Monday, June 13, 2011

Kobato Drop 23 e

My first post after all my Japan posts! How exciting.

And I lied already. XD It is not an anime post at all! Yay for manga!!!


Insert dramatic music here!

I managed to read this LOVELY chapter while in Japan and my eyes were like this X___X. Then when I got home I read the chapter coming out in July is the LAST chapter and my eyes went like this ;_;. Clearly I needed to blog this chapter as soon I might drown my living room in tears. If this ends like Tsubasa and XXXholics they might be angry tears. Hang on CLAMP fans we might be in for a bumping ride.



Sayaka is crying all over Okiura. She is slightly upset that Okiura didn't try hard enough to be with her. She understood the risks when she married him so she is upset he left her when times got tough. She would have stuck with him no matter what and is probably pissed he protected her instead of letting her suffer with him. Because that is love folks.


Enter the overprotective younger adopted brother.

Right before Okiura can say he loves Sayaka Fujimoto has to come in and be all unnecessary. But I am not blaming him for his anger. Sayaka was in love with Okiura so she couldn't think properly. But Fujimoto was in the right frame of mind to be properly angry at Okiura. Sure he was protecting Sayaka but she was left a miserable mess. Not really a hero there buddy.


If you don't get killed in CLAMP you are magically forgiven for everything.

But despite hating Okiura and wanting him to pay for what he did Fujimoto forgives him. And if he ever had any feelings for Sayaka I think they all left at this moment. Hopefully before this moment but all the linger one melted away. Because in the end Fujimoto found the shojo heroine inside himself and realized that doing something hurtful for a good reason is acceptable.


I know people folks. I waited this entire time to use them though.

Kobato seems thrilled at the hug but is still gauging Fujimoto's reaction to what is going on. Okiura asks Sayaka what she intends to do. She says she still will close the nursery down and maybe she will start again somewhere else. But as long as she is with Okiura she will be happy. But apparently Fujimoto has a plan. He wants Okiura to take Sayaka and run while he stays behind to handle Okiura's dad. Okiura deeply appreciates the fact that Fujimoto didn't punch his face in but doesn't think there will be anyway they can escape his dad.


Oh you are there Kobato? We forgot.

Poor little Kobato. She said she was going to help Sayaka and she WILL. Just not in a typical way. Not that she could help out in a practical way. All she really could do is be a shoulder for Sayaka to cry on and maybe reload the guns if it came down to it. XD


This is Sayaka's WTF face. Same one I was making.

Kobato still wants to heal hearts when clearly she has failed at her mission. But now she has a plan. She just has to confirm it with a confused Sayaka and Fujimoto that they would be healed if Okiura's father left them alone.


What wish?!

And then CLAMP lost their minds. See I thought Kobato got a wish AFTER filling the bottle. Last time I checked she had about 5 pieces of candy in that thing. So unless Sayaka and Fujimoto have HUGE candy this is a no go. And really even if they did they would need to be IN THE JAR before she got her wish.



Why hello there little bunny of cuteness.

But since the bunny came down I am guessing this is going to work. And since this is taking a more Wish turn for things than RG Veda I am expecting a happy ending. Kobato will wish for the dad to leave everyone alone which will fill up the bottle which will allow both angel Kobato and human Kobato to be reborn and one day find their partners. Oh and all the animals will go back to being...what they were before. WOOHOO!!!!

And since CLAMP didn't give a satisfying ending to Tsubasa and a very, very bad ending to XXXHolics they owe us. They owe us a lot. Kobato and her earnest little heart deserves a happy ending and so does Fujimoto. Everyone else too. And since Gate is just one hot mess for me I need a positive moment CLAMP. Please give us that positive moment.

But ;_;. I don't want Kobato to end. I want Kobato to get a proper ending and it seems too rushed. But maybe we will get 100 pages for the ending and we can all be happy. XD THINK POSITIVELY FOLKS! This will not end in beers and tears!


Anonymous said...

The new drop just came out :D

Christina said...

Anonymous- Thanks for the heads up! I put aside any silly thoughts of catching up on anime today so I could blog the new drop instead.

Hopefully the next one is longer since it is the last one.