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Zetsuen no Tempest episode 20: Meaningless

Hello there my lovely readers! How is everyone today? I think I did a whole lot of nothing and a bit of everything and that is fine with me. XD Hopefully. Unless I am lying to myself. But at least I don't have baby puke on me which is more than what I can say for half the people on my Facebook page. Babies all over the place. XD Duffy is cute, wears clothes, and doesn't puke. A win/win for me!!!
Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.
For now it must be anime time! Up now are the back to back episodes of Zetsuen no Tempest. First is episode 20. Spoilers for Hakaze traveling in space because that makes sense duh!
Mahiro throwing Hakaze away. :(
Episode Summary: Takumi has sent a group of men to Mt. Fuji to gather up the wooden doll and barrel left at the site. Evangeline learns about their recovery and jokes with Takumi is this more of the princess's logic/good luck that allowed these items to be in good condition? This leads to a bit of back tracking to Hakaze revealing her plan to everyone. Hakaze is going to go back in time to see who killed Aika. While this might not help the current save the world situation it will put a lot of minds at ease...or cause complete chaos. In the end it will help answer this question and cement what they should do to the Tree of Genesis. She plans to do so by going back to her time on the island which is before Aika died. Several people question if Hakaze is going back in time why can't she just stop Aika from being killed? They acknowledge that it might ruin things but wouldn't that be for the best? Aika says no, things must remain the same but she promises to tell Yoshino and Mahiro the truth no matter what. Mahiro is like whatever just don't be stupid. Thus plans go underway for this madness. Samon and Junichirou talk about how Hakaze might have other plans, that she might want to back in time to kill Aika herself. They eventually confront Hakaze about her concerns. While she gets her massage chair on she talks casually about dead Aika and how there might be a possibility she will kill Aika out of jealous rage. But on a serious note Hakaze is worried that Aika might have been killed by someone random for no reason and that would leave Mahiro with no revenge and Yoshino with...well nothing. So she might have to kill Aika just for them. Elsewhere Takumi and Evangeline talk about how despite the fact they are making Megumu become the Power Ranger for Exodus people still support the Genesis Tree. Guess it is better to have an evil that you know that face the unknown. So they must figure out how to make all of this worth while.
See ya soon unless things go horribly wrong like they usually do weee!
Before her trip Hakaze and Yoshino take a moment to talk. Yoshino thinks that Hakaze can find a way to save Aika while Hakaze finds this rude for various reasons. Like hello I am in love with you and you want me to bring back your girl? She promises to try to help him but can't bring Aika back even if she wasn't jealous. All the items are gathered together and everyone gathers to watch Hakaze go back in time. She arrives on the island in her previous bones leaving her other bones with everyone else. She finds the doll and talks to Samon how she has made it back about 4 months before Aika is to die. Everyone worries she might not make it but she will get right on it. Due to various reasons Hakaze is going to cut off communications and will talk to people when she is ready. She uses Samon's originally offering to start the travel back home. Mahiro and Yoshino help to put Hakaze's bones in a box. Samon and his lovely self ask what they will do if Hakaze kills Aika. Mahiro says he will kill Hakaze while Yoshino will understand and stop Yoshino. It is then brought up what if Hakaze sees Yoshino doing the killing. Mahiro says well I will kill Yoshino with Yoshino...just nodding. They spend the next few months training Megumu and being bored, worried about the future. Hakaze reaches land and Aika's home town 4 hours before Aika is murdered. She plans to go to the mansion and wait it out when she sees Aika. Aika catches her staring and asks what is up. Hakaze makes up some excuse and runs off, flying to a building top. Hakaze starts yelling at herself for making such a mistake and talking about Aika's personality when Aika is like how you know me? Hakaze is shocked that Aika is on the roof too. Aika goes on and on about what Hakaze just said and comes to the conclusion Hakaze is the mage of Genesis. Hakaze demands to know how she knows that so Aika pulls out her fire sword and says Bitch I am the Exodus mage duh. THE END!
Logic is never with me.
I did something really dumb with this episode folks. I decided to watch episode 21 right after it. X___X Like um I want to know more about Aika being the mage who cares about blogging right now. Only I think that I forgot to type everything from each episode and everything has blended together. Go me for being special. I just needed to know guys.
It can't be that insane right?
