when all your air smells like a camp fire it is hard to think. SEND RAIN!


Why are you so jumpy around me? What did I ever do to you?

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