Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Busters! episode 21

I just burnt myself on my stupid TV dinner. See how food hates me?! I can't even take food out of the microwave without getting hurt. I knew I should have eaten ice cream for dinner. Curses!
Fat cat is cute. XD
While I pout and watch TV here is another episode weeee! Anime for all. Up now is Little Busters! episode 21. Spoilers for Noumi having an awful mom too? Say it ain't so!!!
Are we actually going to see a game in this show?
Episode Summary: The Little Busters are busy practicing baseball again. Or maybe just Rin is as she learns new throws. Masato helps her get motivated by torturing kittens. Kyousuke is also nearby so he can name the throws stupid things. Amazing. Afterwords the entire team notices that the locker room is gross. Covered in mold nasty. Komari thinks everything in the world is fun and decides they should clean. Haruka and Kyousuke are against it, Masato turns himself into a mop, and Yuiko and Mio are trying to imagine people in sexy maid outfits. Ten years later the room gets cleaned. Soon after Noumi is seen with Rin feeding the dogs. Riki realizes he doesn't know what the dogs name's mean so Noumi explains they were part of the 13 dog party that went into space before humans. Duh. And that is what her name means too. Noumi plays with her dogs and seems happy as Riki is like I am friends with someone named after a dog? Masato wakes Riki in the middle of night talking about muscles. Poor Riki has to go to the vending machine of many meetings to get a drink. Obviously he runs across Noumi doing something...odd in the grass. She explains that in her tiny home country they do a ritual to the stars and she thinks it will work better if Riki sticks around. This includes making a crest out of choco powder and drawing on Noumi's back.
I think you should wish for a new family but that's just me.
As Riki blushes Noumi explains how her mother loves the stars, that she has always dreamed into going into space and that is why her grandfather raised her. She seems happy with these memories and glad Riki helped with the ceremony. The next morning Noumi is eating breakfast in the cafeteria when the gang comes up, pointing at the TV. LOOK! Noumi's mother is on TV, as the space program on their tiny island is set to go off tomorrow. Everyone else is like your mom is an astronaut?!!? Everyone seems really impressed and can't wait until the next day. Everyone gathers the morning of the launch but Noumi is not present. Riki runs out to find her and she is probably near the vending machines of meeting. She seems to think the launch will go better if she is not present. Riki questions what the heck is going on? Noumi explains in even more detail her life story. Apparently the second she was born her fetus looking mom gave Noumi to her father and said see ya. It appears that Noumi never met her mother until she was about 5? She traveled around the world and seemed to have a good life, only seeing her mother in photos. But when she did meet her mother and learn of her dreams she really looked up to her mother. So...that clearly explains why Noumi doesn't want to watch the launching. Rin runs out to bring Noumi and Riki inside. They appear just in time to see the recap of the rocket exploding. Noumi passes out and THE END!
And then they ate your face off!
X___X The more tragic the better with this show. I mean....maybe some QueerRats will come and torture the kids next. A dragon will come and eat all the cats. That will be Rin's arc. But for now we are on Noumi and her sad family life.
Well at least she didn't hit Masato with the baseballs?
The baseball part of the episode was just one gag after another. Some worked better than others. Like Rin with her one new baseball move. But then they pushed it a bit with two and Kyousuke's lame naming. I think the pop up “learned” moments worked better in Clannad. And Masato...I am defending you all the time. NO CAT ABUSE!
Poor Mio is barely seen....
The cleaning of the locker room was pretty gross too. Like....mold? WHY IS THERE MOLD?! Kyousuke sing the clean up song or something. Yuiko clean why you fantasize. And if you are going to fantasize and bring the yaoi to this show Mio go the extra mile and include Kyousuke too. Gosh is it that hard to include him? But if everyone was like Komari and happy all the time that might get annoying too. So maybe teenagers not wanting to clean something makes sense.
Guess what my name means!!!
I am not sure I would admit to people I was named after a dog. I mean...if her mother (if we can call her that) wanted to name her after something space related maybe they could have picked an actual astronaut. A human being. I mean it is cute that they named her dogs after them but the actual human being that came from your human vagina? Maybe not a dog name. Maybe a nickname. I don't know, at least the dogs got a bit of attention. They just run around apparently, no love at all.
Thank you vending machine of memories.
I think that maybe...Riki should keep some drinks inside his room. I mean it seems like such a pain to get up and put some clothes on to go the vending machine of many meeting places. I guess it would take a lot longer for Riki to solve people's problems without that vending machine but man. What a pain. XO Masato needs to become a calm sleeper or something.