Once Hakaze explained how she was going back in time it made sense. Before I was like um...I thought it was suppose to be logical. But when it was explained she was really going back to the island and then traveling to the mainland it made sense. As much sense as time travel can make. It just wasn't on Hakaze's whim. Thanks Samon for all these details. Maybe you will get your wish by the end of this. XD
XO Why you are suggesting this and not others?
I was surprised that Junichirou suggested saving Aika. I mean Megumu should say those things as he has not grown up in this craziness. Maybe Takumi. But Junichirou. He should know better than anyone how dangerous that would be. I don't know, it just caught me off guard that he thought it was possible. Maybe Hakaze could think of something but....yeah it was odd that Junichirou suggested that and not other people.
Nodding our heads yes. Very calm like.
Mahiro and Yoshino were calm about everything. I can't really fault Yoshino for suggesting bringing Aika back to life. In private. Because it is a selfish request. Mahiro didn't suggest it because he probably doesn't think it is logical. But in the meeting with everyone else they were calm and nodded their heads. Yes bring me back this information so I can use it to my advantage.
I am not on team tree. Sorry.
It was kinda interesting, the talk between Evangeline and Takumi. I still insist she brings nothing to the story but for other people to talk to. Especially Takumi since he is not involved with this craziness. Nothing came from her talk with Megumu now that I think about it. But yes the people have decided that the Power Ranger Megumu is not what they want and they rather have the tree of Genesis. Like actually want the tree. So what that 2 billion people now. There are still lots of people left and there is relative peace and lots of shade now. Give us tree!
So light hearted these jokes.
I think Hakaze was a bit callous with her talk about Aika when she was in the massage chair. I mean...at this point does it really matter if Hakaze kills Aika directly? She thought the tree killed Aika and others know she might be indirectly involved. So....why would it shock them? Junichirou and Samon are special. But Hakaze saying she might kill Aika out of jealously...even in jest....no beuno. No beuno indeed. Just state your reasons, that this all has to mean something to Yoshino and Mahiro. Now they need to focus on saving the damn world but since this all has been about boyfriend and Aika and random things of course it will come down to this truth. We need to know why this is happening so we can make the right decision in the future. Just Aika being dead is talked about so casually it bothers me.
Um yeah. We know everything sucks and there are hidden things/meanings behind everything everyone does. Duh.
Hakaze made it to her present/the past in relatively good condition. I sorta forgot it would involve leaving Hakaze as a pike of bones. Yoshino and Mahiro were both putting the bones away all delicate like while telling Samon that they knew what might happen if Aika went back in time. Mahiro is still up for killing whoever killed Aika. Like I am going to kill someone because that has been my mantra for so long if I don't stick to it I will look like a loser. Man logic. Yoshino doesn't want Hakaze to die but is okay with Mahiro drilling a hole in his head. I see.
This sounds dangerous.
I am not sure why Hakaze took so long to reach the mainland. 4 whole months? X___X I mean I guess she needed to do some sneaking around but I didn't think it was going to take that long. These people are known for over planning though. But what makes less sense is the communication being cut off. If the mage of Exodus is like Megumu they won't notice a thing. And if they are amazing well I am sure they will sense Hakaze even without the communication device. Just a bit too dramatic for my taste.
Oh snap I am not ready for this meeting!
The first person sees after getting out of her taxi is Aika. Of course. Eating a treat without a care in the world. Hakaze of course freaks out and makes herself look suspicious even if Aika wasn't totally smart and observant. I guess it makes sense though. Hakaze wanted to be an observer of the death, not an observer of what Aika was like. I am sure Hakaze was dying to know what kind of person Yoshino dated but I think knowing would have made it harder for her in many ways.
Samon is not impressed with your lame crazy faces.
When Aika was on the roof I was like OH SNAP here it goes! I can do the I was right dance!!!!! But Aika was so casual about it introducing herself as the Exodus of Mage it almost took the fun out of it. Or maybe since this is what I have thought all along it wasn't that big of a surprise to me. Hakaze was super surprised so I guess that was worth watching. Like oh how do you know Yoshino and Mahiro....you must be the mage of Genesis and I am the mage of Exodus. XD XD XD Hakaze tried to have a Samon attack but couldn't get her face to be that special. Maybe next episode she will? Stay tuned to find out!

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