Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Channel episode 9

My kitten has been less than helpful catching up process today. Mommy has things to do. We spent lots of bonding time this morning when she insisted in waking me up and poking me in the eyes. Now it is time for blogging, cleaning, and wasting time. Gosh silly cat.

But at least I am not wasting my time making crazy plushies for my friend that look like zombies. XD Because that would be silly.


I will see it in my nightmares.

Okay! Back on track now. Moving right along to A Channel episode 9! Spoilers for the Japanese totally not getting Halloween.


Good mornings are very annoying you know! Just like pleases and thank yous.

Episode Summary: Yuuko and Nagi walk to school only to be “harassed” by Kito and her good mornings. They try to run away to class but Nagi finds a super ugly plushie on her desk. Yuuko and Nagi bash how ugly the doll is as Run watches. Turns out Run made that doll for Nagi as it is her favorite thing. Nagi is like wtf?! At lunch the girls decide they want to have a Halloween party. Nagi hates work so only wants to eat treats (but she is on a diet) and Tooru also says she will come over later that day. Yuuko agrees to help make the treats. Later that day Run draws in a photo diary that she shares with Tooru. Nagi is like wtf is that animal and Tooru shows up saying it is a zebra. Oh okay. Tooru picks on Nagi by saying SHE knows what the plushie is while Nagi brags her stuffed animal is bigger than the one Run made Tooru. Tooru implies that it might be a squirrel but then it is the scariest squirrel in the world.


Are you trying to star in Haruhi's next movie or something?

The next day Nagi arrives at the train station to see….Halloween Tooru. She didn’t want to make treats because she knew Run would fail. Instead she wanted to buy all the treats to save Tooru. And by buy she meant walking through the streets and having all the people give her free stuff. Nagi and Tooru stop by a book sotre where they see manga porn with a Yuuko look alike. At the house Run shows off her cooking skills by breaking all the eggs wrong and dumping batter on Yuuko’s hair. Onto the shower and talking about Yuuko’s nice boobies. When she tries to get dressed Nagi and Tooru show up, sprouting lines from the perv manga they bought. Yuuko claims to be upset but reads the manga anyway. Run is happy they have treats but wishes they had pancakes instead. So Yuuko helps the girls make ONE PANCAKE and they happily it eat. They end the meal by Nagi complaining about being fat and Run announcing Tooru likes kids. THE END!!!

Greeting people with a loud Good Morning is enough to drain people for the rest of the day. Don’t know how they can stand to go shopping then…

WTF was that plushie Run made? Was Tooru trying to imply it was squirrel? It looked like a zombie gopher or something.

However Run was very kind and gracious about the entire mess even though her feelings were hurt. Good job Run.

In Japan people are under the impression other countries EAT zebras. Maybe in the countries where there are zebras running around but zebra is not something I would say A LOT of people eat.

Sorry I am a little stick on the whole zebra thing. I mean I either thought it was a zebra or bumblebee but still…

Tooru and her complaining last week about people bothering her in the shopping district was a lie. They were GIVING her free food, not calling out advertisement. Lies Tooru, I thought we had something there.

Run is 19 kinds of special. Not only is it not really a Halloween party if no one dresses up but pancakes are not a Halloween food. Such fail.

The best way to make up for spilling something on your friends head is to make another batch of said spill products and dump it on your own head.

Still will never understand showering with your friends thing. Also why would put clothes in the living room FAR FAR AWAY? Crazy people.

Buying a perv manga that features someone who looks exactly like your best friend…is awesome. XD I approve.

Tooru if that wasn’t a Halloween costume…what was it? I am confused about your wardrobe choices.

All that pancake batter made ONE pancake? And after cutting it into 4 pieces some of the girls were full? STOP DRINKING SO MUCH THEN!


Oh yeah. I only spent 5 hours on that. No big deal. Feel free to mock it....


What do you mean I shouldn't be a professional plushie maker?


Who the hell is eating the zebras?!!?


This is a very good question that deserved an answer. TELL ME!!!


I wish people would throw free food and treats at me too. :(


This will end well. I know it.


X_x This will clearly fix the issue at hand. And make you pancakes.


A pervy manga? In Japan? I AM SHOCKED!!!

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