Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Channel episode 11

I am such a people person. Really I would love to be manager. Heck why aren’t I manger now? XD I would make a great manager. Things would get done, no one would be slacking, and no more random free food.

But that is the dream folks. Right now it is probably more realistic to think about my boss blasting off to the moon in a space ship. XD That is a nice dream too.


What is snow?

Onward to catching up on more anime! This time let’s finish A Channel in one swoop! Spoilers for Run…being a great student?!


Cold? In winter? LIES!

Episode Summary: Tooru is having a bad dream about Run graduating and leaving her behind. Poor sad Tooru, at least she has a kitten to wake up to. The girls are all walking to school and remark on how winter is cold. News breaking information. When they arrive at school they see a bunch of junior high kids walking around. Soon they will have their high school entrance exams so they are checking out different schools. This brings back old OLD memories for the girls. Run tells the magical story about how she studied for her high school exams. At first Run was going to apply to a school that she could probably get into (AKA for average people I think). Tooru supports Run in whatever she does and says she will go to the same school too. Run’s mother supports her going to a school her speed until she finds out that Tooru’s future is also on the line. Then she is like GO TO A BETTER SCHOOL NOW! When force does not work Run’s mother uses briber.



At first Run’s studying does not go so well as she loses her mind. Tooru is a hard teacher though and forces Run to pay attention. Run is dedicated to the cause and studies all the time. When exam day arrives both Nagi and Yuuko are in the same room as Run. Run has a run in with a pencil which leads to Yuuko thinking it was sabotage. Later Run talks to Yuuko and Yuuko explains she is moving to Tokyo that spring and blah blah. Run makes it into the school and there is much rejoice. Soon it is Tooru’s birthday and Run gives her cake and some jokes. One of the jokes being two of the pieces of cake are full of yuck. Yuuko and Run get the yuck pieces. They then take a commemorative picture for Tooru’s almost birthday and discuss what to get Tooru for her birthday. After school Tooru gets a little worried about the girls studying for exams next year and leaving her behind. Tooru manages to stay oblivious and cheer her up at the same time. THE END!

I often question why Japanese society places so much emphasis on youth when really they spend half the time study for one exam or another. Doesn’t sound like golden years to me.

Winter is cold, I am shocked.

Run’s mom caring more for Tooru’s future was special. Don’t be bothered with your daughter’s future or anything…maybe she will marry well.

Run’s mom was smart to not use force. Bribing is much more fun. NOM NOM STEAKS!

Run actually studying hard was….surprising. Goes to show you that the right motivation can really work on people.

It always makes me sad when people don’t celebrate their birthdays. At least Run did a little something for Tooru. I guess I am just more into birthdays that most people.

Cake should never be ruined, especially in Japan where cake is more expensive to begin with.

When pulling a practical joke on people make sure you don’t pull it on yourself too.

I shall not make fun of Tooru being sentimental about being left behind. It is a real possibility and things will change again.

Somehow I don’t think Tooru will be getting boobies for her birthday. :(

Random songs are always fun, especially right before the ending song.


Someone looks like a crazy stalker X__X


Scary mom is super scary.


One should never be sad when they are eating a doughnut.


High five mom!


Yuuko is a bit of a conspirator.


This calls for cake!


Cake does not belong on the ground....


How dare I ruin my own cake!!!


Maybe Yuuko is a ghost?

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