Monday, June 27, 2011

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 10

I would like to know why I have the worst luck with neighbors ever. Why can little old ladies who make no noise at all live next door to me? Why do I get people who leave 10 bags of TRASH outside their front door for weeks with some of those bags containing diapers? Why do I have neighbors who let their kids go wild on my staircase and slam the doors of all hours of the night? And why do I have the neighbors that are using all the parking spaces to put STORE IT units? I am just wondering.

Obviously I don’t have any cake today.


When is the last time I had rice?!

So I tried to blog all of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi first when I came back from Japan but now I am three episodes behind. X__X I guess that could be positive as I don’t have to wait at all to see the ending? Yay me. Spoilers for Yoshino still not getting it.


Poor confused Yoshino.

Episode Summary: Due to the fact that Yoshino sucks at deadlines he and his team must pull at all nighter. The girls leave and Yoshino looks like crap. Yanase cops a feel by seeing how SKINNY Yoshino has gotten. Then it leads to a tickle fight that will only stop if Yoshino will pose naked for Yanase. Hatori walks in on the tickle fest and marches out angry. Yoshino assumes Hatori is angry about him missing the deadline. Yoshino goes over to apologize but gets pissed when Hatori won’t open the door. When he is finally let in Yoshino apologizes about the deadline and Hatori gets upset as that was NOT the issue. Hatori says he doesn’t want Yanase touching Yoshino. Yoshino doesn’t understand why Hatori is so mad and before Hatori can molest the truth into him Yoshino falls asleep. Yoshino wakes up at Hatori’s the next morning and things seem to be okay. Only when he mentions he and Yanase are going to a spa on a certain day does Hatori flip out and leaves the room. Yoshino stomps out confused but then is sad when Hatori doesn’t come after him. Yoshino goes to the hot springs but can only think about Hatori. Yanase surprises Yoshino with a birthday cake. TADA it is Yoshino’s birthday. Yoshino realizes that Hatori wanted to spend the day with him as it is their first birthday as a couple.


Well chase after me dude!!!

Yoshino gets sad when he thinks about how Hatori also did something for his birthday but Yoshino never did anything for him. Yoshino tries to lighten the mood for Yanase by eating the cake and Yanase gets drunk. Yanase decides he wants to draw Yoshino naked despite Yoshino never promising that. Yoshino compromises by taking off his top. Yanase then starts mumbling that he loves Yoshino and Yoshino freaks out and pretends to misunderstand. Hatori then calls to break up the tense and make up excuses but really he just wants to wish Yoshino happy birthday. Yoshino feels bad and leaves, promising to make it up to Yanase. Yoshino arrives at Hatori’s home and accidentally confesses. He tries to cover it up but Hatori is touched. He gives Yoshino a super boring present but says his real present is himself (Hatori). After some more sweet lines Hatori makes Yoshino promise not to be all naked and alone with Yanase anymore (duh). Then everything goes dark WOOHOO! The next day Yoshino thinks they should use lines from Hatori’s seduction last night in his new manga. Only everyone thinks the line is too cheesy and Yanase is like HAHAHA Hatori. Yoshino tries to pretend he hates the line too and Hatori comes in to witness it all. Yoshino senses his doom. THE END!

So I think every single person caught up in this love triangle is sad and needs a hug. For different reasons of course but still sad.


And then Hatori explodes...

Yoshino is sad because as Hatori pointed out…he does write romance. One should probably have a good grasp of romance before attempting to write and capture an audience with romance mangas. It is sorta like 13 year olds singing about broken hearts and all. But I guess since Yoshino has been a manga artist for a while now he must have done something write. Maybe he was reading good mangas to get an idea of what people like, not what people actually experience.


I know cake makes everything better but I am not sure in this case...

But Yoshino does not have a good grasp of what romance really is or how to use common sense. So it is very sad for him and the people who love him. XD But at least he tried by going home to Hatori so Hatori could spend some of his birthday with him.


Might need to fire him to save your relationship with Hatori.

But now Yoshino needs to grow a spine and fire all those losers. Probably not the best idea to pull from real life experiences as people might LAUGH at your romance but he was being sincere about it and felt touched. Also I might have BSed my way out of the situation with Hatori but since everyone just laughed maybe he wasn’t thinking right (or ever). Time to fire their butts, don’t they know he is the boss?


