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Psycho-Pass episode 22 Final Episode!

Whoever said that Florida was the sunshine state was full of crap. Probably the same person who invented Daylight Savings time. I will just blame all the world's wrongs and evils on one person. Much easier that way you think?
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Oh snap? Are you a hero?!
So what is up now? The ending of Psycho-Pass. Episode 22. People thinks that there might be more to this show later down the line but for now it is over. Spoilers for Akane probably failing at everything.
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Just kiss already! Or kill each other! Something!
Episode Summary: Shougo and Shinya continue to fight and banter around like they are getting ready to have sex with each other. Or kill each other. Probably the same thing for these two. Shougo says that Shinya feels the same as him and Shinya is like um no clearly I am okay with my lot in life. All these craziness is going on with knives. The battle goes back and forth and Shougo taunts Shinya, saying the man will never learn. Well Shinya nearly breaks his arm and lands a serious blow on Shougo. Before Shinya can take him out Akane is like halt I am here and I have a gun. Shougo gets away and Shinya wonders if this is really his life. Akane says she is not going to let Shougo kill Shinya which is good since he is bleeding off into the sunset. Akane gives Shougo the Dominator that has been locked on paralyze mode and she takes the real gun. They chase after Shougo is a super dramatic fashion with Akane explaining that they are not protecting a bad law. That the people create laws and they are protect their ideals to making a better society and she has to believe in that. After some more dramatic talk Akane and Shinya are nearly hit by a truck. Shinya is unable to shoot Shougo so Akane takes a ride on the back of the truck. She manages to shoot out one of the tires and the truck crashes. Akane is injured and Shougo stands over her but apparently there are no bullets left in the gun. He fails to kill her and limps away. Shinya catches up to Akane and she begs him not to go. He reloads the gun and chases after Shougo.
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Actor cops now?!
Shougo is pretty injured and is thinking about how Akane nearly killed him and that is something he never planned for. Shinya catches up and Shougo asks what Shinya will do without him to chase. A gunshot rings out and Akane knows she has lost Shinya forever. Some time later Akane and her bruised self goes to visit Sibyl. Since Akane failed she has been taking down a few pegs in terms of importance. But Sibyl thinks that they can learn from Akane and her unique beliefs. Akane is pissed that she is still being used. Sibyl says that one day they wish to reveal to the whole world their true nature and to do that they need to build up trust and what not. Sibyl hopes to learn that from Akane and Akane is like bitches I am going to create a world that doesn't need you. Ginoza visits his father's grave with his new arm self. Ginoza has become a latent criminal and an Enforcer, both are probably something his father wouldn't want. Akane picks Ginoza up as she is his boss now. Ginoza is grateful that his father has a grave as Shusei does not. Then they talk about where Shinya could be and how Ginoza isn't wearing glasses now. Elsewhere Shion and Yayoi are having sex and thinking about how all the boys are dying off from their group. Akane prepares to get a very new and young partner. It turns out to be the survivor girl from the school murders. Akane repeats nearly the same conversation that Ginoza had with her when she first started. Only she refers to her two Enforcers as humans and to be careful of the system. Elsewhere Shinya is living in a hole and THE END!
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More like sighing at the disappointment.
Well that was 23982 kinds of disappointment. It's like CLAMP has taken over all the animes and has no idea how to end them properly. Like oh snap mind we will barely end it at all and leave everyone feeling unsatisfied so no one can be happy yay!!!
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It is the Matrix up in here.
