Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tenchi's Busy Week or Tenchi's Poor Time Management!

Hello there my lovely readers. How is life treating you? I didn't really pay attention to Groundhogs Day but I am going out on a limb and saying that the little critter saw his shadow thus the cold. COLD! Your millage may vary on what constitutions cold and maybe if you aren't in the U.S.A it is lovely. But we got snow over there and freezing temperatures over here. In Florida we wear our winter coats twice and put them away. What is the Epcot Flower and Garden show supposed to do?! It was suppose to stop being cold a month ago. XD
 photo tenhilife6_zpsc9c950b5.jpg
Needs a sweater!!
So...maybe everyone is bundled up and eating warm food still. XD Hopefully you are not digging out parking spots and freezing. Other than that I hope everyone is doing great. Now SINCE I am utterly behind on animes posting I thought I give people a heads up on what is to come or really what I have been doing. Sorta like a diary entry if you would. If anything it will help me see where I spent my time this week and what I need to get done by next week. Or really show me my life isn't busy and I am a huge slacker that needs to walk away from Facebook games.
 photo tenchilife_zpsd24418e9.jpg
Can I have a job that lets me work from home....and see no customers? XD
Work has been some sorta of disaster lately. I am pretty sure the management has lost their minds which means I got to lose a shift? I am not sure how this was supposed to work. We were told that everyone was going to have to cut back to save on labor but then we hired someone else and everyone got MORE hours but me. Is the writing on the wall folks? It is hard to tell. I just know that after every shift I come home mentally exhausted and unable to blog anything that makes sense. Just get another job you say? Well I suppose I could...or I just want the job I have now to stop sucking. That is probably not going to happen and I don't want it to bleed into posts. Like RARW this anime episode sucks because I had a bad day!!!! It probably doesn't help being related to the reason behind most of the sucking or being told you aren't in charge of anything despite being the glue that holds things together.

Once a week I brave the outside and go to the grocery store. I know people go much more often than I do but I hate going to the grocery store with a passion. I don't know how other people do it. I really don't. Going shopping for other things are okay but going to the grocery store? No beuno. I am sure part of the problem is where I go shopping for said food/necessities. I like to save money if the products are the same but I guess saving money means cutting corners. I always get broken shopping carts and run into people who are barefoot and running around with 34783 kids who get in my way. I hate seeing how fast my money goes. Buying nendoroids-fun. What a nice way to spend $40. $4 dollars on a gallon of milk that I don't even like? Heartbreaking. Add in the fact I always pick the wrong line to get in and I never have enough "grocery money" for everything I want and I just hate the whole experience. I have to talk myself up to going. Like got to go now....or I will have no ice cream or Code Red for the week.
 photo tenchilife3_zpsc2adaa4e.jpg
So bored but lots of cleaning to do.
I feel like a bad granddaughter when I let too much time lapse between writing my grandmother. I try to write her once a week because she doesn't really like talking on the phone. But sometimes...I am boring. Or I am having fun and I don't want her to feel bad about not having the opportunities that I have. Or I am not allowed to talk about not so happy things, like the incident that happened to my aunt's house 2 weeks ago. So I have to censor myself in a way. I love my grandmother and want to communicate with her though. Shopping for fun, cheerful cards is nice too. XD Gotta stay positive for the grandmother.
 photo tenchilife4_zpsac1c81de.jpg
This cooking thing is hard!
I try to keep a tidy house. Mainly because if I work less hours than the husband I should pull more weight with the household chores. Except cooking. I hate cooking. But yes I gotta break up the anime watching and game playing with vacuuming and dish cleaning and laundry. It is so crazy how much laundry only two people can produce. Sometimes I get in moods where I need to clean everything or I can't concentrate. I think some of the boys at work think a magical fairy cleans their house. Like have to clean? I have to go to school. I do more work. You keep thinking that boys.

I have been trying to catchup with my pokemon game lately. How can I justify buying a new game if I haven't finished the newest one I had. I am the kind of person though who really have to catch them all. Literally. I don't want to leave an area unless I have caught all the ones available to me at that point. So the husband and I will get a game at the same time and he will lightyears ahead of me as he just catches the ones he comes across or the ones he think are helpful. A slow process indeed. The husband and I played a game the other day though. We each had to list all the pokemon we could think off the top of our heads with no help. XD My goal was at least 300. The husband quit at 185, saying his brain exploded. I am happy to report I have no life and I am currently at 329. GO ME!
 photo tenchilife5_zpse16c21c6.jpg
Let's do this!!!!
Of course anime blogging takes up a lot of my free time. I blog in different stages, with of course watching the episode first. Then I write the summary while it is fresh in my mind. Then I can either finish the post or go off and do other things. Screenies always go last. Then I post and POOF I get to cross another show off my list. What does my list currently look like? 

