Friday, June 17, 2011

A Channel episode 5

X__X So…yeah. I will catch up on all the anime I missed before July 4th at this rate. That is the new goal. To catch up before the new season begins. Good thing there is a week or two in between seasons before that happens. I have yet to put away all my treasures, take any nendoroid blog post picture, or scrapebook my trip. X__X Three weeks out of your life is a really long time apparently.

Enough complaining about that. Let’s talk about work!!!!


Tooru will have tons of fun whether she likes it or not!

….Moving on. XD Nothing help me wind down from a crazy day at work better than a silly anime about girls being silly. Spoilers for….SWIMSUITS!!!


Tooru is very excited about the idea of going to the beach.

Episode Summary: Run is over visiting Tooru and suggest they all go to the beach. Only it was more than a HEY let’s do this moment as she bought Tooru a new swimsuit. Tooru, who already hates her life, tries on the bathing suit and it falls to the ground. Yuuko returns with ice cream and is all X__X to see Tooru naked. The next day the first year students are in swim class with Tooru in her school swimsuit from elementary school. One of her friends has big boobies which we all must jealous of. The other girls watch on as they are forced to run in gym class. Nagi briefly loses her mind in the heat. At lunch Run suggest going to the beach and Yuuko is like WOOHOO! Nagi doesn’t want to go because she thinks she looks fat and Tooru doesn’t want to go because she looks like she is 5.


I am surprised Yuuko survived this mall trip with how she was acting...

Yuuko takes Nagi to the mall and eventually they make it to a swimsuit store. Yuuko tries on every bathing suit and looks annoyingly good. Eventually Nagi tries and buys a swimsuit which prompts Yuuko into reorganizing the beach trip. Onward they go at the crack of dawn. Everyone looks nice in their swimsuits and Tooru quickly gets over the fact that she is wearing Run’s swimsuit from elementary school. They go and splash around in the ocean for a bit which leads to seaweed antics. They get some drinks but Yuuko falls asleep before she can get hers. So the girls do the logical thing and build a sandcastle over her. From there they enjoy the ocean, go visit a temple, and march along to a silly song in the background. The girls have a great day at the beach and vow to come back soon. The ride home has entertainment as Yuuko gets her hair caught in the train and Run’s inability to tan makes her the best Japanese person ever. THE END!

Let’s see if I remember how to blog A Channel shall we? XD Also this manga/anime was getting promoted a lot in Japan but really didn’t have any merchandise to buy. Maybe it does now but not while we were there.

My life experiences with my friends have yet to lead me into seeing their boobies or vaginas. I am not sure if there was a good thing or a bad thing. The husband says it is a sad thing.

In A Channel is makes perfect sense to buy a swimsuit for your friend. Perfect sense!
Those little ice creams are EXPENSIVE in Japan. Like 250 yen folks no joke!

Japanese schools are better than American schools because they have swimming pools. :(

After your friend insists she does not want to buy a swimsuit you should take her swimsuit shopping.

After your friend feels bad about how she looks in a swimsuit you should prance around with your big boobies and perfectly fitting swimsuits.

Also what is up with swimsuits? 90 percent of them out there only look good on 5 perfect of people. We all should just wear towels or something. FRUSTRATING!

Apparently I have lived in Florida too long because getting up at 5 am to go the beach is just crazy to me. CRAZY!

In Japan, land of the crowded…everything the beach was reasonably occupied instead of people all over the place. Somehow I don’t believe that.

Slightly disappointed there were no vending machines on the beach.

It is possible to sleep soundly while your friends build an entire castle on your body.

Everything is amazing, even the concept of water pulling away at the sand under your feet.

Trains in Japan are SERIOUS BUSINESS. They will close on your hair or your husband’s hand and you are just stuck there. Evil trains.

Japanese people are the exact opposite of Americans. Tanning is GOD here and in Japan being Casper the ghost is in.


And she just keeps staring....


I estimate this cost about 8 US dollars. With that much money we could have gotten two PINTS!


I thought Tooru was trying to kill herself X__X


RUNNNNNNN! The next train doesn't come for another 3 minutes!!! WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS ONE!!!!!


How do you sleep through people building a castle on your entire body?


I understand the pain and trials of having long hair. I feel you on this Yuuko.

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