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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 6

X_X While I was in Japan I ate a lot of McDonalds so I wouldn’t starve. So I get back home vowing to lay off McDonalds for quite a while. The logical thing that happened next was McDonalds promoted Pokemon toys (wasn’t that Burger King’s job) with CARDS. Now I am stuck eating McDonalds until July 7th to get all the cards for my husband. :( The nuggets were better in Japan.

Also I went swimsuit shopping today. Most uplifting shopping experience ever……-___- I am sure the nuggets won’t help that situation XD


Clear skin? Like plastic bottle clear? XD

But now let’s talk about something weird. Something that makes no sense. The entire premise of Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. XD Spoilers for jealous girls acting mean.


Someone is moving a little fast in life...

Episode Summary: Ryuko is thinking to herself how special Makoto is becoming in her life and hopefully he thinks the same way about her. After school Ryuko’s friend assumes she and Makoto are going out and Ryuko does nothing to correct that assumption. They stop by their usual snack place on the way home from school only to find Erio working there. The friend wants to stop going there since Erio has such a bad reputation. Ryuko turns down an invitation to go out the next day so she can stalk Makoto who visits Erio at work. Only Meme and some other person are stalking Erio too. Ryuko goes on and on about aliens and crap when Meme is like HI! Meme brushes the other stalker off as a pervert and he leaves with a cow tag on his ear. Meme finds out the details on Ryuko’s reason for being there and wishes her luck in the romance department. Ryuko makes her move when Makoto arrives but Erio does her best to serve Ryuko as a customer. Then she wraps herself up in a mattress.


At least she is trying!!!

After visiting old lady and lying about being Erio’s friend Ryuko gives Makoto some advice. That hanging out with Erio will give him a bad rep too and make the business suffer. Makoto is unsure on what to do and asks old lady for help. She is less than helpful with her whole who needs friends talk and then goes on and on about cattle mutilation. At lunch Maekawa invites herself over to Makoto’s house and he says yes to get more youth points. Ryuko gets wind of this and comes over as well so Maekawa won’t have sex with Makoto. Makoto picks up Erio on the way home and they arrive home. There is a bit a moment when Erio gets upset that Ryuko touches her plushies. Then it becomes a fight between Erio and Ryuko trying to get Makoto’s attention. When the girls get ready to leave Meme comes home. She and Maekawa whisper something and Meme implies that Ryuko should get her man! Then Meme and Maekawa leave while Erio, Ryuko, and Makoto look on all confused. THE END!


Is she trying to pimp Makoto out or does she want him for herself?

So….yeah. Okay then. This show is special.

So not really liking Ryuko now. Before it was all AW poor girl, she won’t get the guy because obviously “cousin” incest is much more sexy. She was just going to be the loveable character who is just the friend how sad.


That was totally necessary....run away from this one Makoto.

But now she has shown her jealous side and I don’t like that. I guess it is hard for me to wrap my mind around everyone believing in the cousin incest thing. Because instead of being jealous of Erio she should be jealous of Maekawa. That just makes sense to me. But no she had to be a crack head and try to keep Erio away from his cousin. Which I am not sure how he can do. He lives with her. Either way people are going to talk about him and hate him according to her logic. So what was the point in telling him that? She went from being jealous to being mean.


She obviously contaminates the snacks. Obviously.

I mean her friend was meaner about the situation no question asked. The old lady is a freak but doesn’t deserve to have her business suffer because she is trying to help her friend out. Okay so Erio did some weird things. But how is anyone supposed to have a second chance in life if everyone is too busy bringing up the past? But Ryuko doesn’t get a free pass because her friend sucked worse than her.


Reputation? You have SEEN her being weird.

Old lady wasn’t very helpful either. I thought old people were supposed to be full of wisdom and advice. She was like I ain’t going to help you until you make a decision. Well…..thanks. Thanks for drinking all the tea and not helping me out in the situation.


Old lady gots some jokes. XD

And while I appreciate that you don’t need friends to live…it does help. I am sorry all her friends and husband are dead but people still need people. Like how would she be running the shop now if she didn’t have Erio? And at one point she did have a husband and friends. So for her to tell a teenager who thinks everything is the end of the world it is okay to have no friends was not exactly helpful either.

Just as a side note I really, really hate these commercial with the abused animals and the sad songs. Because all it makes me want to do is cry since I can’t adopt them all and give them good homes. Thanks sad commercial.


Look at my beautiful shocked face!!!

But I am glad that Makoto is going to stick by his cousin. I am not usually one who is like BLOOD IS FIRST. I think some people have close relations with their family and some people have friends as their family. But I rather help a person who seems lost than keep a friendship with someone I just met and trying to threatening me away from said lost person. That and he should stick by someone whom he crushed their hopes and dreams.


Are you just along for the ride?

I don’t know where Maekawa stands in all of this. She was the one who wanted to go Makoto’s house but in the end she left with Meme to give the others time alone with Makoto. So she didn’t want Ryuko to come along originally so perhaps she likes Makoto too? But why would she agree to leave with Meme? Something is weird about her. Well besides the whole wearing weird outfit thing.

Oh yeah the dude spying on Erio. Probably her dad. Either way he is creepy and should really hide the fact he is wearing a cattle tag.


Need to call the Men in Black. Get those aliens out of town.

OH YES! Ryuko going on and on about the aliens. Everyone in town thinks Erio is weird and every single one of them believes in aliens. But Erio is strange for thinking she is one? Not really seeing the huge stretch. Grow up in a strange town and you turn out strange. Pretty simple if you ask me.


I don't like people touching my plushies either Erio!!

I think my favorite thing about this show is the little UFO’s in the opening. Take me to your leader.

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