Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 12 FINAL EPISODE

:( My other brother (the one who hasn’t disowned me) moved away today. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, that one of us kids would move away from home. I guess I am surprised it wasn’t me as I am the oldest. But I feel a bit sad now. I can’t just see him wherever I want now. For the next three years he is stuck in the middle of NoWhere, US. Just sad. Bleh growing up sucks.

Also there is no cake to cheer me up. And I ate all the cookies yesterday. :(


Next time Ritsu will put his phone on vibrate. Or make it louder. I don't think he has decided yet.

But here is something slight to rejoice at. I have totally caught up with Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. Well until the OVA comes out. It feels good to be caught up on a series but a little :( because now I can’t watch it every week. So just slight rejoicing. Spoilers for Ritsu having a :( day too.


Psht what blood? I am totally fine dude! Pay no attention to that red puddle on the ground....

Episode Summary: After recapping what happened in the last episode Yokozawa grabs Ritsu and throws him against the wall. Yokozawa threatens him a bit and Takano walks up. Instead of asking what the hell is going on Takano is happy to see his cat. Ritsu finally remembers the cat as the tiny kitten Takano rescued in high school (and one of the reasons Ritsu loved him so). Ritsu runs inside before Takano can start talking to him again. Inside he is greeted with a mess as he has not had time to clean since starting this job. Ritsu thinks about how Takano makes him feel weird and on edge all the time and how he can’t live like this anymore. He starts thinking about joining the literary department and wonders why he is still in the shojo manga division. Takano demands to be let in the house as he has papers Ritsu left on the ground after his fall. Before Takano can demand answers about what just happened in the hallway and if Ritsu is really leaving the shojo manga department Ritsu gets an email about one of his artist’s works. He calls said manga artist and they talk. She thanks him for all his hard work and says when she found out he was a newbie she thought he would fail all over the place. But he didn’t and worked hard and she is very touched.


Ritsu always feels like someone's watching him....

Ritsu gets all blushy as the phone call ends. He asks Takano if he thinks he (Ritsu) can be a good manga editor. Takano says he has always believed in him. While he is leaving Takano notices Ritsu is all bleeding from his fall in the last episode. Ritsu doesn’t want to go to Takano’s place as he thinks Yokozawa is there. Takano goes to his place to get the stuff and Ritsu tries to work up enough courage to lock Takano out. He doesn’t and gets fixed up. Takano goes on and on about what a nice guy Yokozawa is while Ritsu is thinking all kinds of other thoughts. Takano gets frustrated that Ritsu is not listening to him and forces him into kisses. And then tries to force Ritsu into sexy times. Ritsu doesn’t say no but lets Takano do what he wants to him. Takano moans he loves Ritsu and Ritsu thinks to himself he doesn’t want Takano but….RING! It is the manga artist again. Takano is all RARW as Ritsu takes the call and sets to work despite not being able to walk straight. Takano then kisses Ritsu goodbye on the cheek and leaves. Ritsu is all x_x as he tries to work. The next day he has a renewed outlook on his life and job. He even promises to take Takano’s job one day. Takano then embarrasses him in front of their boss. Ritsu declares his hatred towards Takano. THE END!!!


So that’s it? There is no more?


I have to suffer through a SECOND season? Kill me now.

There are rumors about a second season already on the internet. I guess people want to explain away the lazy ending. Or lack thereof. Can you really call this an ending where Ritsu still hasn’t accepted Takano, Takano is still not cluing in Ritsu on everything, and there has been no sexy times. WHERE ARE MY SEXY TIMES!

Since it is obvious there has to be some type of second season this really isn’t an ending at all. And I don’t think that an OVA could properly sum up things either. So I guess the creators want us to pretend this is just episode 12 and in a year we will get episode 13. However that doesn’t mean I am satisfied with this ending. Even if it was created to have a season two there should be some resolution between our main couple Ritsu and Takano like the other couples got!


Why is everyone always using force on me?!

Yokozawa kinda sucks still. According to the internets (well I guess the manga) Yokozawa has a better reason for being all upset with Ritsu than what was portrayed in the anime. I mean it is CLEAR Yokozawa has feelings for Yokozawa but the anime never told us if Takano ever had a relationship with Yokozawa. Maybe during Takano’s “wild nights” Yokozawa became another notch. Whatever the case may be Yokozawa was acting like the jealous ex-lover and Takano never gave that impression.

Which means Yokozawa was out of line with his entire yelling at Ritsu. Be a concern friend. But with the constant mines!!! And implying Ritsu is at fault for everything in Yokozawa’s life is a bit much. Mix in both Yokozawa and Takano are both in a superior position at work than Ritsu and he crossed a line, a line that should have put him in jail.

So….we never found out about this engagement? The huge issue that lead Takano to deflower maidens across the lane and to drink the liquor stores dry? Nopers. Guess it was important enough for Yokozawa to be pissed off about but not important to tell the viewers about. Got to stretch this anime out and leave some material for season two. Besides if Ritsu is not in a place to tell Takano how he feels there is no reason to explain that misunderstanding.


Um pay attention to the spazzing person on the floor please.

Takano should have questioned Yokozawa on why the hell he had Ritsu cornered. Instead it was KITTEN TIME. Seriously Takano…you can’t be brain dead too. And the kitten was only there to remind Ritsu of better times and how caring Takano really is. But why was it at Yokozawa’s house…


At least you can see some of the floor?

