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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 11

I am on the market for a new brother. Apparently when someone asks their sister for a VERY UNREASONABLE favor and the sister says no the proper response is to basically disown said sister. And said sister is pissed. So I am taking applications for a new brother. WTF why am I asking for a brother? I should ask for a Hello Kitty loving sister!

In other news the only thing on TV is the trial of a certain child killer. And it is boring. Why is my state full of jerks?


So many applications already?

In anime news Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi is quickly coming to an end. I have been informed that the manga is better. That is good news for me as I plan on reading the manga once the anime is over. But for now spoilers for Takano having a jealous attack for 22 minutes.


Ritsu loves his job as much as I do. XD

Episode Summary: Ritsu wakes up on the floor as he passed out from work. He only has time to grab snacks from the convenient store before he is late to work. Takano wants Ritsu to sit in on a meeting to get a feel for how crazy the company really is. Soon Ritsu is all X__X as the meeting erupts into a screaming match over how many mangas should go to print. When asked for his opinion Ritsu is screamed at. After the meeting Ritsu wants to kill himself but instead runs into Mr. Sumi. Ritsu used to be Mr. Sumi’s editor and he deeply respects the man. Since Ritsu is having a good day Mr. Sumi brings up to his new editor Hasegawa that Ritsu is the heir to blah blah company and how sad it is that Ritsu is in manga. Takano shows up and Mr. Sumi tells Takano not to keep Ritsu in the manga department as his love is in literature. After wishing the old dude off Takano stomps off. Hasegawa tries to make small talk with Ritsu but when the conversation turns to bashing Takano Ritsu defends him. Hasegawa gives Mr. Sumi newest book to Ritsu and Ritsu spends a few minutes going AW I miss this life. Takano gets pissed and tells Ritsu to get back to work.


Because you are in love with him? Crazy.

Later Hasegawa comes by with more books and an invite to drinks later. Takano is like no stop messing with my people and go away. Hasegawa leaves but still tells Ritsu he wants to hang out with him. Oh and puts the idea in Ritsu’s head that he can just transfer to the literature department. Takano makes sure that doesn’t happen and makes Ritsu work late. Ritsu is pissed to get out of work so late but still finds time to return a book. Takano ends up there too and it is magical. Takano tells Ritsu not to hang out with other departments (Hasegawa) and Ritsu calls him out for being jealous. When Takano doesn’t deny the jealous thing Ritsu runs away all jealous. Only he nearly kills himself on some leaves and Takano has to catch him. There Takano almost admits to loving Ritsu for longer than Ritsu thinks. But he decides forcing kisses on Ritsu is better instead. Ritsu slaps him and runs off. He gets back home and TADA Yokozawa is there. Yokozawa yells at Ritsu for leading Ritsu on and Ritsu grows a spine and is like NO I AM NOT! Then Yokozawa explains in college Takano found out that Ritsu was engaged to someone else during the time they (Ritsu and Takano) were going out and that totally ruined Takano’s life. Ritsu goes X___X! The end!

It is nice to know that Ritsu is to blame for everything in Takano’s life. But let’s start at the beginning of the episode shall we?


So much anger!!!

X___X That meeting. I have never seen such professional people at work before. Makes my job look easy. Okay that is a lie but still. Was Takano trying to scare the crap out of Ritsu? Because I think it worked. Granted I am sure things get heated in those types of meetings but the name calling and profanities is something I doubt. Printing mangas is serious business.


You look like a kind man but dang you is cruel son.

Not sure if I like Mr. Sumi. I am thinking no. Clearly Ritsu did not want to talk about his current job, why he left his old job, or the fact his old job is really his father’s business. Granted that is probably the only thing Mr. Sumi knew about Ritsu but still. You is old dude. Please be sensing when someone becomes uncomfortable.


How about we don't get me fired before I get another job?

And as much as we want Ritsu to be saved from his molester Takano how about we don’t cost him his job? Mr. Sumi saying that to Takano was 19 kinds of out of line. Don’t keep him too long indeed. Because Ritsu doesn’t need to eat or anything. And we all know past work connections are very important in Japan so messing with Ritsu’s current job could be suicidal (you know, if Takano wasn’t in love with Ritsu).


