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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 8

I made cookies and didn’t burn them! I am so proud of myself. And by made I mean I took them out of the package and plopped them on the tray. Go me! I am a woman of the ages. XD

What else can I say that can top that? Cookies, not burnt, my tummy is happy. We shall ignore work and the fact that my husband can’t think because the smoke is giving him a headache. No no folks…cookies.


Yes. Whatever that means.

Oh and Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. That crazy show. Spoilers for the worst mystery ever?


It is contagious!!!!

Episode Summary: Time wise this episode starts the day Meme turns 40. She dances around in a mattress and generally feels bad for herself. Erio wishes her a good day and off Meme goes. She trusts Makoto to help Erio in the social aspect in life and she will go get Erio a job. First she stops by HER job…which is the restaurant Maekawa works out. But then she goes to the snack shop to visit her actual grandmother, the old lady. Meme makes small talk and wants to take care of the old lady. But grandma is talking about how the cattle mutilation is coming soon for her. Meme promises to blow them out of the sky. Then changes the subject to asking if Erio can work there. The next order of business is to a make a plastic rocket to give to the random man in town. Only he is not a stranger. He actually went to school with Meme and he is in love with her. She can’t remember his name but that’s okay with him. When he came back to town he saw Meme and decided to win her over. Only he heard that her daughter believes in aliens so he decides to make bottle rockets to lure her in. Only he got confused because Maekawa wears strange outfits too. But now Meme wants him (as she never gets his name right) to launch all the rockets on a certain date.


Are we there yet?!

Stalker dude then proposes to Meme. She turns him down gently and he asks what happened to Elliot. She says he isn’t here and if she didn’t marry him she won’t marry anyone. There is a flashback of tiny Meme in the snack shop with granny and Elliot. Granny was talking about how the cattle mutilation was coming soon for her and Meme was desperate to stop it. Elliot suggests knocking out the aliens to save granny and Meme believed his sparkly words. Then it is the whole seeing Ryuko in the rain, asking Maekawa to ask the others to make the bottle rockets, ect happens. She goes to see granny who is still talking about cattle mutilation. But granny promises to stay alive long enough for tomorrow. Everyone makes it to the beach and after 5 whole minutes of waiting WOOHOO the rockets fly in the air. The last rocket being a real rocket as stalker dude works with fireworks. Meme has declares that rocket able to knock the aliens out and now they are not after Granny. Granny smiles and says she will leave the shop to Erio when she dies….but that won’t be a for a while. They decide to go visit Grandpa’s grave and tell him about their shiny sparkly hair. THE END!


Sounds like my boss XD

I think this show hates me. And everyone else who is watching it. Unless you somehow were satisfied with this episode. Then I guess the show likes you.


Do you see this sad scene? I was expecting something big folks.

I thought Meme was planning something truly amazing the entire episode. That she was going to kill the aliens from taking Elliot away from her or something. To save her daughter from being taken by the aliens. Or maybe to save the cattle from being mutilated.


There are no aliens. Join in the disappointment Granny.

But at this point everyone in town is the crazy alien. And there are no aliens. Do you see my crazy face right now?


You were supposed to be amazing Elliot!!! So disappointed :(

Meme has been spending a good chunk of her life trying to keep her old grandmother alive. That is the entire plot of this episode and what Meme has been doing with all the secrets. Trying to keep the inevitable from happening. But instead of calling it death everyone in this stupid town thinks it is aliens taking you away or something. Cattle mutilation is the code word for death because death is too scary to say.

Disappointment on my face. Also trying to figure out why MTV keeps allowing CT to keep coming back to challenges and am wondering why they paired him up with the person he nearly killed. JUST WONDERING. Maybe crazy is contagious.


This plan took 28 years and hinged on some dude she forgot about moving back to town. OKAY!

Meme is a complete failure. She really spent all that time with her life trying to find ways to put life back into Grandma? Before two months ago she had no other plan? Like…I have no words for the amount of fail she is experiencing. But considering that Grandma looked about 99 years old in the flashback maybe it has worked before and Grandma is really 120.


How many freaks does this town have?!

I am not sure what stalker boy’s name is at this point and since he isn’t Elliot I really don’t care. XD But I do think his life is kinda sad and pathetic that he would ask someone to marry them after 20 plus years of not seeing them. Rumor has it that Meme is a crazy person so maybe you might want to consider that proposal.


You don't want in on that family anyway...

However…maybe he is a nice person. I mean I guess if he wanted to get the girl he wanted to win over the daughter first. And since many men out there don’t care to get to a kid and rather focus on just doing mom he stands out in a crowd of jerks. I love men XD. And instead of being put off by Erio’s….reputation he embraced it and made bottle rockets to the aliens. And if that didn’t work he decided to bribe the daughter (well the girl he thought was the daughter). How perfect could this guy get?

Now since I think there are no aliens in this show at all one must assume all the sparkly hair is just when people seem to reach a moment of happiness in their lives. Or maybe everyone in Erio’s family has sparkly hair. But in any event I no longer believe Elliot is/was an alien.


Where are you and what happened to your face?!

I am however interested in what happened to Elliot. Meme was turning down stalker man and mentioned that she didn’t need a husband to be happy. She implied that if she didn’t marry Elliot she wouldn’t marry some random dude. So perhaps she did care about Elliot but something got in the way? At first I thought it was the whole he is an alien reason but now it seems it is going to be something like….she was too much of a free spirit. I mean it can’t be that he believed too much in aliens as she is still following his logic from years ago.

Maybe he died? That she got so upset she decided to never lose anyone again and devoted her life to helping granny? Which makes all the stuff she “said” to her grandfather not make sense as she is trying to prove what a strong person she still is. I don’t know at this point. At this rate it is going to turn out that Erio wasn’t really lost for 6 months but really in a coma because of some nonalien related accident.


Everyone say AWWWWWW.

But….even if the idea was stupid I guess going all out for your grandmother is kinda sweet. Attack those little aliens so grandma doesn’t die.


Make there be aliens?

I am still disappointed though. It was like Harper’s Island all over again only this time my hopes and dreams were crushed in one episode instead of 12. All this plotting and mystery over silly bottle rockets for grandma. Look at me being all cynical and such.

So…onward to episode 9 yes?

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