Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Amnesia episode 12 Part B: Stupid show!

FINE! I will blog those....even though no one is really asking for it. XD Actually I think the general consensus for this show is fail but you know me...I am so close. I have to finish it. Even if it is painful and stupid and a waste of time.
 photo amnesiaepisode1213_zps05af72b5.jpg
Just walking to the top floor of a building on fire. Really a nice little stroll.
Besides we can share in the fail together! So come and experience episode 12 of Amnesia. If you have never heard of this show....DON'T WATCH IT! XD
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Even though you have a split personality and warned me I was going to sent me a text!
Episode Summary: Shujinko continues to be the stupidest person ever and just sits there waiting for Ukyo to stab her. Ukyo must have evil clouding his vision as he misses stabbing her by inches. Shujinko starts running around the college building that is shaped like some ancient church in England but all the doors are locked. Ukyo has the keys and keeps arguing with himself whether or not to kill Shujinko or not. Good Ukyo is like why are you here?!?!?! Shujinko says she doesn't want Ukyo to die so he decides in the last 5 seconds of the show to tell her what is going on. In the first world Shujinko was in this burning building on August 1st. She was in a coma until the 25th and she died. Ukyo wished to see Shujinko again and that sent him to a world where she was. But then the world tried to kill Ukyo because he was an outsider which sent Shujinko to other worlds and now they are....well on death's door. Ukyo says that Neil can't travel anymore so this will be the last world. He wants her to live and evil Ukyo comes out to say nope it is time to die. Shujinko runs UP the largest college structure ever and wants to know who Neil is. Orion is like oh he is the Fairy King that is all. Guess that is why Ukyo can travel different worlds lalala.
 photo amnesiaepisode1212_zpsc5219488.jpg
You are too boring to live!
Shujinko makes it to the top of the structure and goes to run for the last door she sees...and Ukyo appears. And he is angry and tired of dying. Good Ukyo cries, saying he goes scared of dying and created Bad Ukyo to help him out. Shujinko is like OH NO I am in trouble and Orion tells her not to give up. She dodges a knife....and Good Ukyo decides to stab himself. Shujinko is shocked but Good Ukyo says that his wish is for her to live and now if she can last the next minute without dying his dream will come true. Shujinko stays in the burning building despite Orion telling her to run. She holds Ukyo's hands and the clock chimes midnight. POOF magic happens. Ukyo opens his eyes and is happy his dream came true. Then Shujinko is in a white room with Orion. Orion NOW knows what has happened and explains it to Shujinko. Fairies exist to grant wishes and understand humans. So when Ukyo was so upset when he lost Shujinko his wish touched Neil the Fairy King and there was world traveling. For some reason Neil got stuck in Ukyo and then my mind started to faded away at the blah blah what the hell? In any event Shujinko was able to stay strong and fight her destiny and she will be allowed to go back to her original world with her memories. Shujinko is worried she might be an interesting person and can't handle actual talking. Orion promises she will be okay...but she will forget about him and all of this nonsense. Shujinko gets REALLY sad because Orion was the best guardian ever. Orion says it will be okay and Shujinko promises to remember him somehow. Shujinko walks to the giant door that has appeared out of nowhere and behind it lies 5 cards representing the 5 guys. Shujinko smiles and runs towards one card. THE END!
 photo amnesiaepisode1210_zpsfaf4712b.jpg
I will save you Madoka!
See folks! See! Some poor soul commented that maybe they were saving their best material for season 2. I commented how stupid that would be because you need to get the audience interested enough to watch the second season. Well....poor commentator....your faith in this show has been for naught. You have been had, we all have been had!
 photo amnesiaepisode12-1_zps8475c4e2.jpg
Um...and she'll die? You know... do I type this folks. How do I type about basically nothing?! Nothing happened and nothing was gain and I wasted my time watching this show. We as women hardly get ANY animes thrown our way. It is always dorky but lovable guys with a harem of girls. We get a few shows but they are like this hot mess, with a girl NO ONE wants to be or Starry Sky, an anime that had all the guys more into each other than the girl they were supposed to be in love with. How about you stop throwing us a bone animators and just stop with all the unnecessary fanservice in other shows. Then we can call it even?
 photo amnesiaepisode127_zps85697756.jpg
Needs more crazy!
I think that Ukyo should have been slamming himself into doors and walls and such. The yelling was fine but just merely holding his own arm back was a bit lame. I wanted to see some grade A crazy here. Instead I just got Shujinko looking like a moron. HELLO! You both can make it to midnight if you just knock him out. Why couldn't she just wait until he was in good Ukyo mode and knock him unconscious? Well I guess good Ukyo could have done that too...