Episodes to Blog: 

Pyscho Pass episode 20 

Tamako Market episode 9 

Amnesia episode 9 

Maoyuu episode 8 

episode 9 

And I am sure that Shin Sekai Yori and Little Busters! will be up by tomorrow. Sometimes I get a little RARW when I see how many episodes I am behind and that discourages me from catching up on episodes. Which means I just fall more and more behind. X___X What a crazy cycle, anime blogging shouldn't be stressful! 

But I think I get that way about a lot of things. It is hard for me to focus when I see what needs to be done or if I don't get done all that I wanted to. Like I wanted this post to get up before I went to work. Clearly I did not. I have poor time management or I plan too much. I wake up in the morning and go I want to do this, this, and this. But suddenly I need to harvest something or watch something else on TV and bam my list has become impossible. I need to start doing my list first thing in the morning and then spend hours and hours with wasteful stuff.
 photo tenchilife2_zps846ef65f.jpg
Sleep is always a good hobby yes? Can't question that.
Maybe I should stop thinking of the things I do as wasteful and dumb? I like watching stupid reality shows. I like completing goals on games that won't matter in a few years. I like putting different clothes on Duffy and take his picture at various places. As long as my house is clean and we pay our bills how does it matter how I spend my time?! Arg! The social pressures of being a woman.

So....I have rambled quite a bit. And meanwhile huge drama has erupted at work. Like huge drama. X_____X See my life is never dull. UGH! I need some ice cream. How come the consequences of my actions are multiplied by a zillion but other people can just keep on doing what they do and are surprised when 1/15 is given back to them. Like really? Really? It's like I am surrounded by 5 year olds who don't understand when you punch Mr. Doggie in the face 5 times it will bite you. 

Does my post have any point? Probably not. At the end of the day I am a silly girl living a pretty normal life. Probably with too much free time but otherwise harmless. My problems never seem that big and I mean well. I try. XD Never on time, never get all I want done. But I try. So I say...I will try to catch up on some anime posts tomorrow. I will try to keep up to date on comments. I will try and be a positive person. XD At least entertaining. I can at least promise that yes? It's like I am a silly housewife, minus the bonbons or screaming hysterics at parties. XD


Nando Fonfon said...

First off all Facebook is EVIL! A tool of destruction I might add. Time gets stricter and stricter and the internet is to blame most of the... time! Overall talking about our everyday life can always be considered rambling and mostly never has a point or needs to have one. I'm ready to expect the worst in the future! >_< In the end though staying positive does help a lot. Be it for others or for yourself. Beh, aside from all of that! I'm a new reader in this lil BIG blog and I have no idea how I got here but... it's rather nice. What kind of animes do you enjoy? I could certainly recommend some with magical pewpew missiles 'n' stuff. XD

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I have an excellent job suggestion for you! How about working at a pet store like Petco? LMAO! I mean, you would be surrounded by cats, puppies, fish, and other adorable animals that need hugs! XD

Other than that, glad to see that you're in decent health and hope you catch up on blog posts.

Have a great day! :)

That's all.

Christina said...

Nando- Thanks for stopping my blog of much craziness and misspellings. I seem to like a variety of animes. I am okay with blood and gore but then go all AWWWWW at certain slice of lives. Just all over the place....except with blatant fan service. XD

I know Facebook and their games are time suckers but I can't help it. I need to conquer and win and collect and have nothing to show for it! Although I tend to block people who post way too many pictures of themselves drinking or making fish faces. Attractive really.

Anonymous- I often think at what jobs I would be good at. So far I have....whatever lets me stay at home and work without seeing people. XD Or at an ice cream place because HELLO how can you be in a bad mood if you are getting ice cream. I wish we had a Sanrio store nearby because I would apply there in a heartbeat. I could put up with kids for a Hello Kitty discount. XD But working with little kitties would be cute too...if I didn't try to adopt them all first.

Overall I have a pretty good life. But no matter how good one has it little annoyances and crazies pop up and seem to take over your life. Nothing that deep breath and...retail therapy can't fix yes? Well for little things anyway. Not huge horrible things mind you.

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