Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amnesia episode 11: Well that explained nothing

X___X I should have been in bed a while ago. This is probably why I am always late to work. MEH! But when I said I would have to wait a while to find out what is going on with Amnesia because it would take a while for the episodes to come I was going to make a joke and say HAHA awhile is 5 minutes. Something cute anyway.
 photo amnesiaepisode11_zps6fc977fe.jpg
A city with no people?
But then I watched episode 11 and learned nothing know. Sorta killed my joke. That is your spoiler. The world is out to get Shujinko? Well you won't find out anytime soon!
 photo amnesiaepisode118_zps50d1c78a.jpg
Do you need a doctor crazy man?
Episode Summary: Shujinko looks on with expected eyes as Ukyo said the world is trying to kill her. Instead the loser decides to talk about how he is her boyfriend. Something about how she was on vacation once and she needed directions so he helped. Then he moved to her city and started attending the university and they met again. They haven't been going out that long but he loves her. They walk along as he talks about how he met her and is just trying to protect her. He tells her where this dangerous well is and goes into great detail what it is like to fall in said well. Orion the obvious is like guess he must have fallen in. Shujinko is then prompted by Orion to ask why the world is out to kill her. Ukyo doesn't answer the question and instead says that she needs to avoid all the danger that will come her way by the 26th. He then says he will cause her the most danger and to avoid him. Shujinko asks again why the world is out to get her and he says that he can't say yet. Shujinko goes home and repeats everything just told to her. Something is off here and they need to investigate Ukyo more. So they go to work where Waka is tired from all the nonsense with the pipe breaking. Work goes on and Shujinko leaves early enough that is light outside. As she is walking she sees Ukyo in the grass randomly taking a nap. Orion reminds her he is supposedly dangerous but she wakes him up anyway. Ukyo wakes up and it is the evil version. He goes on and on about he is tired of this world and he wants to live this time. He basically starts strangling Shujinko saying she has to die. The good Ukyo wakes up and is shocked at what he has done. He makes sure Shujinko is okay and tells her not to see him again. From that day on Ukyo starts texting Shujinko ways to stay safe and they work really well. Ukyo has a fight with himself, saying he wants to live and why should Shujinko be allowed the protection. Good Ukyo thinks that this will be the last time so he will go all out to protect her no matter what.
 photo amnesiaepisode1110_zpsf3422b20.jpg
I love you girl who has no name.
The world then starts trying to kill Ukyo, sending some thugs to get Ukyo. Only bad Ukyo comes out and stabs them with their own knife. One day Ukyo calls Shujinko and says he will tell her why the world is trying to kill her. Only when Shujinko arrives at the meeting spot (the dangerous well) Ukyo the evil tries to push her in. Surprising I KNOW. He says he is going to live this time and it is about time that Shujinko feels the danger of death. Shujinko is pushed in the well but good Ukyo cuts his own wrist and pulls her out just in time. Ukyo yells at her to run and to never meet with him again. Shujinko heeds his word this time and Orion is like herp derp I think he has a split personality. DUH! Shujinko the doormate is like but good Ukyo seems so sad. Shujinko makes it past August 5th and well into the 20's. The boys at work comment that Ukyo hasn't been to their store in a while and Shujinko worries. Still Ukyo does his best to protect Shujinko. He calls her on the 24th to tell her that tomorrow will be most dangerous day for her and not to go outside. Shujinko wants to know what Ukyo is going to do and he gets all sad, saying he won't be able to see any more skies. The next the weather is horrible. Like Madoka needs to save the town kinda horrible. Orion is like well you are always in danger but maybe you should stay inside. Late at night Ukyo calls. He says he is going to spend his last few moments thinking of Shujinko at the university before taking himself out of this world so she can live. Shujinko takes that as Ukyo is going to kill himself and rushes to his side. She is almost killed numerous times but Orion keeps her safe somehow. She makes it to the university and is happy to see Ukyo. Only it is bad Ukyo and he has another knife. Shujinko realizes it is going to be him or her and hides in some building that looks like a church, the one that we have seen before that has caught on fire. Lightening hits a tree and catches it on fire. Ukyo makes himself a torch and goes after Shujinko. He finds the room she is hiding in and says he will take her out this time so he can live. He throws the torch as Shujinko starts to panic. THE END!
 photo amnesiaepisode115-1_zps5a2cfb50.jpg
And now you will tell us why?!
Well then. Glad I found out why the world is trying to kill Shujinko or why this is happening to begin with. Like really. Really. Is this Blood-C again? I mean even then we found out about everything in episode 11. There is one episode left folks and we still don't know why Shujinko is special or why any of this is happening to her.
 photo amnesiaepisode114-1_zps1c6077b2.jpg
You don't? Well let me tell you how to get there so I can try to kill you later.
I mean I really thought it was Orion running into her, getting his soul stuck in hers. Like oh no now she is able to cross worlds and she isn't stable. But maybe Orion ran into her as she was already crossing worlds. That could be a possibility yes? Although maybe it really is Shujinko was dying for the first time and Orion was at the right place and was able to save her. Going all Kobato on us or something. Either way Orion is about as helpful as my cat so him and his nonexplaining self can fly a kite.
 photo amnesiaepisode116-1_zps44c7ac4b.jpg
It was like he was there or something!
Instead of explaining WHY the world is trying to killing Shujinko he just says...yeah it is trying to kill you. If Ukyo doesn't see himself surviving this timeline and that this is the LAST timeline why wouldn't he spell it all out for her? Tell what is going on in case she DOESN'T make it and there are more timelines. I mean how does he know it is the last one anyway? But anyway why didn't Ukyo tell Shujinko anything? Did Ukyo/Homaru already try that once and it didn't work out? If that is the case maybe Toma and his cage had the right idea.
 photo amnesiaepisode113-1_zps8b83b50e.jpg
I have no idea let's ask him!
Ukyo talks about how they are boyfriend and girlfriend instead. Which you know...was probably lovely once upon a time. The first time or in their original universe. But since Ukyo has taken up with this journey with Shujinko he has lost a bit of his boyfriend potential. They seem to meet in a normal manner. And maybe they were more natural than Kent. Way better that Ikki. Still knowing what you know it is hard to put that in your mind when he smiles like that. Shujinko was able to do so because she is missing the part of her brain that informs her that she is in danger.
 photo amnesiaepisode117_zps2bbfa74a.jpg
The precious!
Ukyo having the conversation with himself reminds me of Lord of the Rings. Well a lot less epic of course but similarities none the less. It is sorta hard to really blame Ukyo. All of us want to live yes? And if Shujinko was originally suppose to be the dead one I can see how Ukyo is so pissed. Like how the hell is this fair? Since I don't know exactly what is going on I can only speculate on that. But Ukyo was originally the boyfriend. Boyfriends want to protect their girlfriends yes? So good Ukyo is trying to do that and bad Ukyo is tired of dying and losing his mind. Hard to really blame him on this.
 photo amnesiaepisode119_zpsa97ad379.jpg
That Orion hard at work. Plus this town is failing apart!
I like how Ukyo was doing his best to protect Shujinko without seeing her. I mean that means bad Ukyo was held at bay for a very long time but still. Sending text messages and calling and signal fires. Very good. Also this showed the viewers just how many timelines Shujinko has gone through. It is comforting to know that Shujinko isn't the clumsiest person on the face of the planet and that maybe some accidents were caused by Ukyo. But damn. The world keeps on killing Shujinko and she keeps on coming back.
 photo amnesiaepisode1111_zpsdf73b875.jpg
Shujinko would drown in an inch of water, you think she be okay in that?!
Maybe if Ukyo hadn't called Shujinko the night before the big event things would have gone differently. He can't read the future but he could have checked the weather report. Maybe even rig it so she couldn't leave her house. Perhaps if he hadn't called she would have just stayed in her home and worried about him in private. Maybe Orion could have protected her for once.
 photo amnesiaepisode1112_zps219e3f4d.jpg
Can't you see the future?! DUH she came!
But no Ukyo had to call AGAIN right before he offed himself. Isn't he aware of how...special she can get? Oh no the boy who locked me in a cage is sad let me make him feel better. So of course Shujinko was going to go after Ukyo after he said what he said. Plus she has no idea what is going on and needs answers. Bleh Ukyo. You tried to play a perfect game but you need a Homaru reset at this time.
 photo amnesiaepisode1113_zps78142094.jpg
I don't think the world is trying to kill Shujinko as much as she lacks basic survival instincts.
Of course when Shujinko barely makes it to the university Ukyo is there in his crazy mode. Time to cut you up so I can live. Then the college turns into that old building on fire. HMMMM. Guess that Ukyo has made it through this a few times. Only he gets to keep all his memories intact and he learns from them. Le sigh Shujinko. Are you going to make it out of this one? Are we viewers EVER going to learn what is going on? I don't know at this point. Try to find your inner ninja again maybe? I don't know. X__X


