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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 6

This comment has been edited as I have had time to calm down. Just let it be known I am praying for just one day this month that has no drama in it. Is that too much to ask for? X_x

On the upside since everyone is all rarw at me I have plenty of time to blog right? Only I wish there was something better on TV to watch besides the stupid trial that is taking over my state. Just bleh folks.


And I am not spending them with you Hatori! Be happy for me?

But when there is yaoi on my side I can’t be sad for long right? Onward to episode 6 of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 6. Spoilers for Yoshino still not getting it.


Poor Yoshino finding out he leads people on when he has no idea what is happening around him.

Episode Summary: Yoshino is behind on his work again and is sending his entire staff into a panic. He won a weekend getaway at a spa and thought it would be fun to take Yanase along with him. Hatori was super pleased with that but didn’t let Yoshino know. So now everyone is behind on work woohoo. But Yoshino spends the time actually realizing he is in a love triangle. Only he gets one of the branches wrong and thinks he stole Yanase’s man. Yoshino pretends this scenario is a really an idea for a manga and tells it to his female assistants. They all agree that Yoshino’s character sucks and wouldn’t want to read about a wishy washy character. Yanase finds out about this “story” and can only smirk as he has enough brains to realize what is going on. After the girls go home Yoshino collapses from the exhaustion of it all. Hatori comes over and starts making them dinner. Yanase and Hatori exchange some not so pleasant words which worries Yoshino. Hatori tells Yoshino that one of his manga is becoming a drama (or anime) and that he HAS to go to this function. Yoshino seems okay with his identity being told to many people, just not comfortable being alone at a party when Hatori will be busy.


Bleh to force. My yaoi would be more romantic and lovely without it.

Yoshino has the great idea in inviting Yanase to the party and to help him pick out his outfit. Once again Hatori is super happy with Yoshino. Later while they are eating Hatori allows his jealously to show and forces Yoshino into a kiss. Yoshino pushes him away and Hatori leaves. Yoshino is upset after Hatori leaves so he does the logical thing and thinks about if he hooked up with Yanase instead. That is a fleeting moment as he realizes Hatori is special. At the party Yanase is all around Yoshino which pisses Hatori off. Hatori later introduces Yoshino to Ritsu and his stalker Takano. Yoshino is exhausted after meeting with the people from the anime studio. Yoshino becomes pissed when girls give Hatori some attention and goes off to Yanase. Yanase decides to stir the pot and tells Yoshino all about a particular manga author who really, really wants to have Hatori be her editor. Yanase implies enough stuff to piss Yoshino off. Only Yoshino still thinks Yanase likes Hatori so Yanase has to throw up too. Yanase and Yoshino try to leave the party but Hatori stops them as he wanted to have a meeting with Yoshino. Yoshino blows him off and stomps away.



After a shower Hatori shows up and Yoshino is pissed that Hatori has a perfume smell all over him. When Hatori tries to give him advice on his storyboard Yoshino flips out and mentions the perfume. Yoshino is then like oh crap I am jealous? But he decides to roll with it and says he doesn’t like that their relationship is not defined. Hatori gets upset and says he thought it was obvious. He then explains he was upset that Yoshino was picking Yanase over him and then pushing him away while kissing. Yoshino explains he doesn’t want to be forced so Hatori asks for permission WHICH IS CUTE. They kiss and Hatori confirms that Yoshino is THE ONE and hopefully this time the sexy times stick. The next day Yoshino is off in lala land when Yanase comes over. Yanase decides to tell Hatori Yoshino’s wild idea that they were in love. After the throwing up is over Yoshino demands to know who Yanase likes instead which is not answered. THE END!

Well that was sorta frustrating yes?


Can't you feel the love between them?

If I was Hatori maybe I would be with Yanase instead. At least he seems to be kinda with it and conscious of his surroundings. But that would probably make no sense since they both want to take care of the silly mess that is Yoshino. We can’t have two people in a relationship that know what is going on.


Why are you being observant with things that don't matter?

Now in the last episode it looked like SOMETHING happened between Yoshino and Hatori. I assumed it was sexy times but maybe it was just making out. Either way Yoshino obviously didn’t get it. I was a little -__- at Yoshino for being that dense. But if Hatori did NOTHING since then and Yoshino was still under the impression that something was going on with Yanase and Hatori I guess I can see his confusion. I GUESS.


In your mind yes, yes you did. Bros before....bros.

If Yoshino didn’t ask questions about his relationship with Hatori I guess it was hoping too much to ask Hatori about his (Hatori’s) relationship with Yanase. But I still think he should have asked. I can see him being caught up in the moment and doing whatever he did in bed with Hatori. But afterwards he should have asked. He thought he was stealing someone’s man. Someone that was his close friend. I would not want to start off a relationship with someone when they were making out (??) with someone the other day. I would want to know it was over with the other person and what not.


Twist the knife a little more into Hatori's heart.

But since this an anime and a yaoi one at that Yoshino has to keep digging himself deeper into a huge mess. He spent most of this episode being utterly confused. He wanted Hatori but Hatori wasn’t treating him any different. He worried about Yanase and over compensated by spending too much time with Yanase which in turn made Hatori all jealous. Are we having a hard time keeping track of the drama?


Fight a little harder Yanase!!!!

So Yoshino didn’t know how to define his relationship with Hatori and was worried he stole Yanase’s man. The best way to deal with this is to not invite Hatori to things and invite Yanase instead. Oh and to say that he couldn’t live his life without Yanase. There is dense and then there is brain dead. Does Yoshino have a pulse?


Conversations are important too folks!!!

However I am okay with Yoshino pushing Hatori away. Hatori could have told Yoshino what he was thinking in terms of their relationship. He is at fault too for not defining their relationship. Because Yoshino is obviously too special to figure things out for himself. So if he just…had one night of fun with Yoshino I think a random angry jealous kiss does deserve to be pushed away.

Maybe Yoshino should be friends with Ritsu. I think Ritsu could teach him how to be more observant and Yoshino could teach him how to be more adorable.


Just draw your pretty pictures Yoshino. The outside world is too hard for you.

I understand that Hatori had to….spend time with the female manga artist. He probably does that all the time. But I can also see how Yoshino was shocked at seeing that since he has never gone to a function before and doesn’t know about all the butt kissing that goes on in the work place. And I also see why Yanase made a last ditched effort to get Yoshino. Only Yanase should have followed through with a joint shower. XD


It was okay when Yanase was kissing Hatori. BUT NOT A GIRL! EW COOTIES!!!

Yoshino finally figuring out he was jealous was such a DUH moment. But again I hold Hatori more responsible as he uses all his brain cells. That if he wanted to stabilize his relationship with Yoshino he needed to be the one to say things, not to just get jealous and assume that Yoshino knew that sexy times=going out. XD Poor Hatori, I see great suffering in his future.


See how everything works out when the other party is still utterly confused?

Even though Yoshino truly does not get it yet and he might have been unnecessarily cruel to his two friends…he has a relationship now. Hopefully. XD And he seems bent on helping Yanase out in his relationship troubles. That will also go over well with Hatori. It seems we are going to leave Yoshino alone for a while and focus on the tragic tale that is Ritsu. I enjoyed this little side plot even if Yoshino was pretty special and Hatori was a doormat. XD

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