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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 8: A THIRD couple?

XO Where is the rain I was promised this morning? I gave permission for the thunderstorms NOW. Not when I get up in the morning and deliver pizzas. Please rain now so I can see tomorrow and breath. Breathing is important.

Of course if there was a thunderstorm then I would throw a fit if the power went out. So…just do plain rain. Because I have blogging to do! I shall catch!!!!


Someone who actually...sparkles? X__X He might want to get that checked out.

Up now is Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. And haha Ritsu you are getting edged out by someone else now. Woohoo for a third couple. This time it his co-worker Kisa and his love trials. Spoilers for someone being a stalker!!!


Well as long as you don't leave a mess you aren't that annoying of a customer.

Episode Summary: Introducing Kisa! He is Ritsu’s coworker in the manga department. And he is also a stalker. His victim is Yukina, a cashier in the shoujo manga department. Kisa finds him beautiful and sparkly…but maybe he is slightly annoyed by his playboy attitude with the ladies. Kisa thinks of himself as an old man so only looks on at the pretty boy. Said pretty boy Yukina is doing a great job selling Kisa’s latest book which makes Kisa happy. He also thinks back to when he first met Yukina. He went into the bookstore on a whim and fell in love right away. But he knows falling in love based on looks is unhealthy so does not peruse the matter. At work he watches as Ritsu is giving it his all by reading so many storyboards. He thinks about how while he doesn’t suck he really doesn’t stand out. He wants to be special like Takano but doesn’t know how to do that. He just needs one popular title to get his start. He looks at his recent book and how it is selling and notices that Yukina’s store is really selling a lot of copies…and also sold a lot of his other copies. So he goes back to the store to stalk. Only Yokozawa shows up and forces him to meet with Yukina, to find out why their copies are selling so well there. Kisa doesn’t want Yukina to recognize him but it disappointed when he doesn’t.


Time to change your phone number?

While leaving all disappointed a man grabs Kisa. He says he is not accepting the fact that they broke up. Turns out they only slept together once and the dude has been stalking him ever since. Kisa tries to escape but home slice is making a scene. Yukina defuses the situation allowing Kisa to escape. Kisa goes to a small place to drown his sorrows but HAHA Yukina shows up. He sparkles on about loving manga and makes assumptions about Kisa. Then we find out that Kisa is 30 years old which clearly older than dirt. Yukina still thinks he has a baby face and goes on and on about how all the mangas Kisa works on are magical. They really touch him at the core. Kisa gets all blushy and says he wishes other stores sold like Yukina’s store. Yukina pauses, then decides he will make up for the other stores and will create a display for the new manga. Kisa doesn’t want him to go through such trouble but Yukina really gets into it. Kisa gets caught up in thinking how perfect Yukina is acting. When Kisa fails to answer Yukina’s questions (because he is too busy being in love) Yukina kisses him. THE END!

Run Yukina! Run away from Kisa! I sense crazy in him! But….I guess Yukina is crazy too. Then congratulations then! A crazy couple is born.

Also I am dumb. I had mistaken Kisa for Ritsu in the opening and thought Yukina was going to be in the love triangle. Clearly I am blind. Or everyone looks alike. Probably more that. Can’t be blaming myself right?


The world of manga is weird. The editors getting all the glory?

But I did say (a million years ago) that I would like to see Kisa get a side story. Now I am all X__X because there are three couples instead of two and that is eating away from the main guy Ritsu. Hopefully everyone gets a chance to have a happy relationship that is not rushed. But I am pleased that Kisa gets some airtime. XD


I like that Kisa is honest with himself. Very realistic this boy. MAN!

I thought Kisa stalking Yukina was rather innocent. It made more sense than…reading books in a library anyway. And since he never intended to do anything with his stalking it wasn’t worthy of calling the cops on. So he saw someone he thought was cute, hung out in his store, and went back home to his normal life. Of course maybe he should have been a little braver with his life and asked out the hot dude but…


Look! Someone is learning and having growth in their life!

Kisa HAS A BRAIN! He is not a clueless and special. He is not running away and in denial. He knows that he has a problem. He knows that only picking people by their looks will end in beers and tears. That this is “reality” and love at first sight only exists in mangas. He recognizes (on some level) he is a shallow person and so does not peruse a relationship with Yukina because he has already had relationships like that and he is GROWING as a person. Well trying anyway.

Plus since he is stalking Yukina he witnesses tons of girls everyday throwing themselves at Yukina. I am sure he thinks Yukina is straight. Of course Yukina does read and sell shoujo manga all day…..



But Kisa is OLD people. OLD!! He is like so old he needs to just die and give up on love. Because he is 30 years old!!! That is practically 50 which is almost 100. Clearly he is going nowhere in life and love is only for young people. People who are under the age of 22. OLD!


Hold on, let me get Selena Gomez to sing a song to you!

Not only is Kisa old but he is a Debbie downer. Dude Kisa I were all routing for you, WE WERE ALL ROUTING FOR YOU! I wanted to see you all crazy because of a guy. I wanted to see spazzing. But then we got like 8 minutes of you looking depressed at a computer being down on yourself. That is not sexy. Not sexy at all.

But….I did think it was realistic. He has a rough love life yet he is still focused on work. And at 30 (since that is OLD) he is worried about his career. He isn’t in danger of being fired (like some bloggers named Tenchi) but he also doesn’t stand out. He gets his work done but he is not a star. And while that might be okay for some people Kisa is a little disappointed in how things are working out. Also I like his dedication to work by researching where his books are selling. Of course that just leads to him running into Yukina again but the idea was nice.


Thanks for stating the obvious.....

It’s nice to see that Yokozawa is a jerk to everyone. Hello this is his time off. I guess in Japan things are different and you are expected to go above and beyond no matter what. But Yokozawa asking why Kisa was there is dumb. Like you want him to be working but you want to know why he is at a manga shop. I SEE.


Let's turn that frown upside! You getting kissed in a few minutes!

I think Yukina did recognize Kisa. Not that I am buying the whole OH I can tell the books you edit thing. That part I find dumb. It is the writers that sign, not the people who change a sentence here and there. XD Really undermining their jobs right? But back to my point. I don’t think Yukina is that caught up in all the girls that he didn’t see Kisa hiding in the corner. He did it all for him after all!


See THIS is what a creepy stalker looks like. Not the innocent Kisa and Ritsu!

The guy in the bookstore who had one “date” with Kisa is the real stalker. See he exists so we don’t think Kisa and Ritsu are stalkers. Or not scary stalkers anyway. Okay Kisa went for a pretty face. But no means no. If he isn’t answering the phone he isn’t interested. Sorry he is the best sex you ever had. But you is too crazy for him. Also making a scene in a public place is not the way to win someone’s heart. But woohoo Yukina saving the day.


My what big eyes you have XD

Yukina going on and on about Kisa’s work and wanting to make an exhibit for him was slightly weird. I might have been overwhelmed too. Since Kisa is so in love with Yukina he didn’t know he should have felt slightly insulted. But Yukina came from a good place and Kisa was too far gone to care.


Now this is how I like my romance. XD Even if he is ancient and 30.

But that kiss. X__X It came out of nowhere. Of course I think it is the best kiss of the entire series thus far because it wasn’t forced because someone was trapped in a room. XD A nice surprise kiss. Hopefully the next episode it won’t be a HAHA just making sure you were awake (but not really I love you) kiss or Kisa might become as jaded as Ritsu. XD

Well good thing I don’t have to wait until next week to see what happens. Onwards to more boy on boy action. Sorry MEN since Kisa is a million years old.

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