Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Psycho-Pass episode 21

5 posts in one "day". WOOHOO TO ME! Of course that means I have absolutely nothing left in my folder almost done blogging. Meaning I will have nothing to blog tomorrow because I need to focus on...you know house stuff or I needs to start watching now. XD I think the week in between anime seasons was made for me to catch up on previous episodes. Of course I need to see what I am watching for Spring don't I....
 photo passepisode2111_zps180c8658.jpg
Let's just say this doesn't end well for someone in this show.
But before tomorrow there is this one last post. Before I hit the hay or attempt to because Kira doesn't like it when I sleep at night here is Psycho-Pass episode 21. Spoilers for...nail guns and old fashion razors.
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What no Hamlet?!?!
Episode Summary: Akane and the gang hop aboard a helicopter heading towards the food producing plant. The mood is grim as Akane knows a lot is on the line. At the plant Shougo is reading the bible instead of getting down to business and Shinya is slowing turning into a mountain lion trying to find a way in. He is shocked when the helicopter shows up and he hasn't even entered the building yet. He calls Akane and she is very short with him as to hide her plan. Shinya says they will probably not make it in time to stop Shougo so they should shut down the entire plant. Akane is like so then security system will be down and you can kill Shougo. No thanks. Yayoi is on standby with Shion to shut down the systems while Akane is thinking. Tomomi questions why Akane has been acting different since she saw Granny Chief. Akane says she hasn't but decides to shut down the power and hope they beat Shinya to Shougo. She also requests that if it comes down to shooting Shinya to call her in and let her do it. In a flashback Akane made the Sybil system make her gun Paralyze only again under the guise of a threat. When questioned again Akane allows Tomomi to check her number and it is relatively low. They shut down the power and Shinya rushes in. Everyone else takes a leisure stroll like they didn't consider the possibility that Shougo brought people with him. Akane tries to be Shinya again, WWSD. She decides that Shougo will go for a back up method to get power in the plant. But others state he might try to cut this losses and escape. Akane breaks the teams up with Yayoi going with her and Tomomi and Ginoza on the other.
 photo passepisode216_zps6f27a971.jpg
Ginoza is like um why are you trusting guns after what happened with Granny?
Akane and Yayoi make their way to the control room but find it empty. On the walk though Yayoi talks about Akane used to be the most useless person ever but now she trusts her with her life. So yay positive yes? Only when Akane finds the room empty she finds it void of Shinya's presence. She realizes that something is wrong and that Tomomi and Ginoza are in danger. She leaves Yayoi in the room, practically ensuring Yayoi will live and goes after the boys. Meanwhile Ginoza and Tomomi are having a Father and Son moment. Ginoza is very upset that Tomomi let Shinya go after Shougo, signifying that Tomomi believes more in Shinya than Ginoza. Tomomi points out that they are on different sides of the law and are both needed. Tomomi stops Ginoza from tripping a trap but that sends Ginoza to a different trap. An explosion occurs and heavy boxes fall on Ginoza pinning him to the ground. Tomomi goes to rescue him but Shougo appears with a nail gun. Tomomi blocks the bullets with his fake arm and tries to fight Shougo. He ends up holding Shougo down in a choke hold. Shougo sets off some TNT which causes Tomomi to smile, like we are both going to blow up. Shougo also smiles and says wrongo and throws it at Ginoza. Ginoza orders Tomomi to not let Shougo go but of course Tomomi takes off and grabs the TNT. He doesn't get a chance to throw it and it explodes in his hand. Shougo takes off and Ginoza basically rips his arm off getting free from the boxes. He runs over to his dad and demands to know why he did this. Tomomi of course says you are my son and dies. Shinya runs by and sees the state Ginoza and Tomomi are in. He is distraught but takes off after Shougo. Akane is also on the chase and there are dramatic closeups of people and their varying degrees of what the hell?! Shinya finds Shougo and they trade insults and ready their weapons. THE END!
 photo passepisode214_zps3ea763dd.jpg
Well....he did give you hints so you know....
Well then. A death has happened. And really it was probably the most predictable one that was going to happen. But that doesn't make it any less sad. Lets go in order though though. You know, like all those other times I go exactly in order.
 photo passepisode213_zps47d40343.jpg
How hilarious was it that Shinya was being all secret agent ninja man like he usually is and Akane rolls up in the helicopter? Like what the hell I AM THE HERO! But unlike Ginoza Shinya is able to see the entire situation. Instead of being upset that he was found so soon this really means that Akane has learned a lot, that he is proud of her. And I am sure he is slightly glad to have some back-up, even if it ruins his plans. 