Noumi is special enough without adding in...this stuff. XD But now it makes sense.
At first I thought Noumi had lost her little mind. That she was talking to the stars and trying to get a wish granted. what she is doing but with religion behind it. Religion is what makes crazy things look more sane. I say that in jest and also mean it. If you wish on the stars or to someone no one else can see, you is crazy. If you do it and say oh it's apart of my religion well it is less crazy and/or admirable. So I suck for many reasons. Sorry for making fun of you Noumi.
No one wants to have sex with you Riki. Well except Kyousuke maybe.
I thought things were about to be sexy when Noumi started to take off her shirt but then I's Little Busters! Clearly Riki is everyone's brother or gay best friend. Wait maybe just the gay best friend, I don't want to be naked in front of my brothers. So yeah. Why should I have to worry about this? Riki was the only one embarrassed. Silly Riki.
:( Poor Noumi has been brainwashed that this is okay behavior from a mother.
At multiple times in the episode Noumi talked about her family and all the while no one talked about how messed up this situation was. Like it's not as bad as Haruka. Or maybe it is but in a different way. Her mother basically popped out a kid and said see ya! And apparently this is okay because she had a dream. SHE HAD A DREAM! Cue the criminals and let the beer flow. People are allowed to have dreams. Dreams make the world go round. Or the sun. People can do whatever they want to do. But one you have a baby maybe...just should take care of that baby. I AM JUST SAYING! Craziness. So if your dream was to go to the stars and spend the next 15 years reaching that goal MAYBE you should not have a kid and pawn him on your father who travels around the world 24/7.
Mom? I mean she gave birth to Noumi but would you call that a mom?
So...yeah. I am really not understanding why I should feel bad for the mom or not hate her. Because I do. She sucks. And where is the dad?! I mean is he off trying to be a rock star or something? I guess since mom looks about 15 years old it wasn't that awful the grandfather took care of Noumi. He could have been 80. Just...I guess Noumi really is lonely. Can you imagine wanting to spend time with your mother or see her every once in a while but all you got were pictures? So I am not understanding why Noumi looks up to this woman. Not one bit.
So much anime magic weeee!
I thought it was quite special that this small country has a space program as well. And the fact it came on the TV just as Noumi told her story to Riki and that everyone was watching the news in the cafeteria. Like could this be any more special? Brings me back to my Sailor Moon days. Oh a poster for a local artist? Guess who I meet at the bus stop 5 seconds later weee?!?!
Does Noumi think that she is bad luck, that that is why her mother left her behind?
Noumi not wanting to watch the launch was a bit weird. Why did she think watching it would be bad? More like she should have thought that her mom sucks and even though she looks up to her mom she still has resentment. Maybe Noumi is bad luck and we just don't know it yet? Still it was odd. Also can't people have a pout in their room? If I was going through some tough things I wouldn't sit in the grass right where everyone could see me. I would sit in my room and cry to myself.
So mommy issues aren't enough? Now we got an explosion?!
The episode ends in a bang. XO Too soon? But yes the little rocket that could couldn't and blews up. I mean I don't t think it blew up that great if in the previews for next week we see Noumi and her mom together. I thought mom blew up and that would be the sad part. But I guess Noumi can still be miserable because the thing that separated her and her mother for 15 years was for naught. That would be upsetting yes? How can Riki fix a spaceship? I look forward to seeing him make this all better!


MCAL said...

"Riki was the only one embarrassed. Silly Riki." Would you have preferred him stammering like every other male harem lead?

I think not...

Eternia said...

Oh yeah, what kind of sane person would give her child dog's name? Should I name my child Scooby Doo, if I happen to have one in the future? LOL. But then again, this woman isn't sane, she should have used better contraception if she didn't plan on taking care a baby, yes?

Oh, Riki can't fix a spaceship or anything. Such thing isn't worth calling a miracle or Deus ex Machina. You will see it next episode, if they stay true to the game, which is most likely. Apparently, the power of friendship makes you Level 10 Esper.

Christina said...

MCAL- No I was just saying that Noumi was like lala this isn't embarrassing at all because I don't see Riki as a potential boyfriend or really even a man. XD

Eternia- Clearly this woman is a few fries short of a happy meal. I like Duffy but if for some sad reason I had a kid I wouldn't name him Duffy. Or Rex. Or Spot. There are people names, human names, and some names that can be both but name your kid after a STAR if you like space. Lie to your kid, like oh I named you after this planet...not the dog that was named after it.

Something more than a magical spaceship or time machine? Riki must have stolen the ring from Captain Planet to become this powerful. XD