I thought that Shinya and Shougo....well I guess they fought enough. Maybe more fist fighting and not playing around with these tiny knives. I mean obviously knives can do some serious damage but it was like watching a fencing match. Like they were toying with each other and weren't ever going to do real damage. Until Shinya actually did which surprised Shougo. The banter between the two is something that did keep the other on their toes but maybe not so much connecting. Shougo seems to think that they are very similar individuals. I don't think that and I don't think Shougo does either. I think society views them as similar though. Maybe that is what Shougo should have focused on saying. But clearly Shinya did not think the two were the same.
 photo passepisode229_zps1dfd78b5.jpg
Goodbye my "friend".
Part of me was like Shougo....why didn't you tell Shinya about the brains?! Why not try to get Shinya to see what you are fighting against? But....I don't think that would have worked in Shougo's favor. Or rather Shinya would have agreed with Shinya, still blew him away, and then try to take down the system himself. Only he would do it in a way that didn't cost people their lives. Shinya was a latent criminal because his sense of justice was too strong. Yay system! So yeah I guess if Shougo told Shinya it really wouldn't have done HIM any good but it might have saved future people. Shougo didn't seem to want to stop the system because it was unfair. He wanted to stop it because it excluded him and he was bored.
 photo passepisode227_zps7700ebe6.jpg
What the hell is this shit?!
While nothing romantic EVER happened between Shinya and Akane....that man must feel something for her. But even love has it's limits. Like Shinya finally was winning in a battle with Shougo and Akane comes and lets him escape. Like really....really....couldn't Akane have....shot Shougo? You know the two were busy trying to slash each other's heads off and or touch their penises together and no one noticed Akane. She could have gone around and shot both of the men without them knowing. But NOOOO Akane is like stop Shinya I have to save you even if that means the guy who is trying to kill everyone escapes. But all Shinya does is sigh. Like gurl you are dumb, like a silly dog that always messes up.
 photo passepisode223_zps1e58b3b1.jpg
And a jar full of brains makes the law?
Despite that Akane suffers from a serious case of dumb the exchange she and Shinya had going on was quite intelligent. Even if their movements were a bit dramatic. Surprised they didn't drop to the ground and roll around. But yes Akane is like we are protecting people and their ideals. Because laws will always be flawed first. *Putting on her criminal justice hat. * There will be times when protecting the system will go against logic. But without a system in place either another one would come to take its place or chaos would reign. Now....brains...yeah that is a bit much. But we have a system that has people arguing and money exchanging hands and people not being thought of but self interest. So can we really judge them? Oh we can well continue.
 photo passepisode225_zps90a2b92a.jpg
What does that mean?!?!?!? XO
Akane was a bit bad ass riding on the back of the truck. Shinya was like what is this day? I am so off my game! I really can't fault Akane know being injured after the fact. She did her part. Although....she really should have died. Had Shougo stomped on her head I think Shinya would have stopped and been upset. I know he ran away from Tomomi but I think Akane would have been different. Is there a reason why Shougo stopped and looked her like that? Am I missing something?
 photo passepisode226_zps8c4f5733.jpg
Only you can kill me Shinya. You complete me.
In the end Shinya did catch up with Shougo. You know...with the obvious blood trail to follow and all. Shougo was able to show his slightly human side. I mean...he seemed upset that Akane almost killed him and not Shinya. Maybe running from Shinya was fun. That someone paid attention to him. In the end I don't really feel bad that his brains got blown out. Does the system need to be changed? Probably. But he went around and gave people the means to do horrible stuff to people. He deserves to stop existing, not to chill with other brains.
 photo passepisode228_zps85dd8311.jpg
And then there was no more Shinya.
And that was the last time that Akane ever saw Shinya. Ever. Unless the little message at the end of the show means something. And the thing is I thought that Akane was going to be a little more upset about it. Maybe she is, alone in her room and not in front of people that she is in charge of. She had some anger yes but no sadness. Maybe she realizes that deep down that Shinya was never going to be safe and this is the best for him? I don't think that as Akane has a strong sense of justice. Maybe it is best he got away so she didn't have to blow him away? Still I thought there was going to be more between those two and POOF nothing happened.
