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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 10

I would really love it if customers stopped complaining about me. Really I would. One would think if people are complaining about me I am the one at fault. Well when they complain about the fact that THEY MADE ME CRY I think not. Or they complain about the fact that the store ran out of Pepsi and I apologized. Or when they say I was rude to them WHEN I WAS IN JAPAN. Yeah things like that piss me off.

XD But since I have cake I will be okay. The great thing about being an adult is you can eat cake for lunch. Cake shall wash away this batch of crazy customers and prepare me for more. Please decent customers come and buy our pizza. Outnumber the crazy!


Welcoming a new crazy face into their lives. XD

Speaking of crazy….WOOHOO! I am caught up with Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko! One step closer to getting all the way caught up with the Spring 2011 anime season so I can get ready for the summer one. XD Spoilers for more little girls thinking they are aliens.


More creeped out that people are referring to Erio as a THAT!

Episode Summary: Spacesuit girl recovers from her injuries and life on the baseball field goes on with everyone ignoring the fact she claimed to be an esper. The pitcher for the other team explains the girl is relative of another teammate but she ran away from home. Makoto admits that Erio is his cousin and is given looks. After losing another game Makoto helps clean up the field and ignores the fact that Maekawa is dressed up as the scariest alien EVER! Before Makoto can accidentally flirt with Maekawa she points out that Erio is being tortured by spacesuit girl. Spacesuit girl claims that Erio is an alien just like her and she needs to talk to her. Makoto is like um you said you were an esper and stop trying to talk like an alien. Erio is happy that Makoto protected her and vows to depend more on Makoto in the future. Makoto asks Ryuko if he can go watch her practice but is turned down (gently) when Ryuko learns Erio would come too. Later that night Makoto looks at the stars with Erio as she tries to say his name instead of cousin. Spacesuit girl shows up and tries to take Erio hostage again. Only Erio puts on her mattress and flattens the girl. Her helmet comes off and she is revealed to be an Elliot look alike. She introduces herself as Yashiro and that she is an alien esper.


Strike a pose Ms. Alien lady.

Makoto takes Erio inside and locks the door from the newest weirdo. Then Ryuko calls and it is 19 kinds of awkward on the phone. She wants him to come to her game and cheer her on but she is afraid she will suck. Makoto is all WOOHOO girls. Ryuko invites him to a festival (if she does well in the game) and explains the rivalry between the different sides of town stems from who hosts the festival. The next morning Makoto wakes up to find Meme taking Yashiro under her wing, mainly because she reminds her of Elliot. Makoto is like yay…Yashiro has given up on convincing Erio she is an alien and wishes for Makoto to take her somewhere. After dropping Erio off at work Yashiro explains that no one can see the aliens because they don’t believe in them. She later forces Makoto to stop at a pool so she can jump in it. Somehow a waterfall falls on Makoto’s head and he is like X__X aliens? He joins her for a swim and later leaves her near the pool as she does not want to go home. Makoto picks up Erio from work where he promises to take her to the pool one day. THE END!

I think that scientists should come in and study this town. Because obviously there are way too many crazy people in such a small place to be a coincidence. Something is in the water or something. Or the unlikely theory that there really are aliens all over the place and people are subconsciously aware of them.


And no one thought to question what she was wearing....

Space suit girl turns out to be related to someone on the team. If I was paying more attention I would know who. But I guess she ran away from home or something? But if she is right there playing baseball they know where she is so what is the problem? Whatever the case may be Yashiro is not Meme dressing up trying to convince Erio of aliens and she is not Ryuko trying to work the cute weird girl angle. Yashiro is Yashiro.


Take me to your leader! Or to the pool.

Yashiro is a bit deeper into the alien belief than Erio was. Maybe she has been delusional longer and did not have a Makoto to throw her into the ocean. That and Erio did start off pretty strong what with her backstory and all. Still Yashiro tries to take it one step further with being an esper and trying to talk a little bit different. So I guess she is crazier.


Don't humans wear the space suits...?

The fact that Meme accepts her into the circle of “family” means she is not to be trusted. Or she is to be trusted completely. Yashiro does look a lot like Elliot so maybe Erio has a half-sister. XD That or she just looks like Elliot with the sparkling hair and all. Typically when I find little girls hiding in my house (which has never happened but pretending it did) I do not serve them breakfast and give them clothes. I tend to call the police and make sure they get home safely. I do not aid in the continuing runaway process.



I think it is strange on some level everyone in this town believes in aliens and what not but only a few people are considered too weird to associate with. Granny was always talking about cattle mutilation but that was okay, people still shopped there. Maekawa dresses up weirder than Erio ever did but people still support her and are friends with her. Yet Erio was hated from the start. If everyone in town is crazy how do they pick the people to shun?

Well maybe Erio was hated on way before the whole alien thing because she was pretty and the girls were jealous. That very well could be it. Maybe Erio tried to commit suicide and ended up in the sea? It would be nice if the show focused more on that whole oh I was gone for 6 months aspect of the story.


Can't you sense the love?

Yashiro seems to be more interested in Makoto now instead of Erio. Which makes sense as this is a show about Makoto building a harem yes? Oh what aliens? I do think Yashiro should have tried harder to get Erio back on the alien side. Which would be sad as Makoto has made such progress with her. But if there really is an alien plot thing going on in this town I would like to see some conviction in people instead of giver uppers. Probably a sign that there are no aliens though.


Alien proof?

I thought the pool jumping thing was a big source of youth points and Makoto didn’t even mention it! I am on the fence on whether or not that was proof Yashiro is an alien though. We didn’t see what happened and it can be easily explained as something else so who knows. But yay youth points! Pools are meant to be jumped in.

I like that Erio wasn’t a jealous freak like some characters in this show when Makoto spent time with another girl. Instead she just made the obvious comment that she likes the pool better than the ocean and asks Makoto to take her to one someday. See Erio is a normal little freak. XD


Not sexy. Embarrassing.

Oh do I have to talk about Ryuko? Do I? I love her little lie she sent to Makoto. They get along splendid indeed. To anyone who doesn’t have eyes in any event. The entire phone conversation with Makoto and Ryuko was too awkward for me. I was getting second hand embarrassment. I was getting a gay vibe from Makoto too which is weird since he was 10 seconds away from masturbating over the fact he was talking to a girl. Just weird.


Is it too late for things to get real?

Oh and the festival. Can’t forget about the festival. The rivalry between the towns in a little more obvious now and makes the baseball game less friendly than was painted last week. One wonders why can’t they just share every other year to host the festival? Because that would make sense and it is better to have conflict? Whatever the case I think this will cause Makoto to try harder at the baseball thing. Also if this is really what the alien stuff is all about it is truly subtle.

It is almost time for work. Then I get to experience the outcome of my stupid decision. Hopefully my furniture and sanity will survive. XD If not….well time for me to learn to be patient?


I sense the love between Ryuko and Erio too.

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