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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 9

I am like one of the stupidest people in the world. I am. Like I have no idea why I put myself in such stupid situations. But I guess at this point I win the sister of the year award? Or the evilest if I end up stealing what I say I will watch. XD

But still stupid. Not as stupid as my husband who should have known better and said NO to me but still dumb. We make a good pair yes?


Wish I could rewind the clock 2 hours...

In other news I am still watching this crazy show. Probably just to say AHA I caught up with everything look at me. Or maybe because I am stupid I don’t know. Spoilers for sports EWWW!


How many youth points is receive food from a girl?

Episode Summary: Summer vacation is about to start and Ryuko is excited. But not excited enough to forget she wants to have Makoto all to herself. She exchanges phone numbers with him in hopes of texting him all the time. The sparkle moment is slightly ruined by Maekawa also exchanging numbers with Makoto. On the way home Ryuko gets renewed spirits when she invites Makoto to her basketball games (wtf kind of summer break is this?!) and he says yes. On the way home Meme says some gross things to her nephew. Maekawa calls and asks Makoto to play baseball with her. When asked Maekawa said she didn’t mention this in school because she didn’t want to hurt Ryuko. Makoto says yes because she is a girl. Makoto goes outside where Erio is playing around with her telescope. Makoto agrees to spend time with Erio and said telescope when he gets bored and Erio sparkles a little. The next day Makoto goes to play baseball and Maekawa wears a fish costume. The girl pitching for the other team seems to have problems keeping her arms above her head too but Maekawa doesn’t claim her as a relative.


And then Ryuko looked five.

Stalker dude is there and asks if Meme has mentioned him yet. That would be a no. A member from the other teams tells Makoto that there are two different sides of town with two different views on life that may lead to conflict. Thus they play baseball to make things happy. After the game the pitcher girl hangs out with Makoto and Maekawa and says stupid things like are you a couple? Makoto arrives home and agrees to space watch with Erio that night. Meme says something perverted and life goes on. Erio wears her mattress again but this time part of the reason was to keep the bugs away. But then they look at the moon and have a good time and sparkle. Erio then asks to play baseball with Makoto. Makoto takes that as a good sign and thankfully the group agrees to let Erio play. Ryuko shows up as she was going to practice on the other side of the field. She is jealous and has a little pout. Oh and there is a random person in a space suit. After Ryuko runs away the game proceeds and Erio accidentally knocks out the person wearing the space suit. Only when the person wakes up they talk like an alien and claims to be esper. Oh okay. THE END!


Put on your blinders! The sparkles are coming to get us!

Can someone please explain the sparkly hair thing to me? Does it mean anything at all or is it just there to throw me off? I do tend to become obsessed with tiny details that later mean nothing. But there is sparkly shiny hair all over the place so I assumed it meant something other than the fact the artists of this show went overboard with the glitter. Did Kesha help in this anime?


Obviously someone else loves sports too.

I don’t like sports. But like with Clannad I was able to tolerate a small amount of outside….fun if you will. But nothing will top that baseball moment. Ah memories…

I think the most interesting thing about this episode was people’s dependence on cellphones and the importance of those tiny devices. I am guilty of texting a lot but probably not as much as the average teenager. And from my short time in Japan the average Japanese people could out text any American teenager. So yes. It interests me that people are so attached to those little phones now.

Plus texting is just better. Like you just want to say one thing to someone and you aren’t obligated to stay on the line and make small talk. My mother doesn’t understand this, that it makes life more impersonal. To me it makes it easier to be personal. Stick with your checkbook mom.


Ryuko sending annoying text messages? NEVER!

Ryuko is still annoying to me and I have not forgiven her for not wanting to defend Erio. But she is pretty adorable when she makes the stupid faces. And I can see her shy little face when asking Makoto to watch her play basketball. I wonder if she is any good. But she does need to ease Makoto into the world of texting. Boys might not be used to the random nonsense messages.


It is hard to understand Maekawa. Mainly because she is insane.

I am not sure why Maekawa invited Makoto to play baseball. Is this her way of flirting with Makoto and to do so in a place that Ryuko couldn’t interrupt? Does she want him to become closer with the town? Or is there no reason and she just needed another player? Whatever the reason I thought Maekawa was actually going to be a player but haha what was I thinking?! Fish girl woohoo!


Finally doing alien stuff. XD

Erio and her little dance outside was weird. Maybe she was trying to summon aliens or something. But I am surprised that it took the show this long to make Erio use a telescope. Or if she has been using one taken this long to show it to us and Makoto. But you better join her Makoto!!!


This comment was more interesting than the entire Ryuko drama. Enjoy.

Ryuko showing up and the random encounter with the rival baseball boy was weird. Poor Makoto, I think I hear your youth points dropping. A girl in your love harem might have another love interest. HOW DARE SHE!


This will make sense later yes?

I am sure the rival dude had a good reason in mentioning the whole old town/new city rivalry thing. A very good reason. Surely it is not a smoke screen for something else. Maybe the old town has all the nutbags that believe in aliens and the new town is like…um those are actually shiny lights from our buildings? But that theory is out as both girls seem to live in the city part.


How can you say no to this sparkling face?

Erio wanting to play baseball was…a big step. Throw off the futon and set into the real world. Maybe baby steps next time okay? However I am glad the team was nice to her and didn’t just shove her to the side. There were whispers and giggles but she was allowed to play and have fun. Thanks for giving the mattress girl a chance ya’ll.

Just when I have given up hope about aliens we are thrown another curve ball. Of course this curve ball is probably just Meme in a suit trying to show Erio there are real aliens or something. Of course that would really take her 10 steps back in her progress….In any event I don’t think it is a real alien and it is someone trying to be “nice” to Erio and give her hope.


Sorry. Not an alien. ESPER!!!

And if it is aliens….IT IS ABOUT TIME! We are going to be 10 episodes into this series and I have yet to see any proof of aliens. Well besides the fact that everyone in town is insane and that might be a side effect of anal probing or something.

On that note (not the anal probing note) why are we so into this series and we have yet to see anyone help Erio regain her memories? I mean didn’t she create this alien situation in her head to help deal with the gaps in her memories? Why isn’t that being discussed more? X__X


I see that Meme is rubbing off on her...

Will we find out in episode 10 or will it just be more insanity? Hopefully Maekawa will at least have silly costume….at the very least at this point.

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