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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 4

X_X Has anyone ever tried to put 1,117 pictures in chronological order? Technically I should not have to suffer as I put them in exact order when I purchased them. But apparently they randomly threw the pictures in the air and then put them in the envelopes. X__X After a while a picture of a temple starts looking like every other temple and then your cat runs over all your piles and you lose your mind!

XD So productive is my day so far.


Why yes, you and your people are weird.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko has been put on the back burner since I arrived back from Japan. Mainly because its plot is a bit special and would require me to really pay attention. Not like A Channel where I can still pal around with my husband and pick up the next episode really quick. But here it is in all its special glory. Spoilers for YOUTH POINTS!!!!!


Boys who cry? LIES!!!!

Episode Summary: It seems like forever as Makoto explains all the rules to his youth point theory thing. Like you get a certain number of points for everyday activities but if you do things at night or in a club it is more points and so on. He is explaining this because he is in the hospital and bored out of his mind. He broke his arm in the fall and is currently resting. He thinks back to how upset Erio was when he forced the truth onto Erio and how they walked home in silence that day. Makoto has delusions of Maekawa and Ryuko are in his bed all sexy but it is just Meme being all GROSS! After some crazy stuff Meme says she remembers who Erio’s father is (or rather she did the math…) and says while she cared about him it is best they live apart because of their value systems. Meme leaves and Makoto bores us more with his youth points. Then he thinks about how Erio was on that walk home and how she will probably not visit him.


Are there any normal people in this town?

Ryuko stops by with notes and flat hair. Makoto thinks she is acting cute but then Maekawa comes over and implies she has done STUFF with Makoto. He denies it but then it comes out he lives with Erio and all is X__X. Both girls ask what exactly happened with the whole bike thing and Makoto explains he was not trying to kill himself. Eventually Makoto is released from the hospital and on his expensive taxi ride home he thinks about aliens and such. On arriving home he finds Meme in the fridge so Makoto can eat her. After that randomness Meme says they are going out to eat and to go get Erio. Erio is still in her mattress but takes it off when Makoto asks her to. She still thinks she flew that day but seems to be more accepting to the fact that she is human. She wants to find her lost memories and Makoto acts concerned. She then wishes she could go to school with Makoto. Makoto ends up peddling both women to the restaurant as he thinks to himself maybe aliens are protecting the town and Erio. THE END!

Yep. This show is really weird still. And I think Makoto is the real alien here.


We are getting bored too here homeslice.

Makoto going on and on about his youth points is getting old. Which is weird since I have not seen this show is so long. X__X It still annoys me. We get it. You are living your life with the idea that you need to score as many youth points as possible. This probably doesn’t annoy Japanese people as much. They view high school/youth as the best time in one’s life. The time before they have to be set in rigged roles of society. So for Japanese people this makes sense and isn’t blah blah boring.

But I do get the basic IDEA of what Makoto is trying to say (in way too many words). That one needs to live life with no regrets and try to do as much as possible. The way he is going about it though is through calculations and not really living which bothers me. How can you enjoy life if you are busy thinking how many points this will eventually earn you? That makes life staged, not spontaneous and enjoyed.

Is normal to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks for a broken arm? I have never broken a bone before but just getting the stupid thing set costs a lot. I can’t see how anyone could afford a 2 week stay over a broken arm. He managed to walk home so he didn’t have any other problems right? Of course we couldn’t have hospital visits if he was discharged right away.


Just say no to incest.

Meme makes me want to puke. Maybe it will turn out that she is not his real Aunt for some reason? I don’t know but at this point Meme is considered his Aunt and she is hitting on him. She is like 23 years older than him, related to him, and is supposed to take care of him…yet she wants him. I don’t know why Makoto doesn’t consider this a big source of youth points, an older woman hitting on him. Maybe he has a brain after all.


Try unleashing the truth on the ground next time.

I like how Makoto is remorseful of what he did to Erio. I do think it was necessary that she be snapped out of her crazy thinking but maybe in a safer way. I think Makoto compared it correctly to people spoiling Santa for children. It is the truth but perhaps the person should realize the truth themselves. Oh plus he could have killed Erio. Instead of proving there are no aliens he proved that humans are crazy.


But you think Erio is weird?

Ryuko coming to visit Makoto had the potential to be cute but Maekawa totally ruined that. I think she likes stirring the pot and causing problems. But now both girls are thinking crazy thoughts because MOG cousin incest. That seems to be a reoccurring theme in animes. Well usually someone LIES and says it is a cousin and people assume there is something going on. I never really understood that, why anime characters assume living with your opposite sex cousin will lead to sexy times. More like pukey times.


Way smooth there.

I do like how both the crazy girls asked in their own way what happened to Makoto. Of course Maekawa was a little smoother about it but I think it should have been asked and not swept under the rug.


Where are all the shelves?!

Meme hiding in the fridge was just no. That is where food goes. Where is all your food?! Also did we notice that Meme acknowledged Erio? When did she stop ignoring her?


Realize...what? That falling off a bike into the ocean hurts?

I am not sure if Erio has stopped believing in aliens. It sounds like she might be on the fence. Or maybe she knows in her heart that aliens do not exist but is still clinging to some weirdness so she can function. She said she was going to find out the truth herself and that having no memories of the event bothers her. Makoto will probably help her out in anyway he can but I think this might go over his head.


Welcome home one with a broken leg!!!

Makoto and his broken arm pedaled the bike with two other people on it…special. But more special is as Erio is trying to acknowledge that she is not an alien Makoto thinks that aliens might be protecting her. After all the bike did pick up speed and kept them from crashing into the rocks. Surely that means there are aliens in town DUH!

In conclusion this show is still weird. And I have no idea where it is going. But everyone in town is acting alien like so you are among friends Erio.


Wouldn't that earn you the most high school points ever? Scoring with a girl?

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