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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 5

My Sunday was so productive but now I am being a lazy butt today. That or my house is already clean and I might be overloading myself in anime. That and my situation at work is bumming me out just a bit. HAPPY SMILES THOUGH! If anything my friend’s wedding is in a month and then it is Otakon. That is how I get through tough times, think about the fun that is ahead.

But that is still a month of working with….them. Just meh.


The mattress is contagious.

In the meantime how about we watch the weird little show that is Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Episode 5 and I still don’t know where this is heading. XD Spoilers for Erio acting….semi normal?


A house full of incest love!!!!

Episode Summary: Erio and Makoto return from shopping to find Meme in a mattress. After she moans that Makoto needs to love her mom she explains she is 40 today and decided to cheer herself up with a mattress dance. Erio hands her mother a birthday present all shy like and Meme thanks her by doing more dances. She then says they didn’t celebrate Erio’s birthday last year and need to make up for it. At school he asks Ryuko for help to pick out a present for Erio. She is all gunho about spending time with Makoto until she finds out it is for Erio. She declines and Maekawa decides she will help….by selling him some food from the restaurant she works at. There is a weird moment with a bottle rocket and Maekawa acting like it is her dad shooting them up in the air and Maekawa accidentally implying she is a hooker. Not caring about the bottle rocket drama Makoto returns home to crazy people. Meme redid Erio’s hair like when they BOTH were in elementary school. So Meme decided to forget she was 40 and dressed up too. The crazy is interrupted when Makoto’s family finally calls to check up on him.


Merry unbirthday to you!!!!

Makoto gives Erio her lame birthday present and gets a little frustrated when Erio needs her mattress to calm down. He tries to make her put that aside. Erio finally is able to ask Makoto to help her get a job, so she can rejoin society. Before the job interview Erio and Makoto go to get Erio’s haircut. The hairdresser acts as if she knows Erio but hasn’t seen Meme in a while. The interview does not go well. The man basically says that Erio is a freak and no one will hire her. Makoto is still proud that Erio is trying and takes her out for pizza. At home later Meme seems very stressed about something but switches to flirt with Makoto mode. She then tells Makoto she found Erio a job. Makoto takes Erio to this new job. The owner of the shop is still sleeping but she wakes up she mistakes Erio for her father. She seems rather out of it but manages to talk about how all the animals in town are going missing and SOMETHING must be up. Oh and she is going to be cattle mutilated soon. Erio eats up all her words and Makoto is like yep everyone is crazy. THE END!


This show is really confusing and not in a pleasant way. Just wtf is going on here folks?!


I hope that thing gets washed...

I do not like this change in Erio. When she was in her mattress she spoke with confidence and acting like she knew what was going on. Outside the mattress she is timid girl making moon eyes at Makoto. Maybe she has always been like that and uses the mattress as a security….blanket so to speak. That and I guess it is hard to see facial expressions when someone is in a mattress.


Freaking out when someone is holding scissors is a very bad idea.

But still. I was not expecting a stuttering girl who is afraid of her own mother. I just wasn’t. Couldn’t she just be a confused yet determined girl trying to find her memories? Did we have to make her emotional weak so the boys found her cute and vulnerable? I just wanted her to be tougher.


....I have no words...

Makoto seems to be taking this all well. Not sure if I could stand being in a house with two crazy women, both whom are related to him and are hitting on him but at least he is trying. I like that he is trying to help Eiro reenter society and is there when disappoint comes her way.


On the road to crazy land.

However I think he is going to either go crazy living in this town or turn into one of them. Now grandma believes in aliens too? Or maybe she is the one who convinced Erio of aliens in the first place. Either way Makoto will be converted or sacrificed to the alien gods.


Such a detective.

Speaking of grandma…sounds like she might be Erio’s actual grandmother. But since old people are often called grandma and grandpa by people not related to them it is hard to tell. But she seems to know Erio’s father better than Erio so who knows. Maybe she just exists to keep us thinking of the dad and to introduce the new information about the missing dogs.


Everyone in town gots issues. Now we got to look out for bottle rocket people who think there are aliens too.

Makoto might want to make some new friends. You know, some friends that are not jealous of his cousin. Maybe they have seen too many animes and they realize the “cousins” (who are usually not really cousins) end up together and that explains the jealously. In any event gross. And no I do not want random food for my unbirthday thank you. Lousy gift great job!


Maybe Meme used to be normal too until the town got to her.

Meme is still the craziest person in the entire show. However under all that crazy she is probably the only one who knows the truth about what is going on. I think she knows why Erio really disappeared and then distanced herself from her own daughter upon her return. If I had to guess Erio was taken by her father during that time and Meme is scared that Erio will pick that family instead of her down the road. But now she is trying to help Erio in hopes she picks her (Meme). Yet she is going to her father's mother for help to get Erio a job and she is the one filling her head with ideas of aliens....

Or maybe I am all wrong and Meme is just a pervert who had a fling with some random dude and now her daughter is insane. I have no idea.


Poor Erio. Trying to improve her life and getting treated like this.

Oh and the people turning down Erio were pretty damn rude. Granted I might not want to hire someone like her either. In a town where people talk and in a society where everyone should act the same and “normal” Erio is going to have it tough. But they could have been nicer about it. LIE! Oh the position has been filled, we don’t need anyone at this time, blah blah. What a loser jerk.


I thought people wanted to be 29 forever....

So…this anime is still weird. And the way the screen will pan to a dramatic moment is special. Like oh snap look at the juice box! And yet I will still watch. Because I tend to finish stuff I start despite how weird it might be. XD

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