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Psycho-Pass episode 20: Akane is your trumpt card? OH BOY!

4 posts in a row GO ME! Even with this slow and new Photobucket I am moving right along. I want to reward myself with a cupcake but I already ate one while watching the Biggest Loser. Because I am the nicest person ever. XD
 photo passepisode209_zps307f00db.jpg
Akane?! THE LEADER?! Is the sky falling?!
So what is up next on my list? Well certainly not that anime that I am 6 episodes behind on. No no that would be silly. Instead I will blog Psycho-Pass episode 20. Spoilers for Akane being the last hope. Scary I know.
 photo passepisode208_zps975239c6.jpg
Um...that about sums it up yep.
Episode Summary: The Dominator leads Akane down to brain central much to her shock. It is unclear which brain is in charge but it explains all the details to Akane, down to the fact that the Sybil System is run by a bunch of ex latent criminals. Akane has the expected reaction, rage. She guesses that Shuusei was killed by Sybil and the brain agrees, that Shuusei would have most likely told the public the truth about what goes down in the basement. Sybil explains that Akane's team is falling apart and needs a new leader. To earn Akane's trust Sybil decided to risk showing Akane the truth, that Akane has the same values as the brains. Because even though Akane is upset and hates this setup she sees the value in the system, that life without the system would be horrible. Sybil explains to Akane the more off a person is (IE not being able to be judged by the system) the better they are for Sybil themselves thus they want Shougo. Sybil wants Akane to stop Shougo from getting his brains blown out by Shinya. Elsewhere Shougo has met with the due that used to be ahead of the crop growing in Japan. He worked with making an anti virus that would protect the crops. Shougo tries to work the man up, saying what a shame it is that the old dude got phased out. But then Shougo talks about how the building is so old it uses finger prints and oh look I have a knife. Shinya arrives a short time later to find the old dude dead on the ground.
 photo passepisode2010_zps259be40c.jpg
But how does it help those who are given.....not so bright futures?
Ginoza calls Akane and is like where are you?!?! Akane lies and says that Granny boss needed her. Ginoza pretends to not be hurt and says that a murder has taken place and Shinya's fingerprints are all over. Akane says she will be there soon but takes a trip in her mind first. Akane and her two friends (one who is dead now) are all waiting for their test results. They declare Akane lucky to have scored so high. But when her friends get their scores their jobs are clear and Akane is picked for...well anything. She feels burden in this lack of decision and suddenly she is talking to Shuusei again, about how people of past had to make their own decisions. Akane finally understands what Shuusei was trying to say, that maybe her life wasn't so bad making her own decisions. Shougo then appears on the staircase, talking about there is value in people who make their own decision. Akane thinks she can understand that thinking now, how he feels about the system. But she still can't allow him to judge people in his own way and commit crimes. She arrives at the murder scene where of course Ginoza thinks that Shinya did it. Akane puts on her Shinya hat and says that Shougo killed this man and Shinya arrived after the fact. That Shinya must have left a clue to finding Shougo in case he failed but hopes the clue won't be found right away so he has time to kill Shougo. Ginoza has to rub his eyes as he sees Shinya in Akane. After being told who the victim is Akane declares that Shougo is going to mess with the food plant and that they can make it there if they hurry. Shougo and his bag full of fingers and eyes of the dead victim makes it way to the plant. He is able to sneak in as there is no scan and starts to work on infecting the food. Shinya also shows up and makes his way to the plant. THE END!
 photo passepisode205_zps1684eefb.jpg
This new world is full of random body parts all over the place.
A bag full of eyes and fingers. I get to type all sorts of fun things when watching this show. However I thought other people's eyes and fingers were going to be in the bag. No high body count yet? Well of main characters I mean. I am surprised.
 photo passepisode202_zps0f2fdd61.jpg
Unaware how dangerous this all is!
First things first. I am not impressed with this food source. Sorta makes me sad. I mean I guess they make it taste like other things but the idea you are eating like tofu (sorta) for everything is odd. And the farm itself was weird. I was expecting something much grander.
 photo passepisode203_zps8cd003e3.jpg
However I guess the more important question is.......why is their main source of food (the entire thing basically) so out in the open with old technology?! Like this society has everything else monitored and planned out and down to a T but with the food, the thing that keeps them from having to venture out into the world....MEH lets just use this broken down building and not change a thing. It was like they wanted Shougo to break in there. And what was up with the old man coming to visit Shougo? I have no idea who you are but my ego is at a low point and you seem to speak highly of me? Have fun being dead on the floor with no fingers or eyes. One would think that if someone is forcefully retired from a place they take out his security clearance but this is the unsafest place ever so does it really matter?
 photo passepisode207_zpsec84f00e.jpg
See? Super calm.
I really thought that Akane was going to take the news of the BRAAAINS worse than she did. I mean she doesn't react well to her world falling apart and being wrong and things not being perfect and lovely. But maybe since so many bad things have happened she is like PFFT bring it on. Okay maybe she wasn't that hardcore but she was able to get up and do her job after being told everything. Of course I would have liked to her to cry more about Shuusei than how stupid the whole system is but she did see Shuusei later which means he has had a big impact on her.
 photo passepisode206_zpsad0edfc0.jpg
Oh and you can't even be a robot right gosh! Like a broken down old TV.
It is weird that the Sybil system is talking and acting like a robot but there are humans that are controlling it. Maybe all of them together think like a robot? But it was like talking to Kyubey up in here. Like if you stop thinking in terms of good and evil everything will be better. Surely we are helping the world more than we hurt it. Oh and Shuusei had to die so we can protect the world. Why so mad?
 photo passepisode20_zps9bae1481.jpg
Of course rooting for a guy with a bag full of fingers and eyes is hard to do....
While everyone is rooting for Akane to do the right thing...I am not quite sure what that is anymore. Clearly having a society run by brains is not the right thing. But the way things are set up now if that system were to fall chaos would take place and more people would die. So at this point they might be stuck with the horrible system just to maintain the peace they sorta have. The helmet people showed Akane how quickly everything can fall apart. How just like in Shin Sekai Yori.....you can hate the system and know it is needed. But Akane's trust has been broken. Completely broken. She has been trying to do the right thing and the people running the show are criminals. Taking orders from criminals goes against her ideals but then again her ideals have been smashed all on the ground in millions of pieces.
 photo passepisode2011_zps796241e3.jpg
Well....Akane is talking to a gun....that is connected to a room full of brains...
Akane did have a bit of a badass moment though. She is like screw this shit, I am going to do what I want. Even if that is following your orders. If you don't like my terms blow my brains out. Okay maybe she was badass in a very....stupid way. Because the system could have just blown her brains out. But she made her demands in a very calm way. You need me to save Shougo and I want to save Shinya. Good things the brains are such robots yes? But Akane is done been a wet noodle. She might be young and new but she is starting to think like Shinya and use that to her advantages.
 photo passepisode2012_zps7d40176a.jpg
Oh Ginoza....everyone is better than you. So sad. :(
Although I think her level of badassness was overdone at the crime scene. See she just outshined Ginoza because he is crazy. He assumed everything is Shinya's fault. It is like he has never been right in his entire life because he will die if he solves a case. So for him Akane walked in and was AMAZING. But really Akane actually knows Shinya and Shougo and can think the way they do now. Shinya actually thinks about strangers and sees how to solve the crime. Akane did go a great job though, while everyone else was like WHELP there is a dead guy on the floor what are we going to do. Akane stepped up and thought about things logically while Ginoza is still butthurt about Shinya leaving.
 photo passepisode2013_zps28009354.jpg
Akane was like we don't have time for this time to SEARCH the body.
Thanks to Akane being able to see the future and Shinya making sure to leave fail safes in place the gang in on their way to the ugly wheat farm thing. Shougo is already there wasting time though. Like he could have already messed with the system and been gone but NOOOO no baddie in history can do that. El sigh. With only a few episodes left me thinks someone is going to die next episode. Guess I will have to find out...in 5 seconds since there is another episode foe me to watch. XD


