Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amnesia episode 10: Everyone gets a turn!

Hello there my lovely readers. Today was my productive day! It only took 4 days but I got the house looking pretty sparkly. Closets are actually being used for their purposes, to hide things that we don't use everyday and have no place out in the open. XO Which means there is room for more things yes?
 photo amnesiaepisode1014_zps97ad6339.jpg
Maybe you should have gone to the police....?
But in between cleaning and buying Duffy/Shellie May clothes I did get some anime blogging done today. XD Just a bit. Still behind but getting closer and closer. Up now is Amnesia episode 10. Spoilers for cages being a good thing?
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No worries. I am sane this time. I think?
Episode Summary? By some miracle Shujinko gets to her apartment without getting hit by a car....again. She becomes some kind of ninja and uses a hair pin to open the lock on her diary. Then she sits down and reads a diary with much wasted space. Turns out that she was talking with Ikki about confessing to Toma because she was tired of being treated like the little sister. Surprising yes? Before Shujinko can read all the details Toma enters the room and he is a little pissed. He told her not to go outside and LOOK she is hurt. Clearly he was right. He starts getting aggressive with Shujinko, saying that he is not going to hold back anymore and will do whatever it takes to protect her. The diary falls on the ground and Shujinko implores him to read it. So he does, reading more details on how Shujinko was a crybaby on purpose when they were younger so she could get attention. Toma starts to feel really stupid as he was jealous of Ikki and went a little too far to “protect” her because of that fact. He admitts that he was trying to keep her safe and away from Ikki. Shujinko decides this is all okay and allows Ikki to take her to the hospital. She has to stay overnight for her road rash and Toma is not allowed to stay. But before he has to go Ikki arrives with Rika and her band of morons. Rika plasters on a million apologizes and forces the non sorry girls to apologize too. Everything is okay as Toma says he told Shin everything and Shujinko forgives him. He promises to come by tomorrow and leaves. Shujinko falls into a deep sleep because Uyko carries her out of her bed and up to the roof. Ukyo says that this is all her fault as she didn't listen to him. Shujinko wakes up just in time to see Ukyo throw her off the hospital roof.
 photo amnesiaepisode10_zps668b13c6.jpg
Is Ikki stupid?
Shujinko wakes up in the burning down house again and starts to panic. She sees Ukyo screaming something at her but can't understand what he is saying. She then wakes up okay with Orion yelling at her. She realizes it is August 1st yet again. They see she is supposed to go to university in the morning and work at night. 10 episodes later and Orion is like yeah lets figure out what is going on with you. They are walking along and suddenly Ukyo is right there. He quickly realizes this is his arc and stammers out that Shujinko shouldn't go to the university today. He feels as if Shujinko is scared of him so he takes off. Orion is like....that guy has been creepy way too many lets listen to him. Shujinko decides to be lame and goes to work super early. Mine and Sawa practically cry when they see Shujinko. Turns out that there was a huge fire in the building at university, the one that Shujinko should have been in. So Ukyo was right says the useless Orion. EVERYONE shows up to work and things seem to be normal, until Ukyo arrives and talks to Waka about cameras. Orion thinks things are super fishy. Shujinko walks home thinking about her situation when she is almost impaled on some poles. Ukyo comes out of nowhere and pushes her out of way just in time. Shujinko is in shock but Ukyo is like make sure you stay clear of unlit areas. The next few days Ukyo comes up to Shujinko and warns her about certain things. Later it reveals that car accidents happen or gas leaks happen in the spots that Shujinko would have been in. How helpful. Shujinko arrives to work only to find out a pipe has leaked. Waka tells her the store is closed and to hang a sign on the door. Ukyo walks by and mentions the pipe. Orion is like how did he KNOW! Ukyo wants to walk Shujinko home but promises to stay at a distance. As they walk Ukyo reveals that he is a photographer and that he knows Shujinko has lost her memories. He goes on about skies and taking pictures of fireworks and what not. They keep on walking and Ukyo says that he needs Shujinko to listen and believe in him. He thinks that before August 26th Shujinko will die because the world is out to get her. He knows this because she is his girlfriend and he has been trying to protect her all this time. THE END!
 photo amnesiaepisode1018_zpscb118f9d.jpg
What kind of hospital is this?! Or do they think this crazy girl is hurting herself at this point?