You is about to be eaten by a dragon demon.

I think I liked Hasegawa. I say liked because we probably won’t see him again. He was present during Mr. Sumi’s speech but when Ritsu asked him not to press the issue he stopped. I am sure Hasegawa was impressed with his background but made sure Ritsu wasn’t all uncomfortable. In fact he was pretty honest about how he viewed Takano. If Ritsu really meant what he thinks about Takano he would have admitted those things too but since he is in LOVE with Takano he defended him and Hasegawa took it in stride.


Steal him away!!! XD

I am not sure if Hasegawa was interested in Ritsu romantically. Maybe over time he would have fallen in love with him. At the very most when he invited Ritsu for drinks he might have thought he was cute and at the very least he thought they had something in common (literature) and had interest in putting him in the same department. He even took Takano being a jealous freak in stride and let things go so Ritsu would not get in trouble. Poor Hasegawa, too late to the game to get involved in the romances.


Me thinks you work in a scary place.

Takano was all over the episode today being all jealous face. Again I don’t think Mr. Sumi should have said what he said to Takano. But I do think that Ritsu should have never been forced into that department and that might make Takano feel bad. He is keeping Ritsu around to be close to him but he knows Ritsu’s dream in in literature. Actually I think Takano’s dream is in literature too but I am sure leaving his other job didn’t help get his dream job now. In any event Takano will feel bad and let Ritsu go (not that he won’t be coming back) because he just loves Ritsu so much he can’t be a dream crusher.

I do think Takano was out of line for telling Hasegawa to hit the road. They work in the same building and they should have a good relationship with other departments. Granted Takano is the boss and if Ritsu was slacking off Hasegawa should wait until after work. But to go and say never talk to Ritsu again reeks of jealously and he wasn’t good at hiding it.

Also punishing Ritsu because someone else might have been hitting on him is cruel and unusual punishment. How much more does that boy have to work?


Enjoy the moment while you can. It won't last long.

Ritsu having a moment at the library was nice. He is usually spazzing all over the place or is generally an unhappy person but for a moment I saw him being happy. Like he was 15 again and being happy over books and reading. Yay for happy Ritsu.


Get him Ritsu!

When Takano came to ruin his happiness Ritsu was ready. Again not sure if someone would really talk to their boss like this but since said boss is also molesting Ritsu we will just go with it. But Ritsu had really good ammo today. Oh so you are jealous?! Just….he didn’t like the answer and had to run away. Poor unfortunate Ritsu.


Thanks for saving me...now let go please?

Usually I get rarw when something happens and people end up catching other people. But this time it seemed slightly natural. Japan has stairs everywhere and some are not easy to navigate. Add in the leaves and Ritsu running and I can see him slipping and Takano being amazing enough to catch him.


Use your words next time! I am sure it will end better. Or at least you won't get slapped.

Takano almost came out and admitted how he felt, that he was actually stalking Ritsu first. But instead of talking he decided forcing Ritsu into a kiss would convince Ritsu more. Which was the wrong choice to make as Takano was rewarded with a slap in the face.

Yokozawa is getting on my nerves. If he had a relationship with Takano previously obviously they are not having one now. I understand he is a jealous crazy person but anyone with eyes can see Ritsu is not leading anyone on. He is screaming and throwing a fit every time Takano comes near him. If you want Takano go get him and stop saying it is Ritsu’s fault.


Wtf am I getting blamed for now?

I am sure this fiancé thing will be explained in the next (last) episode but for now it is all blah. They already had a misunderstanding over Takano laughing and Ritsu feeling abandoned as Takano changed schools/names. But now Ritsu is at fault for being engaged (at 15 so OBVIOUSLY it was not a love thing) and learning about this like 5 years later caused Takano to almost drop out of school and sex up all the women of the world? Everything is Ritsu’s fault. Clearly Takano is not an adult who can take responsibility for his own actions and must continuously blame a boy whom he had a brief relationship with. Crazy.

Only one more episode left. X__X How much more will get blamed on Ritsu? In Takano’s mind hopefully enough so Ritsu feels bad and falls back in love out of guilt. Yay for manipulation!!!

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