 photo passepisode2210_zpse91598ed.jpg
Translation: Akane gets to live!
Akane did get to talk to all the brains though. Which is good, that there was talking and not more killing. Clearly Akane is an interesting little case and Sibyl wants to study her. Which of course is a bit insulting when you think about it but I guess Akane can't totally bite the hand that doesn't kill her. Akane got her licks in, saying she was going to bring the system down instead of helping them become exposed to the public over time. I am not sure what they think Akane can do...she ain't a miracle worker. Maybe in the future people won't care so much brains will make sense!
 photo passepisode2212_zps0711d603.jpg
Why aren't you crazy?!?!?!
Then the series wrapped up in a nice bow that no one really wanted. Like....really? Really? Ginoza wasn't smashing his head against a wall while being locked up? Because I am pretty sure that guy spent the last 22 episodes acting like he was better than everyone and now...he is one of them. Missing an arm and all. And all he is doing is going....meh? MEH?! He just accepted everything and is going with the flow. I mean...what else CAN he do at this point? But character development wise this is not how Ginoza should have ended up. Just...interesting. I mean if Akane was my boss and my dad was dead and my best friend is missing forever I might be slightly more upset. SLIGHTLY!
 photo passepisode2211_zpsa0b4878c.jpg
Avenge Shusei!
Who isn't upset? Well not Shusei because he is dead and barely got a mention. It really is sad how the show treated him. I am not pissed that he died (well I am but still) but that he might have been the greatest example of why this system is so flawed. A little kid flagged as a latent criminal? I would argue that is just as bad as cracking their eggs open because they are afraid if Fiends. It is more like they created a criminal with Shusei. His case really should have spoke to Akane on why this system was flawed. Instead she was like Shinya penis.....
 photo passepisode2214_zps2489ef31.jpg
Pay no attention to the lack of character development. BOOBIES!
Yayoi seems to be having a great time now that three of her friends are gone forever and her Inspector is now an Enforcer. Bring on the sex! Okay so maybe that was harsh. Yayoi really hasn't changed that much. She still is a very hard to read person. All that she said was she trusts Akane as a good leader. That is all. I think that there was much more going on with her though. Whatever happened to that blue hair music girl? Thought we were going to have an epic showdown with her and Yayoi. But no. Another wasted opportunity.
 photo passepisode2213_zps566b59b1.jpg
Because you have known him for so long...
The episode ends with Akane getting a new partner and the show coming full circle. Some people think it is so cool and some people think it is lazy. I am not sure where I stand. I see both sides really. Has Akane really changed enough? Has enough time passed for her to have the air that Ginoza had about him? I just don't think she is ready enough for the job. Like a 15 year old kid who has grown up tough is still 15 you know? Just a really hard and jaded kid.
 photo passepisode2215_zps5935b2ce.jpg
Hello there. Your codename is Fetus. Thanks.
Also I think it was slightly dramatic to have someone so young be Akane's partner. I know we know now who does the picking when it comes to this line of work. They have to meet a lot of criteria. And given how crazy things got in the end maybe people were just recovering from the helmet heads. But a kid fresh out of high school? Or still in high school? I don't know. It just felt weird and forced. Like look Akane has someone to mold and train to be amazing just like her. Together they are going to take on the Sybil system. Quick pull out the Ginoza cards and make a few changes. Call it a greeting.
 photo passepisode2216_zpsae8d0103.jpg
Is that book from your boy Shougo?
And that is about it.......sad really. I think the ending should have been more. More something. More with Shinya and how his life is like now, how Akane reacted to it all, Ginoza losing his mind.. Just more. This ending feels flat and it is hard to put my finger on it. Maybe because nothing has really changed and the world keeps on turning. Akane is on the case though guys. She something?