Well then. I guess that is all for Toma. Moving right along to the next crazy person shall we. AND there is only two episodes left. Well indeed.
 photo amnesiaepisode1017_zpsd68ef048.jpg
That book doesn't have the answers dude.
I like how this is episode 10 and barely anything has been covered. We have no idea what/who Orion is, why this is happening to Shujinko, or why this involves Shin, Ikki, Kent, and Toma. So very little has happened. Like where has the time gone? What have I learned? I can speculate all I want but that is just me in my mind assuming what could be happening. The show hasn't given us much to go on.
 photo amnesiaepisode1011_zps384585ab.jpg
Ninja skills? Out of nowhere.
Well except that Shujinko is insane. Really insane. I mean I am glad she got up after splatting again on the sidewalk but still. GO TO THE COPS! Instead it turns out that Shujinko is a pro lock picker. I know first hand those kind of diary locks are a joke. It would have been easier to break it. But still I guess she gets a few cookies for being able to do that instead of dying on the floor from her fall. Even if she should have gone to the police and turned that Toma in.
 photo amnesiaepisode1013_zps4d485f53.jpg
And you needed to talk to Ikki about this because...?
I thought there was going to be more....well just more to this diary and Toma issue. Like maybe Toma had been stalking Shujinko for a while and Shujinko was scared. Since Ikki has experience with stalkers she went to him to figure this out. But now NOW Shujinko realizes the stalking is sorta romantic and throws the diary away because she knows the truth.
 photo amnesiaepisode1012_zps4702aea9.jpg
You can take them back though now that you know the real him.
But that did not happen. It was actually pretty cut and dry. Shujinko liked Toma and was talking to Ikki to get advice on how to date someone for 3 months apparently. That is all. The evil girls saw all this talking and did the horrible things to Shujinko that they did. Shujinko is a bit dramatic with the writing everything on calendars and such. No wonder Toma got a little jealous. Maybe without the amnesia Shujinko has a bad memory.
 photo amnesiaepisode1015_zps04ec11ee.jpg
She is too dumb to hear your words!
Clearly Toma was pissed off when he entered the apartment. Like well clearly she wants to die so I will turn into Mother Gothel and become the bad guy. Stop with the talking Toma. But instead of telling Toma to back off Shujinko tells him to read the diary. I this real life? I get that Shujinko should be locked up in a room with padded walls but enough is enough. Run away Shujinko! You haven't seen the good side of Toma. You just have seen what happens when things get bad. And things will always cycle through good and bad. So get out while you can!
 photo amnesiaepisode1016_zpsbddc78a4.jpg
Everyone say AWWWW!
Toma doesn't go to jail but he does stop and read the diary. Shujinko is a pretty good manipulator. XD Or really very sneaky and knew what she wanted. Or a little kid who just wanted Toma. And given that this is Japan I can understand that there is a real awkwardness in moving the relationship from what it was to what Shujinko wanted. So her diary really explained how everyone was overreacting to things because people can't use their mouths to talked.
 photo amnesiaepisode1019_zps8c0c5a58.jpg
What's a few attempts on my life? I forgive all!
But then everything was okay. Cage? What cage? Apparently Shin was okay with the cage because I don't see Toma with a black eye. Shujinko and Toma are boyfriend and girlfriend. And look this hospital lets you stay overnight even if you have a few scrapes. And to round out the WTFness here comes Ikki with the girls who try and hurt Shujinko every time they see her. Everyone says sorry and all is forgiven. Is this real life? I know some people are more forgiving than....well me. But come on. Shujinko is even less than a doormat. Like the ground underneath the doormat.
 photo amnesiaepisode102_zpseddd78d4.jpg
Not so helpful Ukyo?
After Toma has been forgiven Shujinko smiles because all is right in the world. That means it is time to throw her off a building. What the hell Ukyo? Shujinko actually was doing good this timeline. Sure she almost got hit by a car...and creamed by a plant....and almost all her hair (three strands!) cut off....but she was doing so well! Of course when they ended Kent's arc Shujinko didn't have anything awful happen to her. So maybe Ukyo was like um you need to die now because....well I don't know. I don't understand crazy gosh.
 photo amnesiaepisode103_zps8f90f73f.jpg
Helpful Ukyo?
Before Shujinko wakes up in the next world/timeline she either remembers or goes through another event. The building burning down and Shujinko taking her sweet ass time getting down the stairs. Does this girl want to die? I mean it's like she has given up and put on some tank tops. Come kill me now Michael Myers, I'm ready. This time we see that Ukyo was calling out to Shujinko. That really means nothing though since he just threw her ass out of a window.