 photo amnesiaepisode129_zpse3c93f19.jpg
So you really aren't MY Shujinko but that's okay.
Ukyo explained the entire show or the reason for the show in 5 seconds. And it still doesn't make any sense. It was like the writers were like OH SHIT we gotta end things guys. Hurry and glue things together. So....Shujinko isn't magical at all. AT ALL FOLKS! She died by natural causes and Ukyo's wish to some magical fairy he didn't know existed turned her into Madoka and messed up the whole world. WOOHOO! Shows over, time to go. No seriously it is over now.
 photo amnesiaepisode126_zps6b6e7157.jpg
Final Destination this is not.
What do I think about this explanation? Shit obviously. And it doesn't even make sense. Shujinko didn't die until the 25th in her original world. Why cling to that date? I mean....if Shujinko isn't allowed or belongs to these other worlds wouldn't they try to keep killing her regardless? I mean if she doesn't belong she doesn't belong so why stop trying to kill her after the 25th? If this is her previous world, the one she is supposed to be in then the world shouldn't be trying to kill her until AFTER the 25th as she was still alive in a coma. So basically nothing makes sense.
 photo amnesiaepisode1214_zps4b471947.jpg
Who the hell is Neil?!
Oh and Neil. Can't forget Neil-sama, what with his super important contribution and basically causing the entire series. He gets mentioned 10 minutes before the series ends. Yes folks. For 11.5 episodes we were just lalalaing all over the damn place and 10 minutes before it all ends we find out Ukyo is the magical one and Orion isn't totally wrong being stuck on Shujinko and Neil is the one pulling on the strings.
 photo amnesiaepisode1211_zps95c7ebeb.jpg
I would argue that the world was really wasting its time with trying to kill this boring girl but you know. this real life? Is this Blood-C 2.0? I don't even know folks. I don't even know how a show could be so bad. Maybe there should have been sprinkles of what Orion came from before, a hint if you would. Not spoil Ukyo's story but a bit more than OH couldn't you figure this out before now you moron people? Just what is this? Madness. Insanity. I know Shujinko is brain dead but her blank is what my face looked like.
 photo amnesiaepisode122_zpseda0fa6a.jpg
This is Shujinko....never giving up.
Can someone please point out the moments in this series where Shujinko actively tried to save herself? Protect herself? Fought to live? Because the Shujinko I saw was trying to protect kidnappers...or did nothing. Nothing at all. Less than nothing. It was like she was a puppet and people were moving her around things were happening around her. So why was Orion like yay Shujinko you made Ukyo's dream come true and you fought to live. Because all hommie did was move her head when a knife came at it. Is that really deserving of praise? Because had Shujinko stayed at home she would be safe!!! Why is she getting all the credit for surviving when Ukyo is the one who stabbed himself?!
 photo amnesiaepisode123_zps8a0479fa.jpg
He is slightly stabbed and deranged and you are at the top of a building that is on fire. I hope you die.
Then things got really messed up. That was nothing, everything before. Ukyo....apparently got to live because Shujinko granted his wish. Because this wish was granted Neil got his powers back. You know he was stuck in Ukyo right? Oh you didn't? Well he was. But now he is better. Shujinko has proved through all her stupid moves she deserves to have her memories back and returned to her actual world. Shujinko's lack of personality....I mean memories is blamed on Neil. I guess he was worried she would have insane moments if she remembered everything like Ukyo. Maybe if Neil had helped Ukyo out more none of this would have happened?
 photo amnesiaepisode124_zps30b87e89.jpg
Um...when was that?
So...Orion and Shujinko then have a tearful goodbye. Because Shujinko is not allowed to remember Orion after all this insanity. I am not sure why, probably just to make things over dramatic. Then....there is a montage of all the moments that Orion helped Shujinko. It was literally every moment Orion appeared on the screen. Every single moment. And I think he helped in one of them. What a liar show. Orion is helping Shujinko my ass. Tell me he helped more in the game?
 photo amnesiaepisode125_zpsd0235ee7.jpg
All I see is fuck you Ukyo. What do you see?
The show ends with Shujinko deciding which world is really hers IE which dude she wants to be with. Like really after all that jazz Ukyo STILL might not end up with Shujinko. I know this was a nod at the games but come on! Hommie was a but there is an explanation for that. Of course if I had it my way Toma and Ukyo would be a couple as they are both crazy and Shin would be with Kent. Ikki could just die as I hate him. But really folks...really. Poor Ukyo. All he went through. Poor me for watching this whole show! Poor you for reading all of this. This show was nothing. Nothing of value and it is not worth supporting. bueno at all.