Because after all he can't shut down the power to the building. Shinya wants his revenge against Shougo for all the crimes he has commit but he still wants to protect the general public. So it is killing two birds with one stone. Now a few episodes ago Akane would have said YES Shinya I will gladly turn the power off to the building so we can save everyone weee! But now Akane is all cold and harsh and understands how the world works. She is like um no Mr. I want to sneak into the building. We will think of another plan that doesn't involve giving you a headshot to kill yourself.
 photo passepisode215_zps67213dc8.jpg
I really thought that Akane was going to tell Shinya what was going on with her thinking. Not that I think that she SHOULD do that but I just thought in frustration she would scream it at him. Listen to me I want to save you!!!! But Akane was firm in being all proper and short. Now I thought her cover was going to be blown with everyone asking Akane what was wrong with her? Um thanks for trying to put Akane on the spot. But in their defense Akane did become amazing in 30 minutes. It was a little shocking for them.
 photo passepisode218_zpsdda40631.jpg
LALALALA walking so calmly....
I like how Shougo was humming to himself and reading the Bible, Shougo was being a ninja, and everyone else was taking a stroll through the building. Such different reactions. But I was serious, Shougo could have had tons of people with him. What was with this lalalaing. I thought when Akane broke up the teams that Yayoi was a goner for good though. Like oh nos red shirts for all! But yes all the reactions to this final showdown were a little off. Like....this is it folks, time to get serious.
 photo passepisode219_zps5799b26f.jpg
Aw isn't that sweet. AND you live! Congrads.
Even thought Yayoi was a bit....well putting Akane in danger with her you have changed comments I think there was resolution with these two. I just said I thought Yayoi was in deep trouble and this was the main reason. Like oh we understand each other and promise to have each other's backs. Time for someone to die weee! I think that Yayoi was right to tell Akane how she really felt about her. Of course Yayoi didn't join this way of life out of duty either but one could just tell Akane was off for the job. So by telling Akane she has really changed will give her even more confidence. Yayoi and Akane will make a great team after they survive this and put the pieces to their lives back together. Because Yayoi is going to live folks.
 photo passepisode217_zps3a2e3504.jpg
You think that Tomomi could have read the situation better....
So since Yayoi was a red herring what was the killer conversation this week? Daddy and Ginoza. Ginoza was like Dad you NEVER trust me, you only believe in Shinya. Even if Ginoza acknowledged that Shinya is the best cop ever Ginoza still is “boss' and wants to respect from his underlinings, even if it is his Dad. And moreso that it is his dad. So while Ginoza might not be the best I understand his tantrum.
 photo passepisode2110_zpsf4521332.jpg
Probably to keep you from killing your friend. Not that you care of course.
I hope what Tomomi said wasn't lost upon Ginoza. That hello kid all I have ever done is protect you. I don't think he meant a lack of respect although the jokes and antics might have gone too far at times. Tomomi just wanted to protect his son even though he is an adult and chose a dangerous job. It then appeared that Tomomi was siding with Shinya. Which he should since Shinya is a ninja but still made Ginoza feel bad. These things needed to be explained. Dad wanted to protect the son and Ginoza wanted to be acknowledged.
 photo passepisode2112_zps17f3691d.jpg
Did you really think he was going to listen to you Ginoza?
And then Shougo came in the room and blew that all away. At first I was like OH CRAP Ginoza really did die first?! Just a flesh wound folks. Well sorta. We never learned the story about how Tomomi lost his arm but I guess it doesn't matter. I keep laughing when people bring out nail guns as weapons but that is all I guess normal people have access to. You would think that Shougo would have access to more but I guess not.
 photo passepisode2114_zps2f9eaa6d.jpg
But the fight was not a fighting matter. I don't want to say that Shougo fought dirty...Smart. He fought smart. And if the “good” guys were in that position I would be cheering them for doing that. Shougo wants to change the world or at least Japan but he is willing to kill many in the process. Now one could argue that Tomomi acted just like Saki did over QueerRatsRUs. He had the enemy, the person who could kill millions but instead he risked it all to save one person. Logic is hard to follow when your heart is in the way.
 photo passepisode2113_zps7c5c8585.jpg
Just....so sad. :(
What happened after the TNT went off was pretty awful. If Ginoza survives this series he will probably end up with a metal arm and the status of a latent criminal. Just like his dad. And normally he would hate that, kill himself at that possibility. But at the moment I don't think that matters. Ginoza was unable to save his father and Tomomi died protecting the most important thing to him. Ginoza looked so broken and lost there is no way that he isn't a latent criminal. And the look that Shinya and Ginoza exchanged...heartbreaking.
 photo passepisode21_zps5def606a.jpg
What decision is Akane going to make? Will the gun stay on paralyze mode? Somehow I doubt it....
This is bad news on several fronts. Akane is behind the pack as she went the opposite direction. Yayoi will not make it in time. Ginoza is down for the count I believe. I mean he could surprise me and save the day but I doubt it. Right now Shinya has even more reason to blow Shougo away which means Akane will lose Ginoza. Are we ready for the final, final showdown? I don't think it will positively given the nature of the this show. Either society will be “free” and crazy or controlled and awful. Either way...I am sure someone else will die. :(