Anonymous said...

Shougo go visit the old man (NOT the other way around), who programed the SUPER OATS, he is retired because the Sibyl deem him no longer necessary.

Taking a step and looking back at Psycho Pass as a whole, what’s interesting is the awesome character development, for most I’d say. The show presenting these character with depth and complexity. For example, our main heroin, quote from The Car Driver, “Akanes’s development from naive rookie who couldn’t understand the system transitioned into blindly accepting the system, only to see its limitations crash in front of her right when she needed them most. Then we had the period of doubt over her own abilities and the capabilities of the system, but through that she gradually grew her resolve and eventually made her decision on how she wanted to lead her life, leaving this badass version of Akane we have now”.

> It ties in quite nicely to the overall story of self-determination. Technically Akane could only have self-determination because she was so ‘perfect’ by Sibyl’s standards. This allowed her to have these worries that allowed her to develop into the person she is today. Other people in the show don’t have that option. They don’t get to agonise over what’s the right thing because Sibyl chooses it for them. Plus even if they do start questioning themselves, their hue goes up and the system restricts their freedom even further. <

Oh, and that ending credit, Makishima looks like he is going to PARTY! I mean look at THAT happy face.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think Akane has changed but it has happened pretty fast. Perhaps that has something to do with her unexplained ability to keep her hue in check? She should be studied though as her genes would make for the perfect society yes?

Blogger said...

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