Flirting with disaster.

While I have less sympathy for Yanase I still feel slightly bad for Yanase. He is putting himself through most of the pain though. He has been in love with Yanase for a while and thought placing himself in the inner circle would mean he would score Yoshino eventually. But he lost as he didn’t announce his feelings first and is now a third wheel on the bicycle of fail. Now he has to watch Yoshino spaz all over Hatori and blush all over the place.


Why don't you get it?!?!

It sucks to be in a situation where you love someone and they don’t love you back. Yanase might not have “won” had he announced his feelings but now there will always be that what if in his mind. However I don’t support being a home wrecker. If those two are together now don’t ask the clueless Yoshino to strip down so you can draw him naked. On the fence about the newest spa trip. It was sneaky to take advantage of Yoshino’s forgetfulness but Hatori should have put a stop to those private trips already.


XO Punishing him with a lame gift....Nice. XD

Hatori finally acting jealous and admitting it was a sigh of relief. Not that Yoshino should make him feel jealous but since he is clueless it is going to happen so Hatori needs to state how it makes him feel. Now that Hatori has shown he does have human emotions and cares about their relationship Yoshino can be careful to protect said feelings.


Hatori can smile? It blinds me!!!

However instead of saying cryptic things Hatori needs to flat out spell it out for Yoshino. I don’t know how people can forget their birthday so often in animes but they do. To me Hatori was more upset about the birthday aspect of the day rather than the fact Yoshino was off with another man. XD Just spell out how you feel and what Yoshino is doing wrong so you guys can have a better relationship.


This is all I get?! LAME!

Also where was my sexy time scene? :( Birthday sex should be the best right? Robbed people, robbed.


I think I would be pissed too...

Poor Hatori. Just…..sad for him. I really didn’t think that line was so cheesy. But in Japan expressing how you feel romantically about someone is the most cheesy thing ever, even if it is simply I love. So Hatori was obviously obscene by expressing the fact he wanted to give Yoshino either sexy times or his heart for his birthday. And then everyone laughed at him indirectly. :( And then his boyfriend lied and said the line was weird too. :( I am telling Hatori to open up and now he may never speak again.

Other points of interest are that I am tired of men in animes acting like cake and sweets are gross. You are not more of a man because you don’t like sweets. Stop lying and enjoy the magic that is empty calories.


Why do you torture me?!?!

Oh and how does Hatori still have a job if Yoshino is always late with his work? Just wondering. Maybe he actually lies about when things are actually do like my husband does about time. XD

Wish we could have spent more of this series with the main couple who aren’t even a couple yet. X__X Maybe we should have 14 more episodes instead of just 2. But now it is time for work so that will have to wait until later.


Asking someone to get naked is a reasonable request duh.


Anonymous said...

I pretty much hate this couple the most and think they represent everything wrong with the BL genre.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kisa and Yukina, and of course they get like 2 episodes while this shitastic couple gets 4.

I was really liking Sekaiichi when the anime first came out... it got fairly "meh" towards the middle though.

Oh well, the manga is still super awesome!

Anonymous said...

Also, blast from the past, but the most recent chapter of Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (god damn what a mouthful) has Yuki and Luka FINALLY crossing the threshold from handshakes to naked groping XD

Anonymous said...

He tells Yuki that he's seen Yuki from head to toe, and he feels no differently about male Yuki than female. No really XXXDDD

Christina said...

Anonymous- And here I was going to go to bed all angry at the world. Now I have delicious manga pictures dancing in my brain. Thank you so much for that lovely pick me up! It was much needed. Also I need to get all caught up so I can get back to blogging other things such as the naked adventures of Luka and Yuki!

There is only so much dumb I can take in a person and Yoshino is pushing that limit. There is a difference between being navie and missing half your brain. XD

Kisa and Yukina had the BEST arc. No molesting, no rape, no pressure. Oh and no duh confusion moments that last 5 episodes. Since they are normal they don't get any air time. Bleh.

And then our "main couple" has been pushed aside so much they barely seem relevant. X__X I really think this series should have had more episodes if they were going to focus on three couples.

I think Hotsuma and Shusei need some naked groping bathing time...