Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Channel episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!!!

Today is Sunday and people are supposed to be in my house watching movies. Instead I am sitting here waiting and waiting. -___- I has a life too people. Plan your stuff better so my plans with you are not interrupted!

In other news I guess this means I can totally catch up with A Channel yes?

A Channel was a special show for me. I know a lot of people will compare it to Lucky Star or K-On!! but for me this show was even MORE laid back. It lacked even less of a plot. And sometimes the characters just repeated themselves over and over again. We get it Nagi, you’re fat. So very little plot and character development. Overall the show was just okay but it needed…more I guess.


So many little tears.....

Spoilers for Tooru pouting all over the place.


Very little studying goes on when there is not exams.....

Episode Summary: Tooru is still very upset at the thought of the girls graduating from high school. The only comfort she has is her kitten and quite frankly she might strangle that thing to death. At school the next day Nagi is depressed about staying up all night and eating two boxes of chocolates at the same time. Yuuko furthers her good mood by spoiling the end of a book Nagi just started. Run finds out almost all of her homework is wrong and sets to work coping Nagi’s. A similar scene happens with Tooru and Yutaka but Yutaka is stupid and copies the answers upside down. During break a boy talks to Run and Yuuoko freaks out thinking Tooru will freak out. She manages to stall for time by strangling Tooru. There is little pep talk to all the students during the day and most of the kids find it boring. Nagi manages to make their homeroom teacher feel stupid because she doesn’t know Nagi’s name. After school Tooru, Yutaka, and Miho are sweeping up leaves when they spot a kitten in a tree. Yutaka manages to save the kitten but not before nearly killing herself and making more leaves fall everywhere. Run comes by and cleans the mess that is Tooru’s hair.


Is she a zombie?

All the girls go to a burger joint afterwards where Run nearly bites her tongue off. Much of the action is focused on Yuuko being silly and trying to earn points to get a teddy bear. Oh and her flashing her underwear. Then Run confuses magnifying glasses with real glasses and she is dumb. Run does an impression of Nagi which is okay. Nagi does an impression of Run and it is right on. Their teachers randomly drive by but decide that Mos Burger is not cool enough for them. Tooru falls asleep and has a dream that Run is actually an alien and is going back home now. Nagi and Yuuko wish her well and Tooru is like NOOOOO. But Tooru wakes up and Run has carried her home. Later that night Tooru gets depressed and goes out to buy some treats. Only Run is outside waiting for her. XD Life goes on at school and instead of being left behind the girls always wait for Tooru. THE END!!

One of the fun things that still linger from my Japan trip is that I sorta recognize things now. Mos Burger indeed. XD There were quite of few of those around but since I feared the dreaded onions we did not try them. Maybe next time.

Poor Tooru. She is worse than Azusa with the worrying about girls leaving and graduating on her. This is still your first year in high school! Enjoy it!

Yuuko collecting the points for the tiny teddy bear was cute. Wish I could have better understood the point systems in Japan. Guess it is more for people who work there.

But I would have gone in the trash to get those precious points out.

Run’s tongue must be more complex than mine because if I bite mine I can talk a few minutes later without sounding like an alien.

The entire thing with Run being an alien going back home was funny. Mainly because on another show I watch that is SUPPOSE to be about aliens we have yet to see one.

Also I think Run acts like an alien.

I am glad Tooru has a kitten to keep her company. Snuggles the kitty!!!

Yutaka is usually fruit cake but she was right to go up in the tree and save the kitten. Yay for kittens

I think Japan is really smart to make the students take charge of cleaning up the school. Some kids these days can barely clean their room!

Nagi's impression was awesome. XD


Because when people graduate from high school they can never visit their underclass men friends EVER!!!!!


Yuuko is a book spoiler!!!


Yuuko is such a dramatic person....


Opies. Now she is dead. :(


Personally I would be more upset about the leaves everywhere and not my friend falling out of the tree.


It's not even that far up people!!!


I wish my friends would rate my underwear.


So perfect!!!!!




Everyone is happy woohoo!!

Well that is about it.....XD At any rate it was a nice way to kill time. Thanks for stopping by.

I miss K-On! :(

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