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I sense a second season of this show. Perhaps the writers are holding back all the mystery and character developments for season 2. I guess that's the reason why things weren't explained much in details and why the princess is so..."special". They are saving their best materials for last. A second season would depend on the ratings which I don't have a clue about.

It would be pretty disappointing if the show ends by returning to the beginning of episode 1 and repeating all the timelines again! D:

And season 2 would be about truly breaking the repeating cycle with new characters. Again, the ratings would dictate whether there will be a season 2 or not.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

>I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve met you and lost you, but...right now and all of the time up to now, I’ve loved you.<


I'm thinking that may be the two of them cannot exist at the same time in this world......or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

First anonymous here again.

Forgot to add:

Yes, Ukyo is just like Homura. You know, with the whole preventing the main character from dying in multiple timelines plan. Both of them have long hair, intense personalities, and are weapon experts. Now we just need the show to reveal the princess as an actual princess from magical fantasy land (Orion's world) and unlock her mystical side. Lol.

Other people on the forums have made the same comparison between Ukyo/Homura as well.

End comments

Christina said...

Anonymous 1/3- That was a mistake then by the producers. Because who the hell is going to watch a second season when the first season was boring as hell and the main character's main word was Uh? I can see needing information for a second season but not at the expense of making the first season worth watching. We literally know nothing about what is going on. All that Ukyo said was the world was trying to kill Shujinko. That is it. In 11 episodes. Useless sidekick and girl who lets people treat her like crap. Sign me up for a second season to see if she changes her ways. Begone Potato Princess.

But I am sure you are right. Repeating timelines and explaining things....season two....bleh.

Poor Homura, being compared to Ukyo!

Anonymous 2- The only thing I really want to see if what Ukyo has done or been through in the other time lines. Like he put the hole in the boat right? But did he die in Kent's timeline to save Shujinko? Those are things I want to see.

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