Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Channel episode 10

XO Almost everything from our Japan trip (souvenir wise) has been put in its proper space. Not quite sure where I am going to put all the nendoroids but those are stacked neatly on a table. All the phone charms, keychains, and tiny stuff is slowly finding a place in the house. WOOHOO for my house looking like an anime store.

But I also have gotten a lot of stuff done today. Getting stuff blogged, getting the kitchen cleaned up, putting away my treasures, and getting some laundry done. It always feels like my days off go by so fast but at least today I can say I did a lot of stuff. Although maybe if played my online games lessi have more spare time….


Guess which person I would be?! XD

More A Channel time! This time spoilers for snow and people who think snow is fun.


I was sorta wanting for Tooru to stomp on an actual water puddle and get soaked wet.

Episode Summary: On the way to school Tooru has discovered that some water puddles have frozen over. While racing a cat to stomp on all the puddles Tooru discovers an abandoned kitten. At school Nagi accidentally reads one of Run’s notebooks and thinks it is a Death Note. But really it is a notebook between she and Tooru listing all the people they know? Then Nagi and Run start listing a bunch of European names for like 4 minutes. Tooru invites the girls to her house after school. They get there and trash is on the floor which clearly means there is a trash fairy. Or that Tooru has a new messy kitten. The girls really take the kitten, especially Run which makes Tooru jealous.


No I am pretty sure the name of your drink is called gross...

After shopping for some pet toys at the adult shop Tooru and Rung get some noms at restaurant. After Run makes a gross looking drink she names the kitten Carbonation. Tooru finds it rough to be separated from her new kitten but braves the cold to go to school. All the girls dress warmly for school as it was forecasted it might snow. Nagi goes above and beyond to be snuggly warm. Despite spending the last 538 episodes saying she hates the heat she actually hates the cold. Run spends most of the day sad when it doesn’t snow but TADA it does snow. And it snows pretty decently too. After school the girls go out to play in the snow. When Nagi almost dies because it is cold outside they build her an igloo. That works pretty well until it collapses on her head. The girls have snowball fights and make snow flops and it is a good day. The next day is not such a good day when everyone but Nagi is sick. THE END!

This entire episode was a lie. Snow is not fun. Snow is not warm. And functioning in snow is impossible. ALL LIES!

What is a puddle called when it is ice? Well besides dangerous.

Why didn’t Tooru take home both cats? X_x Neither one had a home.

Tooru’s house looks weird. Her room is okay but the whole nothingness when you walk in was creepy.

Run just needs to stop talking. Trash fairies?

Also on that shopping trip….they bought liter right? RIGHT?!

I don’t think I understand the Tooru and Run notebook. My notebooks in school were full of gossip and boy talk. Also people you have met in your life do not include manga characters.

The whole listing off foreign names was weird and lasted way too long. Look at me mispronouncing people’s names YAY!!!

The cat snuggling next to you is a lie. More like on top of you so you can’t move all night. But the waking you up thing is true.

I understand you Tooru. It is hard to leave that little face behind. Be brave! Be brave!

Nagi was the only one prepared for the snow. I am glad she is the only one who didn’t get sick. A bunch of fools they is.

However I thought the igloo falling apart on her was funny. Sorry I laughed. XD

Where were my snow angels? I got snow plops instead!


Quick steal the Death Note!


This was just 19 kinds of boring......


Everything is better with kittens!!!!


Oh hi mommy? Were you trying to sleep?


At least she is warm people!!!


No I rather go inside please!


Poor unfortunate Nagi. :(

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