Ritsu’s house being an absolute disaster area was…expected. Normally I am disgusted with those kinds of rooms but I think I will give Ritsu a little bit of leeway here. We were only in Japan for three weeks and it was amazing how much trash we ended up with. And if Ritsu is working all day and barely sleeping at night I don’t see him having time to separate the trash, do the laundry, or make a decent meal. So….hire a maid or something.


Why are you so mad? She is trying to save you from Takano?!

Also the whole reason why Takano got into the room was okay with me too. Ritsu did splat pretty hard on the sidewalk so it makes sense he might have dropped papers. And really of he came out of that with only a skinned knee he is pretty lucky. So…that makes sense too.


Err....thanks for changing your opinion of me? I am glad I don't suck?

Ritsu getting a call from his…client I guess? was weird. Because basically she said the exact same stuff as before but just added in the fact she is surprised he didn’t fail spectacularly. Now when she praised Ritsu before he realized she was praising all the stuff Takano suggested to do. However when she says it as Ritsu is deciding whether or not to stick around at his job he decides he is an amazing editor and needs to stick around. Okay then. How lovely.


Try saying how you feel before Ritsu is on the ground and half naked.

Takano has not learned anything in the last 2 hours. If kissing Ritsu by force didn’t work before why would it work now? Because there are no stairs for Ritsu to trip over? Takano needs to learn what love really is about. Okay he wants Ritsu. But until Ritsu relearns to love him again perhaps the molesting should be put on hold. It must be hard being so close to a person you love but one must show restraint as to not scare the little deer away.


THIS is what I like. Innocent sweet kisses lead to consensual kisses which leads to a huge pile of clothes on the floor.

However……even though I do not support the whole forcing kisses/practical rape thing Takano is doing every day he sees Ritsu…I did enjoy that innocent kiss. That is how you win people over, with simple and loving gestures. Ritsu’s whole demeanor changed. Perhaps if Takano and been doing that the whole time he would be in a relationship by now! Showing Ritsu how he feels without scaring or pressuring him.


I got words of encouragement so now I can eat, clean, and piss Takano off all before noon.

Ritsu’s change…is special. I mean I am glad he has decided to work hard at a job. Nothing would have been wrong had he changed to the literary department. I still think that is his true passion in life but whatever. I am glad he doesn’t dread work and hate his life. But I am not sure how he can improve anymore on his already hard work and how he will have any time to cook and clean. But it is magical, when you are a positive person you get 5 more hours added onto your day.


No sexy times for Takano.

And that is it. Ritsu threatens to take Takano’s job one day and Takano says something smart assy. No kisses, no I love you glances. Nothing. Ritsu proclaims he hates Takano and Takano smiles as if to say SUUUUUUURE. THE END! No resolution, we are basically back where we started, and no sexy times. Show is over folks.


Maybe season two Ritsu will say those words too?

Had this not been the last episode I wouldn’t be so rarw. And overall I still think this is a good series. Just less force and more sweet gestures for Season Two okay?


Anonymous said...

With the first Sekaiichi OVA through about episode 6, this series was a 9.8/10 for me... then it started wavering in quality and ended at probably a 7.5 (with Uraboku being 8.5/10, for reference). If there is a 2nd season it won't be for a looong time because there is not nearly enough manga material for a 2nd season.

Not sure if you are going on a manga binge now but I have a rec (which you may already know of). This series is pretty much the best written BL out there and has won a bunch of awards:

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

Sequel: The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps twice

Also, the English patch is out for the Togainu no Chi PC game!!! (Well, it's the first in a series of 5 or 6, which will be released in the future, but it still covers the first 1/4th of the game which is quite a big chunk). You can d/l it over at in the gamespot section. TNC the game beats the ever living crap out of the anime =) I can't wait till the Shiki patch comes out and I can have my rapemance with him in English!

Anonymous said...

"Since it is obvious there has to be some type of second season this really isn’t an ending at all. And I don’t think that an OVA could properly sum up things either."

LOL the OVA in september isn't even gonna be about Ritsu xD it's about Chiaki and Hatori

Anonymous said...

>it's about Chiaki and Hatori


Really? Is this really the couple that everyone likes?? I think they are the worst part of the show!

Where's my Yukina x Kisa OVA?!

Christina said...

Anonymous- XD So much yaoi, so little time. I will put that manga on the list for now. Although the name makes me wonder X__X But that you for the suggestion. I love it when people suggest things to me as the manga and anime world can be overwhelming at times.

:( about the it being a while for season 2. I rather them wait for more manga material but to leave things so open ended right now is blah.

Togainu no Chi was so disappointing. I see more yaoi on the real housewives of atlanta that I did that entire series.

and really....REALLY?! We need MORE episodes about Clueless?! Or cute couple barely got any time at all!!!!! Just...just no.

Anonymous two (or three?)- Those are my EXACT words. Disappointment all over my face. I shall drown my sorrows in ice cream but what more can this couple offer us? How about we see the people who got TWO EPISODES?! Oh and didn't rape each other. Just bleh. Bleh.

c2charm said...

200% agree! Agree! Agree!

If Takano had treated Onodera like a-Mr.Darcy-type-of-a-gentleman, Onodera could confess his love again to him in a much earlier rate. I guess having Takano treat Onodera like a girl will surely end the series lol