Sunday, March 17, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hello there my lovely readers! I think today might be a holiday or something? XD Beer and shamrocks and what not? I did....absolutely nothing today. I am not Irish nor do I drink beer and since that is how the holiday is celebrated in the United States it is lost upon me.
 photo March2013001_zps30f2aad6.jpg
Time to stop and smell the flowers?
However my Duffy has such a cute little St. Patrick's Day outfit. He needs to show it off even if it is only via the internets and not out and about. Maybe next year I will take Duffy somewhere so people can see his amazing clothes...that a lot of American Duffys have but that is not the point. XD Enjoy our around the house pictures.
 photo March2013002_zps2b4c36b1.jpg
Mom had plans to go to the store and get St. Patrick's Day treats but...she played computer games instead. :(
 photo March2013003_zps953ddd77.jpg
Finally Mom went outside for 5 seconds. :( I wanted to show off my outfit.
 photo March2013004_zps807bfc6d.jpg
Maybe she is embarrassed that my outfit has no pants. :( Stupid American Disney outfits with no pants or shoes.
 photo March2013005_zps18bc53bc.jpg
According to Mom this holiday is about the Irish. Something about a Saint and celebrating Christianity coming to Ireland. What started off as a holiday for one thing has lead to everyone getting drunk on this day? Since Mom doesn't drink she doesn't really celebrate besides wearing green. She tried to make some green Code Red but obviously it didn't work.
 photo March2013006_zpsfbf8857b.jpg
Maybe Dad will have better luck with green dinner.
 photo March2013007_zps5b441cb8.jpg
WEE! A green drink for me!
 photo March2013008_zps3171da9d.jpg
This cup is Duffy size.
 photo March2013011_zpsf5af8856.jpg
Behold my green dinner. Sorta......Mom decided that these are veggies now because they are green.
 photo March2013012_zpsa324375b.jpg
The potatoes look like frosting.
 photo March2013009_zps6f9db78d.jpg
XO Dad brought home a little treat for us after all. It looks tasty. And green! Not crazy green too.
 photo March2013010_zpsa3660997.jpg
Time to take a big bite. XD
 photo March2013013_zps2a8b616e.jpg
Kira needed attention too and grabbed her green ball. Guess she is jealous of all the attention I get.
 photo March2013014_zps3f6b20b0.jpg
I found something else green. Disney in the house!
 photo March2013015_zps61ea2657.jpg
Trying to give me a kiss on St. Patrick's Day? I guess that is okay since we celebrated the day weird. XD Hope everyone had fun today. DRIVE CAREFULLY!

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