Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Channel episode 8

Computers easily frustrate me. Not as fast as my co-workers but when something doesn’t work how it is supposed to I get very RARW! I sense in the future I will be one of those annoying old people who can’t understand technology. But since I don’t have any kids who will I bother with all these questions?

Also I seem to be having a lazy day. I need to get more stuff done so I can feel more accomplished.


Bossing a teacher around? And she lived?!

XD So onto more blogging. Episode 8 of A Channel is up next. I wonder why it is called A Channel anyway…In any event spoilers for fights that are silly and weird. X__X


It's for the good of the team!!!!

Episode Summary: It is a brand new semester and everyone is happily walking to school. Well Nagi is hiding outside the school as she does not want to get abducted by Kito. Yuuko is not warned in time and the other girls escape as she is forced to say GOOD MORNING a million times. Kamade tells Kito that she needs to not be so PERKY in the morning. When Sato arrives and he starts bickering with Kito Kamade muses that they should go out. Commence the throwing up. Some boys attempt to talk to Run and that does not sit well with Tooru. She runs and gets a chair…so the boys get leave. Yuuko returns after being harassed and wonders why her friends hate her! Yutaka is happy to see Tooru but feels left out of the conversation when she and Miho are talking about serious matters. She tries to fangirl all over Tooru later but Miho reenlists the 3-minute rule again. When Tooru asks why they are her fans they list all these lovely attributes about Tooru….which she may or may not have.


She is my student to take advantage of!

Kito comes by and steals Tooru to a do a favor. The favor being carrying way too many books. Miho and Yutaka watch the second year girls and come up with nicknames for all of them. They are touched when all the girls run over to help Tooru carry the books. A while later Nagi and Yuuko notice that Tooru has not been coming around lately. Run is like oh yeah we got in a fight. She explains that she wanted to walk Tooru home, Tooru got defensive, and it turned into a huge fight (while Tooru spend the night….). This leads to Tooru drowning her sorrows in 43895 drinks and Run reading books upside down. Kito runs around and tries to make things better in her own special way. In the end Run wants to buy Tooru a treat but Tooru bought her one first. They share their treats on the roof and Kito writes a poem about the beauty in their relationship. THE END!

Harassing students who aren’t even yours to say hello properly is helping they prepare for the real world.

Kito and Sato are clearly still in 5th grade despite teaching at a high school.

The boys at the school either need to really like Run or leave her alone. Do not be put off by the tiny girl YOU CAN TAKE HER!

Picking your smallest student to carry all the books makes loads of sense.

Very glad I did not go to a Japanese school. I don't think I could stand being fangirled over or being a fan.

But I am jealous of their school store. Ours only had overpriced pencils and paper. :(

Fighting about who should walk who home and overall safety of one’s friend is a reasonable fight.

So last episode when I said these Japanese people were thirsty…I had no idea. Or maybe my tiny American bladder just can’t stand the sight of someone drinking 4 drinks at once.

Buy back your friend’s friendship is a very healthy way to live your life. XD But I think I would prefer the drink as those packaged doughnuts tasted weird.

Run is more talented than we thought before. She can read upside down!


Oh no! Not a chair!!! Anything but a chair.


Can't we just talk about stickers and cellphones?


What a special moment in time...


They obviously respect her a whole lot.


A which Tooru spent the night afterwards? Special.


I think I would look sick too if I drank that much.


Code Red is better!!


Treats can make everything better!

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