Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shin Sekai Yori episode 22: Can the world just end already?

There is a carton full of lovely ice cream in the fridge. I actually left the house to go grocery shopping so woohoo for ice cream and Code Red. Can I just have ice cream for dinner and now actual food? XD
Saki and her brave face weeee!!!!
While I decide what to do with my food needs I guess I will post another episode weeee! Up now is Shin Sekai Yori episode 22. Spoilers for running out of humans to kill.
Say what? Shit has hit the fan?!
Episode Summary: A lot of bad things happen to Saki and she continues to question everything around her. The end.
Has Saki ever gotten a positive letter...ever?
Well that SHOULD be the summary. But here is what really happened: Inui continues to explain how he managed to escape from the QueerRats that were kidnapping all the babies. Inui did run into the Fiend but Inui pretended to be a QueerRat and barely managed to escape. The only reason why he made it to the temple was a QueerRat took him the rest of the way, Kiroumaru. Saki and Satoru are shocked by this news but Saki decides to open the box from her mom. Mom explains how Saki is amazing and has such great strength inside of her. Mom talks about how there are a few weapons of mass destruction that can take out a Friend without causing the human killer to die themselves. They are given a baby Fail Eevee (walking library) and told good luck. Saki has to explain this all to the temple people who don't seem to be preparing to do anything at all. Saki and Satoru demand to go see Kiroumaru which is allowed but clearly he has not been treated well despite saving Inui. Kiroumaru seems happy to see the kids and explains how he survived against the Fiend. Basically he hid. Saki explains they are going to Tokyo to find the weapon to stop the Fiend. Kiroumaru is like oh I vacationed there last year let me show you the way! Well or he said that things suck there but he wants to stop the Fiend and Yakomaru. They all hop in a sub with Inui (good job there with the decision making red shirt dude) and travel to the horrible place that is Tokyo. Along the way they have to be weary of QueerRats. They are eventually found by the Fiend but outrun him and make it to the ocean. They make it to the desert that is Tokyo and wait until it's light outside as Kiroumaru has fun stories of what happened to his troops. They go on land and hide the sub but Kiroumaru realizes they have been found. They decide to go into the sewers despite Kiroumaru saying that would be a very bad idea. Saki proceeds to lose her mind as bats and poop are the worse thing ever. But Saki sucks it up and onward they go, stopping here and there when Satoru gets attacked by a giant leech or when Kiroumaru has to tell them how screwed they are. Saki starts to talk, about how a kid could become a Friend so easily. She thinks it might be drugs but that can't be the only factor right? Satoru says it doesn't matter but it happens suddenly and it has nothing to do with your parents. The Fail Eevee who has been leading the way through the crack tunnels explains to them that the Anthrax. Everyone is like oh hell how is this supposed to go down?! Then Saki starts to question whether or not this really is a Fiend. Kiroumaru stops that train of thought by pointing out that the Fiend and Yakomaru are right behind them. THE END!
I would forget about the one being who could take out the Fiend too. No problem dude.
Well I guess my question has been answered. For the next three episodes giant birds are going to come out of the sky and rip people's heads off and weeds are going to turn out to be huge spiders that throw acid in people's faces. So on and so forth. All until Saki is the last human on the planet and she will go screw this and go back in time to find some cute pink hair girl to save the world with. Or hook up with.
Saki's face is in a permanent state of WFT.
Can things get ANY worse? Like really this is becoming an amusing joke at this point. It all makes sense in the realm of this show. That the outside world is so messed up and scary because all of their powers leaking out of their brains has made it so. And that Tokyo was ground zero in the initial attack. But is getting to be every single sci-fi movie up in this joint. I am sure that next episode Michael Myers and a three headed shark dragon will come and attack Saki. Where else can this show go?!?!
Clearly having 4 out of 6 of her friends dying before the age of 15 and having her entire village wiped out before her eyes wasn't the worse thing ever. Bats and poop. POOP!
Before I say anything else I would like to say....I realize that Saki is human. That humans should be well rounded and not be one dimensional. That I can say I hate the color pink but sometimes I wear it because I like Hello Kitty. Humans can change their opinions and not be set in stone. So Saki can be scared in some situations and brave in others. HOWEVER!!!!!!! It was poop! It was poop and bats. Get a grip on your crazy self. There is one kid out there killing everyone you know into tiny fireballs of splat. There are nasty mole rats with sticks killing the ones the Fiend misses. When you were teenagers the adults sent out the scariest cats ever to eat the ones that fell out of line. A balloon dog exploded in front of you. Your entire life has been one big pile of crap. So why can't you walk through some? And a few nonkiller bats of normal size. SUCK IT UP! Maybe Saki has just reached her breaking point and was like really....really....bat poop? But kinda came across as that was the worse thing ever for Saki. Need I remind you that your girlfriend's kid is trying to kill you?
We are wasting time talking when we could be showing more people dying.