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Yeah, I agree with you: nothing has changed. The system is still flawed and wicked. At least Akane is trying to bring it down from the inside, but that's it.

I don't know about hiring that girl who just graduated--I guess--from the academy with those "artistic" murders. I can understand that she wants justice and to prevent murders like what happened to her friends, but she just graduated from high school! At the very least, she should have started at the bottom of the Inspector rank and work her way up. Not be Akane's equal (senior Inspector) right out of school! I'm guessing she graduated and not in high school/college because I doubt she could handle being an inspector AND a student at the same time! That's way too much stress and being an Inspector is definitely a full-time job!

I was expecting Gen Urobuchi (the writer) to kill off all the cast but I guess he's saving that for season 2. I know there will be a second season because of how interesting and dark this show is to the anime fans. So, many fans watching lead to high ratings which then lead to a second season--it almost a given! And maybe Shinya or another person better than Shougo will be the antagonist in the next season and bring definitive change to the system. Maybe.

I will admit that this show is much better written, interesting, and mature compared to Little Busters, Amnesia, Zetsuen, and Tamako Market.

Overall, not a bad show with some high production values. I still disagree with Gen Urobuchi's storytelling style and how everything must be depressing for the sake of bringing despari, but that's just my opinion.

End comments.

Christina said...

Anonymous-If there is a season two and Shinya is the enemy I will be pissed. He was a criminal because he cared too much, not because he wanted to do bad things. So if all of that is thrown away like that I will be pissed. Unless there is a very good reason for it or if he is a nonviolent criminal trying to bring down the brains.

It is like they had to find someone even more unsuitable for the job to make Akane look halfway decent. Go to university. I know that this system determines what job you are best for but this No. Just no. I don't know. Go Akane, you are better than someone else.

I think the grim part of the story is the back that the woman was beat with a hammer and no one did anything to stop it...AND it was a true story. With imagery like that it wasn't necessary for his usual approach...but he didn't have to kill Shusei. :(

This show had jars full of brains and yet made more logical sense that Little Busters. XD

Anonymous said...

It is impossible for the author to portray the utopia society as we have yet to experience an anarchy society as the current society prevents us from doing so. The ideal society are actually the primitive lives that native americans and the aborigines and other african tribes lead. This is what happens when technology evolves to this state, but are you willing to abandon it? What the director of Psycho pass is trying to tell us is that the current society is bad and corrupted. But the human population as a whole cannot create an ideal society. As selfishness, individualism, money prevents us from doing so. I like your statement though but can you live up to it?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is how it ended. I can only think there will be a second season. The connection between Kogami and Akane - I want more of their story. I feel pretty empty inside, incomplete with this sort of ending. I wanted to see the destruction of the sibyl system which didnt happen and Makashima is dead ( I really can say his dead is in vain bcz he didnt reach his goal, on the other hand, Sybil did not gain a new brain, but they did not loos any either ) and the cycle started anew like the very starting when Akane joined the system and i am really wondering if they make 2nd season, Kogami would play the role of Makashima in that but it was such an awesome, twisted crime anime

As for the new Enforcer: Nobuchika ;______________________;

Also right at the end .... 'Sybil still continues....' I'd love for there to be another season T-T

Anonymous said...

There's definitely a S2 coming, like; Kogami at the end, the quote 'The chain of justice- the system never ends..'. It's so obvious. I'd like to see Akane and Kogami somehow take down the sibyl system!

This is definitely an ambiguously satisfying ending, it leaves much food for thought, Urobushi really likes to make his audience think and interpret on their own and that's very rare in anime. I hope we get a new season and not just a movie .

It's also making me think of Shakespeares quote, "player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing." I think it was macbeth. I LOVED this anime!

Anonymous said...

Well, they certainly made the ending very similar to the beginning, but i think it is important to notice the differences as well. Akane offers a similar warning to the one Ginoza gave, but seems far more respectful of the enforcers, telling the newbie to trust them. Akane seems to have a similar weariness about her, but we know that Ginoza was afraid of himself, while Akane is afraid of the future and of Sybil. We are left with the same scenario and systematic issues that we hard at the start, but with characters who are now more able to deal with it.

i guess they kept the sibyl system because the cycle will continue with different people etc. It's like a comparison to real life where the main structure of our society is continuous. Even if someone disagrees with it and there is some major flaw (which there are major flaws), we will always have the one main system structure of society that we have now. The reason being that this way, more people are safe etc, even if there are loopholes. What we can do, however, is to have people like Akane who recognize these loops in the system, but work with it to keep people safe. This anime has a great meaning ^^

Anonymous said...

