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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 9

Must sleep. But also want to blog. Just wish there was something else on TV than this trial.

So yes. Almost caught up on Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi today. So proud of myself. Hopefully can get ALL caught up by this weekend if work does not kill me first.


Man look at that old dude. Three feet in the grave so old.

Spoilers for..NO MOLESTING! XO


Takano has a natural ability to make everyone mess up at work. How productive.

Episode Summary: Kisa is trying to get something done at work but is unable to think about anything besides his kiss with Yukina. He forgot to do a proposal and looks dumb in front of Takano. Kisa tries to get back on track but keeps thinking back to that day (which apparently was not yesterday). Kisa basically told Yukina not to joke around like that and ran out of the room. Now he can’t think and is losing his mind, even to go as far to not save the proposal he is working on. Then he seriously gets down on himself about his progress at work and how he will never be as amazing as Takano. Yet Yukina emails him saying the display is done and to come by and see it. Despite thinking Yukina was only playing around Kisa ends up at the bookstore. Yukina takes him to the ugliest display in the world but insists it is selling books. Kisa tries to leave but Yukina wants to talk about THAT issue. Kisa waits outside the store thinking ill of himself. How he is old, how Yukina is straight, how he only likes people for their looks, and this will surely fail. As he is getting ready to leave STALKER BOY walks up demanding they get back together. As people stare on the sidewalk Kisa insists he is an asshole who can’t love and to leave him alone. Stalker boy then demands Kisa sleep with Yukina so he can get over him and get back together with him (stalker boy). Yukina throws stalker boy around and tells him to hit the road for the final time.


Oh snap Yukina is serious!

After throwing the stalker boy to the curb Yukina talks Kisa to his apartment. Kisa is in awe that all his mangas are at Yukina’s house and Yukina is all blushy. Then Yukina is like oh so the other day when I kissed you? Kisa insists it didn’t matter which angers Yukina. See he knows that Kisa likes him and often came to the store and stared at him. Kisa enters some deep denial as Yukina insists he loves him. Kisa says he only liked him for his face and that is not real love. Yukina very patiently explains how just because they don’t know each other doesn’t mean it is not love. That Kisa does really love him and it is more than just looks. Kisa seems scared to admit anything but Yukina is willing to wait. Yukina gently takes Kisa’s hand and they embrace as Kisa is overwhelmed. At work Kisa’s book is doing well and Takano acknowledges his good work. Yukina annoys Kisa with numerous texts but since he ends with an I love you Kisa can’t help but be flustered. THE END!

A couple…that didn’t end up molesting each other? Or locking someone in a room? Or didn’t force the other party into something they didn’t want? I AM CONFUSED?!?!?

Seriously though. Woohoo for Yukina and Kisa. They are starting off their relationship…well not normal. But they haven’t had sex yet, Yukina actually wants Kisa to love and not force him, and Kisa is slowly coming around to the idea that love is a possibility for an old man like him. I am a happy yaoi lover over here.


Is kissing people as a joke a big thing in Japan? Everyone in animes seems to think so...

I probably should have guessed that Kisa was going to stomp out. Makes me happy that Yukina wasn’t trying to snap Kisa out of his daydream. But yes since Kisa is so beyond thinking he can love of course he had to escape the situation instead of facing the reality of being love. Now Yukina could have run after Kisa, explain how felt, and settled up this confusion but then that would be too easy and hello this is an anime about people producing shojo manga. We needs the drama.


The kiss was that amazing. Good job Yukina!

Kisa over thinking things at work was going to happen no matter Yukina said. But it was worse as Kisa was getting on about himself about doing just okay at work and now he sucked. I wouldn’t really say sucked but in Takano’s world he super sucked. He FORGOT to do something GASP. Surely he is the worse employee ever. So now he has to worry about Yukina and his job.

I do like that he recognized he was having a pity party and needed to get over it. I know it was hard for him as his younger boss has better sales but he was trying to focus on the positive. The positive not being he forgot to save his document but the fact that…well at least his book was selling. Yukina e-mailing him at work just added to his stressed day so Kisa was allowed to have a few moments of RARW and then he moved on with his life.


Just slightly....

Sadly for Kisa he moved on to the bookstore. He didn’t ask Yukina to make a display and Yukina did randomly kiss him so I don’t think Kisa had any obligation to go see Yukina. I don’t think Kisa could do that though, not acknowledge someone’s hard work because he wants to be acknowledge for his hard work. Oh and he loves Yukina.


Because the books are getting married or something.