So I have spoke my peace on that. Time to move on. I am not sure why there was any time wasted on Inui explaining his journey even further. I mean it had to be finished so we could squeeze Kiroumaru rescuing him in there but still. We get it. You were forced to run and attack and hide. Now why are you ready to jump into this again? Can't this man take a rest while some people in the temple risk their lives to be the red shirt? Apparently not.
Maybe if ya'll treated the non power using humans...I mean QueerRats better all along NONE of this would have happened.
While Kiroumaru being locked up like that shocked Saki and Satoru I was in the camp of....good. I mean....if Kiroumaru does turn on the group it would not surprise me at all. Kiroumaru might have been the highest ranked and best treated slave but he was still a slave. His people were told what to do. But maybe he really does want to stop Yakomaru even though they have a common enemy. Being divided all these years and some favoritism thrown around might have made Kiroumaru loyal. But if this was all a show I would be like yep you humans deserve to die. The temple people are dumb with some things but on this issue yeah...lock up the creatures trying to kill us.
I would have been like OH HELL NO!!!!
I hope the irony of Saki's present wasn't lost upon her. Like oh look that thing that started all of my problems 14 years ago. Thanks mom. Maybe I can kill this one too? No no I do understand why Saki was given this gift but still. I had to laugh. Saki's life sucked.
Doesn't anthrax kill....everyone? Is this magical anthrax?
Anthrax folks. Anthrax. I mean.......It just wasn't what I was expecting. Anthrax is serious business...but it can kill anyone. I guess when I thought weapon that can only kill those with powers I was thinking something else. Something that wouldn't kill normal humans. But I guess it is effective. So would a lot of other poisons but I am sure they are easy to find and we need bat poop.
WHOOSH from the Fiend.
Can the Fiend fly? Because really he was all over the damn place. The main village looks big and then it is spread out with people homes/smaller villages. THEN it was the temple that took a long time for them to walk to. But POOF the Fiend was right on their tail. Obviously this Fiend has some brains or only listens to Yakomaru because how can he be all over the place and being one step ahead of Saki's horrible life?
Photobucket not like.
It was quite shocking to see Tokyo is such a state. Maybe I thought there were still people hiding out, away from those with powers and the stories were not true about the dangerous conditions. Maybe those stories were put in place by Granny and company to protect the three vials of Anthrax left in the world. Maybe next time they can just move the weapon of mass destruction and put it with the cats? Just saying. But seeing Tokyo in that state was pretty sad. :( No bueno. Although I am sure people who live in Tokyo felt more upset about seeing it in this state.
I am sure no matter what Saki will end this all in tears.
While Kiroumaru was talking about how awful everything is and Inui was doing his best not to die Saki was talking. She might be a flip flopper when it comes to QueerRats but she brought up some good points. Or maybe they were my points and that is why I think they are good. XD But yes....Fiends can happen instantly, like the one Granny went up against. Yes the schools and conditioning exist to protect everyone but it is a precaution. Not everyone has the potential of doing that. Well they all could kill humans but not all of them would be crazy. So yes did this kid become a Fiend? How did they do it? And no Satoru don't shut her down I want to hear the answer!
Okay maybe the episode ends with Satoru making a new friend....same thing yes?
The episode ends with danger behind them but Saki still questioning what they are doing. I am not sure if Saki was asking if this was a Fiend because of who the mom is or if she is doubting her entire life. The QueerRats have already posed the question who is the real Fiend or the rest of the humans. But maybe Saki thinks that this kid can be saved, that he is just being used by the QueerRats and killing him would be a terrible tragedy too. It is hard to tell where Saki is going with that but I can light of no one cares. Time for more death?


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I wish my library had a couple of these gadgets; energy-efficient, high memory capacity, playback features, and a GPS. Oh also Siri (AI computer), etc. ----all in a pocket-able size, so I can also use is as a paper weight. But enough envying the things I can’t get. :(

Anyway, on w/ this ep. What really strikes me is why didn’t Squealer, a cunning b*ster to boot, know about this magical Anthrax weapon? Didn’t he (assuming) has a “library” as well? So, why choose the roundabout way of raising a fiend army for TEN years!?!

As for the caves, YACK!! The caves host all kinds of grotesque creatures, ranging from everyday bats that shit everywhere to giant slugs that bleed people dry, I REALLY think that’s a disgusting hell.

Christina said...

Anonymous- The world has ended yet this society has a better computer than I do. Go them!!!!

Maybe the walking libraries are really hard to come by even though the know found one and tortured it. But that was a test though right? The adults planted it there for them to find it right? Or did the testing of Group One come after that event? Either way these QueerRats have been spending the better part of 14 years planning for this war. I hope they tried to steal a library or just thought it was too risky because DAMN patience, they have it.

I agree the caves do suck and I would have lost my little mind. But given how much Saki has gone through I thought maybe she should have sucked it up a bit more.