Agree w/ Anonymous 5

i really really love the comparison to real life society and the society in Psycho-Pass that this anime illustrates! Just like the Sybil System that has A LOT of flaws, our society does to. Many people object to it, but it does its best to keep everyone safe and pass judgement correctly. Akane knew that although the Sybil System was ugly, it kept everyone safe and did it's best to judge people. Then there are people like Makishima who feel victimized by society and it's system and strike against it, but in a way we need it. And the one character who survived, Akane~! We need people like her!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see how this “ended” when compare to Modoka’s plot line. I’ve heard Madoka had the original script written several years before it was ever made into an anime. They just didn’t want to take the risk on the anime original project. Meanwhile Psycho Pass was made when Gen was allowed free reign over his stories to do whatever he wanted. The man needs an editor. Seriously! It is like Butch Gen created this scenario but then couldn’t come up with a good way to solve the Sibyl problem. Evidently we’re not supposed to side with the Sibyl system and what it does for society, but neither were we supposed to side with Makishima. His method of dealing with Sibyl was to simply destroy it and watch society collapse as a result. Letting society implode and have carnage on the streets is hardly an effective way to deal with the situation, but Makishima didn’t care about that. Heck, he wanted to see people at each other’s throats.

Psycho Pass has a ‘make it up as we go along’ vibe. Which in itself isn’t unusual at all. I’m willing to bet at least half of all anime original stuff is made up as they go along.

I can’t say I was expecting this sort of ending to Psycho Pass. Mainly because I was expecting the story to…you know, actually end. Instead we get this weird downer non-ending where the main threat is dealt with but nothing is ultimately resolved and the whole cycle resets.

Actually, the way the series left off did quite heavily imply that the system will eventually collapse, the key here being Akane. She’s still alive for a start. She wants to take down the system, but her desire to keep law intact and protect the people means she can’t take down Sibyl now, at least not with the tactics Makishima wanted to employ.

As much as I want a sequel, the creation of a sequel rests solely on when Butch Gen comes up with a way to take down Sibyl himself, if he even plans to. He’ll wake up in the middle of the night yelling “I’VE GOT IT” and boom we’re 12,000 years in the future with the sequel PSYCHO SSAP!

Anonymous said...

Swann's Way, or "Du côté de chez Swann", is the 1st volume of "In Search of Lost Time (Remembrance of Things Past)". This set contains 7 volumes and they are by Marcel Proust (1871-1922.

Since the serie end w/ the 1st volume, means the "beginning" of "the Remembrance of the Things Past", or a poitaic way of saying,[the cycle of this anime's memory since ep1 start again]. Hope that explain something...........I mean the ending did say, "The chain of justice- the system never ends.."

Christina said...

Anonymous 2- I think this show forces us to see that things are not always black and white, much how Akane thought in episode 1. That we have to always live in grey and hope things are more balanced to the white side. Because I can't see people giving up technology to give a little peace to those who have done. All we can hope is that people who have technology and wealth can use it to help others.

But yes, humans reaching a perfect society will probably never happen. There will always be dirty secrets like jars full of brains running the show or necessary evils that help keep the most people safe.

Anonymous 3- If there is a season three I hope that Shinya is NOT the new baddie. That maybe something else comes along and Akane works together with the rouge Shinya. Otherwise I will be a sad panda.

Anonymous 4- Me and Shakespeare are taking a break. XD

A lot of people are talking about a season 2. I don't know if that is going to happen or not. I thought it was more like...and the cycle continues, that many have been in Akane's situation and little by little things will change for the better and worse. But maybe it was left open ended just in CASE there could be a season two. But I bet we get a movie rather than a second season. Either way Ginoza will be screwed yes?

