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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 7

So much drama at work X___X I got special co-workers and even worse customers. Now I have people who want me to deliver to them on the side of a street. They didn’t even give me an address!!! Like wtf is this now, a drug deal? Why do we get such people? I know there are tons of decent and smart people out there. Please come to my store to help outweigh the crazy!

In other news today the smoke is making me angry. My husband came home from work today with the worse headache ever and I am sure it is from the smoke. Killing all the trees and animals, threatening people’s home, and now my poor husband is sick in bed. Well…it can rain its little heart out tomorrow after I stop being the driver. RAIN NOW!


How dare they not bathe the correct way!!!

Moving on to anime stuff. Denpa Onna to Seishin is halfway over now but no closer to making sense. But Erio sparkles try to make up for it I think. Spoilers for no one wanting tea!


Wait who gave you a knife?

Episode Summary: Maekawa is at work one day when the bottle rocket stalker leaves a bunch of sports drinks in front of the store. The manager says woohoo free drinks but Maekawa is a little more curious. Maekawa eats lunch with Makoto but I am not sure why as she has trouble remembering his real name. Transfer student is a better name apparently. After work Maekawa and the manager take a minute outside to watch the bottle rockets fly in the air, trying to figure out why he is doing this. Only Maekawa goes out and finds the man. He is the tag on the ear dude and he is launching bottle rockets since he can’t send a real one to space. He wants Maekawa to make some for him and will pay her generously. So that is where Maekawa has gone, to get the bottle rocket making supplies. In her absence it is awkward as Makoto makes tea and no one drinks it. When Maekawa returns with the supplies Makoto questions why she is doing so. She has no idea and is just going to do it. She teaches everyone how to the make the rockets and they set to work. Erio gets off to a rocky start but is able to finish the project.


You want a cookie or something Ryuko?

Maekawa says that Meme wants them to go to the beach at 11 tomorrow and make them fly. She pokes a little fun at Erio by asking to use her alien powers to make them fly. It is then decided that Maekawa should spend the night. Makoto almost loses her mind but Erio invites her to spend the night too. Oh and they all make dinner but that was boring. There is some brief bath drama but eventually Makoto and Ryuko go outside and talk. Makoto has decided if someone is picking on Erio he will defend her. Ryuko says she would not defend Erio but she would stand beside Makoto. That leads to some blushy moments. Also it is Ryuko’s birthday tomorrow and Makoto says they will celebrate after the beach. They go to the beach where Makoto tried to kill himself and Erio with the drowning thing. The stalker dude is like…did Meme send you here? The girls say yes and sent to work. Makoto has no idea what is going on but decides to go along with it. Elsewhere Meme is somewhere….looking serious. THE END!!

OH. Now everything makes sense.

Not. I lied. Forgive me. My mood after work today is not the best. A pizzeria is not a daycare nor am I kid a person.

Turns out that Maekawa is not on team Makoto and Ryuko. Or maybe she is. She did tell Ryuko Makoto’s favorite dish…but anyway. She did not leave the house so those two could have a romantic moment. Which would probably be hard because Erio was still there. No Makoto is apparently doing Meme’s bidding. Also not sure how Meme knew about the rocket ships but I am sure that will be told later.


I don't say no to free stuff.

The beginning of the episode takes us back to Maekawa being stalk by bottle rocket man. He is not Maekawa’s father. No it is probably safe to say he is Erio’s father and Meme is trying to get them to spend time together. I say this theory so when I am wrong I can go AHA I am always wrong. XD But for Maekawa he is just a random stalker who left her presents. Maybe it would just be easier for him to get the bottles by going through trash cans instead.


I am sure the money helped too.

But despite the fact Maekawa thinks he is a weird person she wants to help him reach his dreams. Which is to reach the sky one day. But since he can’t send a real rocket to the moon he settles with sending bottle rockets a few hundred feet in the air.

It is never discussed why the heck he has a tag on his ear. So…not much to say on that front.


He is trying to find aliens, just like everyone else in this show!

So that is where Maekawa went. To get the materials to make bottle rockets. Not sure where Meme went during all this as we see her when it is light outside (assuming it is the next day…). Seems as if she is going to talk to grandma or something. Maekawa is smart, assuming she keeps all the money the stalker gave her. Get that team of sweat shop workers going.


Just go back to staring at the wall or something...

The time Maekawa was going from the house was incredibly boring. I wanted to poke my eyes out. Just put all three cups on the table and drink the tea!!!


Just think of your youth points!

So…losing your memories of 6 months now means that you can’t operate a pair of scissors. Of course I am clumsy myself but I don’ t look as special while making my mess. Of course Ryuko was probably worried Erio was going to stab them all or something.


Another dumb thing....not knowing Makoto's name.

I think cooking 4 different meals was 4 kinds of dumb. Unless they all washed the dishes too. Like super responsible Japanese teenagers they are. Still it would probably would have been better to make just one meal (preferably by Maekawa). But I am glad Erio tried to make a meal and the kitchen didn’t burn down.


Truly truly outrageous.

For someone who is so worried about reputation Ryuko was quick to want to spend the night at a boy’s house. WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBORS THINK?! Like really how much more scandalous can you get? Erio just thought she was a flying alien.


Yay for doing the right thing!!!

I do like that Makoto has decided to stand up for his cousin. That is the correct path he should take. Go Makoto for not worrying about youth points and doing the right thing.

Ryuko not supporting Erio is….typical. It is easier to walk away than to stand up for what you believe in. And since Ryuko also thinks Erio is a freak but a tolerable one she would be really sticking her neck out there. But she is willing to get shunned for Makoto. AW true love.


Why hello there stranger.

The going to the beach scene to help the stalker was a bit weird. I think everyone should have asked more questions. You know, at least the dude’s name. But Makoto, the one with the most common sense, just went along with the flow. Hopefully we will find out more next week.

Or later today. XD We shall see!

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