Anonymous said...

I know the show has some awesome character development, but for our main guys, Makishima and Kougami they seem still at step 0.For Makishima seems like an ever-present force that represents this single ideal that the other characters must react to. He is so bland! I mean all he do is quoting books instead of coming up with his own lines of dialogue. Like dud! You can’t just live your life base on other people/books’ POV, what about yours?

As for Kougami, he is just so static throughout the whole show. Quote from SCAMP, “his conversations with Akane have him reiterating that he hasn’t changed at all. So if I want one thing from the final episode, it’s to give us some kind of payoff with Kougami’s story, because as of now we’ve got nothing”.

Meanwhile when you take a look at the path Ginoza’s character has taken, it’s pretty f*cking depressing. It’s largely the same as his father’s. Starts the show as a bland, by the book cop who blankly follows orders and does exactly what Sibyl tells him to do. However as Sibyl starts to fail them in various departments, he in turn starts doubting the legitimacy of his job and whether he can do anything to change that. However unlike Akane, Ginoza doesn’t have the resolve to come to any personal conclusion and instead continues trying to follow the system through his doubts. By the end, his hue is almost completely gone and is told to take time off, he can’t follow the chief inspector’s orders anymore and instead stands around fumbling. And now, right at the end, the system fails him completely when the criminal it let free kills his father. And then, just to tie it all off with a neat bow, and to seal the comparisons between the two, Ginoza loses his arm just like his father

Is it me or Urobuchi has A LOT feeling for his characters?

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Poor Ginoza. :(

Loses his faith in the system, only family, and wrapped in despair. If there is a season 2, Ginoza will definitely become an enforcer like his father albeit with a more developed personality--I can see that. He will also be just as effective as Kougami in the detective department since he won't play by the book anymore and with a cybernetic left arm. That or live in prison for the rest of his life. Still, again, poor Ginoza. The future doesn't look good for him. :(

End comments.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think Shinya and Shougo represent ideas and not actual people. Because if they are people they are almost like the sheep on the outside. Blinded to everything but what they want to see. Shinya is super smart but once he focuses in on something it is hard to change his mind. Shougo just wanted chaos. He could have changed the world but instead he just wanted chaos. So everyone is in the dark, Shougo has the light, and Shinya will put out the fire without regards to himself.

But then if you look at Akane and Ginoza, they had so much going on with them and look how they turned out! It is almost safer to stay the same than to change X___X Ginoza was fighting change the most and the system just....took over.

Anonymous 2- See I don't see Ginoza like that. It will be even more tragic because Ginoza WON'T be a great enforcer like Shinya. He won't be able to get the lessons from Saiga cause that dude is either on the run or a goner. But he just doesn't have the skill sets that his father or Shinya had. So his life is just one big joke and he can't help but laugh too. :(