Eternia said...

Heh. Who told you to watch this crap to begin with, Christina.

People question my sexuality sometimes, for watching anime targeted for boys most of the time. They don't realize that there's barely good anime for women, so it can't be helped. I bet it only comes one/two in a year. Most of them are either plotless with a stupid brain dead woman as protagonist, or super cliche plot with a bunch of brainless bishounen whose appearance are closer to women. And that rule applies to this anime as well. It's really shit... shit... shit...
So congratulations on wasting your 12 x 20 minutes. I have dropped it since episode 1.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Since you've taken your time to write this episode, I will chime in with my thoughts on this series while making a comparison to Little Busters. After all, they are both harem shows but polar opposites.

I'll try to be brief and concise as possible. Keep in mind, this is my opinion and others would disagree:

Amnesia: Yes, I would agree that the show is deeply flawed. Other anime reviewers have also made the same conclusion as you that the show is horrendous. The main flaw lies within the heroine who was basically too dull and dimwitted that it frustrated the audience immensely with her poor choices. A few examples would be not running to the police after she escaped Toma's cage or not staying at home when Ukyo told her to because her life was endangered. Even though the writers justified her poor choices/personality with amnesia, they still failed in developing the princess as a person. The protagonist barely ushered completed sentences, and it was perhaps a waste of the actor's voice skills in my opinion. Worse, she acted like a doormat for other characters and that just worsen her character further. Another flaw of the show would be Orion because he barely had any character development (like the protagonist) and was basically an exposition fairy (literally). The audience was expecting him to develop any powers to better aid the protagonist but all he did was give advice that may or may not be helpful. The other characters (Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma, Ukyo, etc.) had their flaws as well but they weren't as massive as the protagonist. Neil (Orion's master) was introduced late in the show and audience was left speechless of how the writers could introduce him without proper foreshadowing and hints. It was even more damning when the writers wrote that he was responsible for the entire debacle at the very end when it would have been a more effective narrative to introduce him at the beginning or midpoint. A few positive qualities would be the opening's music Zeotrope and animation. The opening music was one of the best and the animation was notches above Little Busters, but the character designs could use some fashion senses.

(Review will continue in next post)

Anonymous said...

Second anonymous here again.

(Continued from last post)

Little Busters: This show was a harem show like Amnesia but with one guy and multiple girls, a typical male harem. However, it was still as flawed as Amnesia. Even though the protagonist (Riki) was leagues ahead of the princess in competence and personality, the primary girls of this show would sour the audience's opinion. There were some truly ill-written characters like Haruka. The show relies heavily on constant "tragic" back-stories to make the audience feel sympathy for these girls but all it did was made things nonsensical. For example, the character Haruka had a twin sister but from a DIFFERENT father--that's biologically impossible! And it was because the mother was insane and wanted to solve Japan's low birthrate by sleeping with two men. This was the fuel for this "tragic" back story along with the nonsensical kidnapping involved that the audience was supposed to feel for Haruka but I didn't care because of how insane it was and that Haruka was a massive brat unworthy of sympathy. Also, all these "tragic" back-stories was resolved by using mundane methods in a single episode. What I mean is that Haruka's traumatic problem was solved by a group-hug photo (really). That's right, decades of trauma was solved by a simple group photo when in reality it would takes months/years for a person to overcome his/her deep-seated problem. Another character, Komari, also had her deep-seated problem solved by Riki drawing cartoon chickens (I'm not kidding). Again, realistically, it would take months/years for a person to recover from a painful ordeal. This unrealistic recovery combined with the insane back stories from the girls would make it difficult for the audience in relating to such characters. As for the narrative itself, there were many questions involved like alternate dimensions (Noumi's arc), Riki gaining magical abilities to contact Noumi in an alternate dimension (How?), imaginary friends turn into real people (Again, how did Mio do it?), and many other questions as well. The male characters like Masato were barely developed and just there to make Riki look competent while all the episodes were focused on the girls instead. All the Little Busters fans know about the J.C. Staff animation debacle so there's no need in digging that old wound again but Amnesia has LB beaten in the animation category (In my opinion). I didn't care for the music personally. Overall, LB is just as flawed as Amnesia--again, these are my opinions.

Obviously, fans are going to disagree with me but these are my thoughts and everyone has different views on these shows.

Christina, I hope you find a more enjoyable show(s) in the upcoming Spring 2013 shows. :)

End comments

Christina said...

Eternia- I was taken in by the hot guys with questionable fashion sense. I am weak! With all the boobies and butt shots in anime you can't blame a girl for wanting some eye candy for her own.

But yes as girls who like anime it is really hard to find a good medium for animes that have interesting plots and strong female characters. My time has been wasted. :( I know we are a smaller audience but I think we deserve better than this.

Anonymous- So many words, I like it. XD No one should ever be worried about being wordy on my blog. I am quite wordy myself. XD

These harem animes are created so the player (well in the game) can put themselves in their shoes. Too much personality and the player can't identify with the main character. But in this instance...there is barely anything about she is a totally blank slate. That she is barely a person, a puppet that is simply moved around with no rhythm or reason. Who wants to be that person?

Orion and Neil, the people who without the story would make no sense....are never explained. At all. Or barely. The boys have varying degrees of development but we learn more about THEM than what they mean to Shujinko. How I feel, what I want from you. Not what they thought was important in Shujinko.

Little Busters! has a lot of faults too but Riki is at least developed as a person. Some of the other girls are super unlikeable or their stories are too dramatic to understand or put yourself in place of but the main character seems....well likeable. That being him might not be so bad. So boys who play this game can feel good about themselves, helping out poor girls and all. With Amnesia all it teaches girls is to....well be nothing because a boy will come rescue your boring self one day.

Animation wise Amnesia was steps ahead of Little Busters. That is true in the music department. And the element of magic/miracles is explained better. But at least in Little Busters I feel as if I know the characters, even if their stories are far fetched.

Massive waste of time yessie.