That display was friggin ugly. How the hell did any of that crap have anything to do with the book? I saw a random clock, some flowers, and general hot messness. I would have walked out and tried to have Yukina fired for making my book look so horrible. And he is an art major? I understand he didn’t HAVE to do it but…just no. Also someone is on crack. At least three girls, the three girls who thought the display was CUTEEEEEEEEEEE. Stupid. Just stupid.


Please hold as I flirt with some girls!

I did want to smack Yukina though. He wanted to talk to Kisa. That was good. But then flirting to make sales. That was bad. I get that it’s his thing but to not clearly turn someone down after asking Kisa to coffee or whatever just looks bad. Add in that Kisa was already all down on some old man like him finding love and yay for more misunderstanding.


Your master plan to get Kisa back is to make him have sex with Yukina?..Okay then.

X__X Stalker dude was really crazy. I mean Kisa did go to Yukina’s work every single day and that was slightly…creepy. But for the stalker dude to stalk Kisa when he is stalking is creepier. Kisa was never going to do anything with Yukina. Stalker dude kept imagining a relationship that wasn’t. Granted I might have been on his side because I think sex is a big deal. But when Kisa didn’t return any phone calls creepy stalker should have written Kisa off as an asshole and moved on with his life. Not announce to the entire street they were the gay and he wanted to have the butt sex right there on the building.


Thanks for making me look even hotter.

Perhaps Yukina should thank stalker dude. If he hadn’t shown up Kisa might have left as he thought Yukina was a straight pretty boy leading on the old gay guy. But now Yukina gets to look like the hero and then gets to take Kisa back to his house. So much win for him.


Too much coffee kills brain cells.

I said earlier that Kisa was one of the smarter boys in this series. That went down the drain after arriving in Yukina’s apartment. He made Yukina blush when he points out that HEY those are all my books. He tried to push aside the subject of the KISS like a good little in denial person. But then Kisa lost his mind. Yukina said he loved him and he is like ah yes, thanks for loving my books. No I love you! Oh thank you but you see I only love your face because I suck. NO I LOVE YOU. Oh but you see MELT. That was Kisa. Super cool.


Maybe Yukina has learned being subtle does not work.

Perhaps Kisa was so mushy because Yukina was so honest. I was complaining that the other people weren’t being honest and that creates unnecessary drama. Well now Yukina opened his heart and I am like NO TOO MUCH. Poor Yukina. But really he didn’t have to say HEY I know you were stalking me because I am so hot. XD Just let Kisa have some dignity.


Wait I actually love LOVE you?

But I do like that Yukina kept TALKING to Kisa. Not forcing him on the ground or into a kiss or whatever. He kept trying to bring Kisa the confused back into the conversation. He didn’t say YOU LOVE ME the end. He gave reasons for why Kisa loved him for more than just his face. He wanted Kisa to realize he loved him, not to force into that conclusion. So while Yukina knows he is hot and can be a little full of himself he did try understanding where the old man was coming from.


See! No penis touching here and it is still HOT!

I think their “love” scene was the best thus far. Probably because it was not a love scene. Yukina gently touched Kisa’s hands like they were precious treasure. Yukina touches Kisa like he was trying to get to know him rather than take what he could from him. Kisa didn’t look scared and pressured into anything. He was actually feeling instead of being a reluctant participate. Overall this yaoi fangirl was very moved by how this scene was done. And it was hot.


Most romantic moment of the episode!

And it seems that it will end well for Kisa. Kisa and Yukina are a couple…maybe. They are going to try. They are in the just in love phase and are going to move into the let’s get to know each other and make this work. So while Kisa was annoyed at the multiple text messages he was touched by the I love you one and felt silly for being caught up in the moment. But then he realized he liked the moment and all was well.

Oh and Kisa is doing well at work. So old man finally got a man and a hit manga. XD Now…let’s not focus on this couple anymore. Because I sense if we do there will be drama and my heart can’t take any more drama. However if I don’t get drama I don’t get make up sex…decisions decisions…..

But now it is time for bed. Hopefully it rain terribly while I am sleeping so we can breathe tomorrow. Peace out!!

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Christina said...

X__X There is a comment in my inbox but it is not here. I love the internet.

Anonymous said- "How many episodes are there going to be, 12 or 24? I can never tell. Agree this ep was way good and Kisa and Yukina proved that semes don't need to be raping people all the time to express their feelings. "

Sadly there are only 12 episodes of this series. Which means it will end shortly. :( I guess Ritsu is going to give in sooner that we both thought.

And yes this third couple really does show that people can fall in love without molesting them against their will or locking them in a room. Great episode indeed!