 photo amnesiaepisode105_zps17e15f74.jpg
She is more helpful than Orion!
Oh hi Orion. Are you here this time? I really feel as if this show is not doing a good job...well doing anything but explaining what the hell Orion is doing. Maybe he ran into her and sprinkled unlucky dust all over her ass but what the hell. WHAT THE HELL! The synopsis said that Orion was to help the heroine out. The only help I have seen was in the last episode with the warning of the poison. Other than that nothing. What is Orion doing when he isn't around Shujinko? Why don't you be invisible and find some clues when she can't see you? For real.
 photo amnesiaepisode106_zps5aad1b80.jpg
See? Swoop in and be amazing!
Since this is episode 10 we know exactly what is going on with Ukyo and why he knows what is happening. I feel as if lately there have been a lot of shows (that I have been watching) that have something to do with time travel or repeating timelines. I am just going to assume that is what is going on in every show from now on and maybe I will save myself some time. So not only is Shujinko traveling each world Ukyo is too? Well maybe he can do a better job of protecting Shujinko then. And if he does love her why does he let her hook up with the other boys? Just swoop in and steal her for yourself!
 photo amnesiaepisode108_zps2bab1409.jpg
She is in danger every five minutes so you need to be specific.
In this timeline Ukyo seems to be calm. But acknowledges that he (see another personality) has been mean to Shujinko in the past and that she probably doesn't want to be near her. So maybe in my last paragraph Ukyo has been doing his best to help this girl out but it is hard when he can't remember what she knows and he has to fight himself. So he has to do his best to protect this girl without killing her.
 photo amnesiaepisode107_zps2caf6874.jpg
You are just so amazing Orion.
Because Orion is the worse guardian ever he decides that Ukyo is dangerous AND they should listen to him. Turns out that Ukyo was right about every single disaster but still. Way to go Orion. But I love how Ukyo was yeah today don't cross this road. Hello I am here to tell you to stay away from this park. I know that Ukyo was trying to come across as caring and was in fact saving this girl's life but he can't help but be creepy with everything he does.
 photo amnesiaepisode109_zps2163c76b.jpg
An explanation?!?!? XO Be still my heart.
Towards the end of the episode we find out what is going on! Okay just kidding. Ukyo gives us the tiniest bit of information. Because there is so much of this show left. X__X Is there going to be a second season? But yes Ukyo tells her that the world is in fact trying to kill Shujinko. Shujinko should have known something was up. Like HMMMMM I guess I do fall down and die a lot, probably more than most other people. But I will focus more on the fact that all these poorly dressed boys want me instead weee!
 photo amnesiaepisode1010_zpsdc130513.jpg
So shocking!
It is really no surprise that Ukyo is the boyfriend this arc but what else is going on with him? Why does he know about the different timelines? That would explain how Ukyo knew what was going to happen Shujinko. But why does he know what is going on and not the other boys? And Orion? Why is the world trying to kill Shujinko? I mean I know she is annoying and needs to speak up but why is the world trying to kill her? Has she messed with the space time continuum because of Orion running into her? Needs to know. But I guess I won't know for a while. Whoa is me...


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Poor princess. Even with amnesia as a justification, the writers made her too dull and dimwitted for a character. And now the world is trying to kill her! :(

Poor Orion too. I still can't believe he didn't develop any powers to help the princess at this point. I was expecting him to throw fireballs, ice spears, and lightning bolts, but all he can do is give advice that may or may not be helpful. :(

Man, it's pretty bad to be the princess right now. :(

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Toma is such a crazy yandere (*´д`*)ハァハァ.

Also, ".....would you break? It might even be good if you broke. I have belief in the fact that I could still love you even then...." ----Toma.


Christina said...

Anonymous 1- Orion is the most disappointing guardian in the history of anime. What dimension did he come from? Like what does he do there besides float around and state the obvious? So useless.

Shujinko is so boring the world hates her. But if she is so boring why does the world hate her so much? Shouldn't she be all forgotten and such? Some magical thing must have happened to her to make her this important because otherwise I am just not seeing it.

Anonymous 2- Toma's idea of romance is a bit strange. Maybe being around someone who constantly can't take care of herself has finally melted his brain.