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Tamako Market episode 9

Also might be a brat....
So sleepy. But I must post this before going to bed so I can wake up and do a million more dishes at work. So many dishes. SO MANY DISHES! But here we go, a place where work is fun. Tamako Market episode 9. Spoilers for Mochi Day!
:( A bit sad here...
Episode Summary: A blast from the past shows that Tamako's mother randomly came to the mochi shop one day and Dad lost his mind, thinking that Tamako's mom was confessing her love. She ran off all scared and Dad was smiles. But in the present dad is looking sour in the kitchen as Tamako goes on and on about Mochi Day, which is an actual holiday and not every day but whatever. Tamako wants to do something special for the day while dad is like no. Tamako mentions that Mochizou's dad is making character goods for the day which lights a fire under his butt. Tamako and Dera start humming a song that makes Dad feel uncomfortable. Choi finishes making breakfast and Anko appears to ask for some mochi for her special friend Yuzuki. Mochi is Tamako's life so she is down for this request. Oh and Dera is fat again. School seems to go fine for the girls although Midori is taking her new leadership roll as club president a little too far. Kanna plans a take over but not until she can pound some mochi. I originally wrote bang some mochi but decided that sounded wrong and changed it to pound. Obviously better. On the way home from school Mochizou talks to his friends how his birthday is Mochi day and if Tamako will remember it. The consensuses Mochizou sees Anko walking home so he runs up to her to pump her full of birthday ideas. Anko is like ain't nobody got time for that and runs away. She goes to her room and refuses to come out, even when Yuzuki comes over. Her family doesn't really make it very inviting for her to come out anyway so Tamako gives the little boy the mochi.
Boys are oh so helpful....
Tamako grows worried for her moody sister and asks Mochizou for help as he is an expert in little girls. He bothers her to death until the truth comes out, that Yuzuki is moving away. She runs off upset and Mochizou fails to tell Tamako what is up until the day of the Mochi...Day. The fathers both have a pounding contest which reminds Choi of her people's rain dance and Kanna is a freak. Yay sentences! Anko tries her best to not have fun and Mochizou encourages her to go see Yuzuki. She is like NO I can't use words. Tamako hands her sister some mochi and tells her it is the food of love or some crap. Anko runs off to give Yuzuki the food, nearly breaking her legs in the process. She delivers the food and some rather loud nonconfessions of love. Yuzuki is sweet and says he will see Anko soon and not worry. With Mochi Day winding down Dad goes inside and sees his old guitar just laying around. He starts singing the song Tamako thinks she knows and she goes all Peanut's character on him. THAT'S IT! She drags dad and every other person in this show (well most of them) to the music shop and sings the verses to the Music Guy. Turns out that the Music Guy and her Dad were in a band together in high school and Dad wrote that song for her mom. Everyone goes awwww as Dad runs away. Dera plays the old video for everyone to see and it is touching and...special. Before saying goodnight Tamako disappears and returns with a mochi for Mochizou for his birthday. He is touched by this amazing gift and maybe that song he just witnessed. Dad is busy being embarrassed inside the house but Tamako says she loves him even more now. Dera closes out the episode with talk of AWWWWS and pictures of Dad stalking Mom until she loved him. THE END!
Oh snap Dad is having emotions all over the place and Anko is having a tantrum.
Is Anko the most unfun kid in the history of anime? Hello she needs to be going on fun field trips and catching Clow Cards and skippin in town to cheesy music with her friends. Instead every time I see her she is on screen having a pout or tantrum. Like she is a normal kid or something.
I declare it national....wait we do have a pancake day!!!!
First things first...there is a Mochi Day. It is a real thing. And I don't think it was made up for the show. XO Mochi Day. Can it be Hamburger Day in the United States? I guess that isn't really traditional but then again we are a melting pot of stolen ideas. Is mochi that magical that it needs it's own day? I mean I am pretty sure according to this calendar in my room yesterday was Plant a Flower Day. Ever heard of it? Yeah me either. Mochi Day. I see.
Apparently my mind is still blown.
Also since I don't know Japanese a lot of this episode and basically the series has been lost on me. I didn't know Anko had something to do with mochi. The conversation with Mom and Dad I didn't understand the play on words. And Mochizou was born on Mochi Day? This is going too far. I mean it is like naming your kid after a dog or something. This ain't The Hunger Games! I least they got sorta cute names. Imagine if your father or mother worked in the sewers. X____X
Bird down! BIRD DOWN!
Dera got fat again. And there was barely any mention of it. Dera is like now that I have all this muscle under my fat it is even harder to fly. And Choi was like um no you get no breakfast....well until after you serve the tea. I have forgotten what a skinny Dera has looked like anyway. And in shape Dera last week made me want to puke. So fat Dera is here to stay.
How dare you suggest ways for us to make money!
Dad is allergic to doing anything new. I don't think it is linked to losing his wife. Although maybe if she was still alive she might want to do fun things too and since she is his love he would go along with things easier. But for now Tamako is running the show by mentioned competitors. Like Dad instead of whining for a new cellphone or to go out with a boy I will whine about ways we can make money. I am just such a bad daughter! Either way bring on the rice banging. I am sure it will be so very interesting to watch...for 5 minutes. Ring me up for the cellphone charm please.
Whoa a girl!
In the end Dad got a little backstory and face time which is always nice. Parents? In anime? Perish the thought. The romance had a bit of a rocky start and I think there might have been a restraining order at one point. But it is a bit sad seeing how happy Dad was at one point and how he really must miss his wife. He hasn't remarried even though his wife died at least 5 years ago. Guess it shows you that your parents were once like you. Of course the song was special and Tamako's version of it was even....more special. Still it brought the family together. Everyone say AWWWWW to Dad not wanting to show affection.
I think it is a bit much that Mochizou is born on Mochi Day. But it is a pipe dream for Mochizou to have Tamako remember his birthday. I mean...this is her official day of joy. The reason she was born. Remembering something besides mochi on Mochi Day is asking the impossible. Anko blowing him off was kinda rude. She was in a bad mood this episode so you know. But in the end Tamako surprised....well everyone. Me, Mochizou, the newly elected Pope. She gave Mochizou a present. Of course it was a piece of mochi and required no extra thought at all. But the sentiment was enough to make Mochizou cry tear of joy. I hate the word mochi now in case anyone cares.
Thanks for the help....jerk.
Anko is a weird little kid. But I guess when it comes down to it she might be pretty normal. Wants to like a boy but when he shows up she can only hide. Maybe she needed more of a mother figure in her life. She has a grandpa and Dad and sister in love with mochi. She isn't really good at showing how she feels and rather put on a strong front than be vulnerable. Maybe she is a brat but maybe she is cute too. In her own way.
Move Dera!
I thought it was cute that Anko was able to say goodbye to Yuzuki. It doesn't sound like he moved that far. Does Yuzuki like Anko? He seemed to just smile and wasn't that upset that he was moving. Maybe he didn't know how to handle the roller coaster that is a girl yet. He will learn. He will learn and it will be marvelous. But every time I saw that cute mop of hair I smiled. AWWWW! Everyone was helpful in the getting those two together.
What a weird little kid. XD But not moody like Anko.
Kanna is crazy in her own little way. Just small little touches here and there. Like I will overthrow Midori and take over the baton club...speaking of which....they got new members. X___X When did this happen?! I guess we will see more of those girls next time but yeah we don't see much of their club activities do we? Next episode we will but for now....Kanna has tiny little phrases that I just love and I enjoy her even if her birdhouses suck.

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