Anonymous 5- I do like that Akane added her own, more positive spin on how to handle the newbie. But I just thought it was way too similar. But I guess that was to show the full circle of the show and it was necessary.

Ginoza had much to be afraid of and to prove himself as well. Akane has no fear of what will happen to herself and I think she thinks she can protect this newbie too. Akane will use the loopholes to help others out but will never go all out like Shinya although I think she respects his decision deep down.

Anonymous 6- This anime reminds me of our (the United States') sometimes flawed judicial system. How sometimes criminals get so much protection. But that protection is there to protect the innocent and make sure everything is done to protect them. Only with this show a lot of people are labeled latent criminals at the very thought of something bad happening. Sorta like sending tainted cats out to kill any kid who looks at someone sidewise.

Anonymous 7- While this show did end....abruptly and at times I think it was a little empty now that I have had time to reflect maybe it was the best ending possible. Or the most realistic. Akane doesn't have the answers. She knows this system is awful but she has seen how bad things can get without it. Without a better plan in place she can't very well overthrow this one. And since she just found out about it it wouldn't be realistic for her to come up with a magical plan. So while I was expecting something else this does make sense. But yes I can see how the ending can be frustrating, just not CLAMP XXXholic levels of frustrating.

Anonymous 8- Well at least it wasn't Hamlet or the Tempest. XD I have had a bit much of that. I guess I have never read any books...ever. XD That or some people really, really research things before making an anime. XD

Anonymous said...

honestly, I hate the ending. It's really annoying how we don't know what happens to the cast and how there's a minor on the team. I found the whole thing stupid. Also, she says the exact same stuff Ginoza said to her when she began, and the whole new circle thing was idiotic. Does that mean Shinya is now playing the role of Shougo? I hope not. I really wanted the producers to go die in a hole for making such a horrible ending. Plus, I don't even really get the ending.
I also hate how the new Inspector is a little girl. I honestly wanted it to be a guy. I mean, aren't inspectors supposed to be boy-girl, or girl-boy? I really wanted some romance between Akane and Shinya, but it never happened. I bet the producers know what everyone wants, but just blew the whole thing off. We never get to know what happens in the future, so the viewers are left at a cliff-hanger. That's what I hate about all anime. There could have been an image of Akane and Shinya together, or holding hands, or leaning against each other, or a clip of them meeting again in some way, or something that would of let us know how they would've progressed. Like I said, the producers blew us off and only showed that Akane cared for Shinya in some way in the end because all she does is say "I wonder how he's doing".

Christina said...

Anonymous- According to some there might be a season two of this anime thus the really opened ended...ending. But if there is not I agree the ending is horrible.

I don't like the newbie simply because...well being an Inspector should come from all those tests and what not. I just don't think that this girl has the strong sense of justice that Akane has. That is why Akane was chosen. Ginoza was chosen because he really, really, really wanted to go after criminals. This new girl had some friends killed and was probably traumatized. I just don't think that is enough to have her be the new inspector. But they should have added more than one person anyway since the team is so small now. A boy and a girl.

I think the romance was mostly one sided but I do agree that Shinya should not be portrayed as the next Shougo. That would really piss me off. :(

muckraker said...

I'm just an old dog, laughing at some giggly little girls. Good job with the site!
I've seen a lot of Japanese imports. The philosophy is always contrived and forced. In
P.pass it came very natural and very well done. Maby you will appreciate the ending more in a few years,(so remember it existed). Compared to imports like Gunslinger Girl, it was Mozart. With G.girl being Elvis,(actually the velvet underground is more appropriate it was very stylized). I Hope you do work with the second season,(if you haven't). And their is a movie now? Like Cowboy Bebop(movie), I'm sure it's like a cheap money making rip off.