Monday, March 11, 2013

The Great East Japan Earthquake two years later

I sorta debated with myself whether or not to make this post. I mean...I don't live in Japan nor am I Japanese. I don't want to be co-opting someone else's pain or problems. But then again I didn't want the day to go by and me say nothing. Like I don't remember nor do I care about the problems that are still going on. So I guess I will just say a few words at the end of the day. Short and sweet and respectful yes?

2 years ago on this day (yesterday Japan time) there was a giant earthquake that hit Japan. The earthquake itself didn't cause as much loss of life/property but the resulting tsunami was devastating. And if things couldn't get any worse several nuclear power plants were affected and radiation started to leak out. A very horrible day for those living in Japan.  

Two years ago we in America couldn't get enough news, outrageous as well as factual. For every station (looking at you Nancy Grace) striking fear for OUR (the United State's) safety there were others trying to raise awareness and aid for the cause. For weeks our stations were full of reports and sad stories. Sometimes stories of people surviving despite the odds. Then we had a few high profile murders and the stories about Japan seem to stop. A year ago today there were several stories about the 1 year anniversary but nothing much. 

Today there was little to no mention to it at all. I say little as I personally didn't see anything but maybe there was a piece mentioned and I don't want to be definite with my answer. But no I didn't see any mention of it today. I am sure in Japan there were lots of reports on it. Hopefully positive ones, like how things are being rebuilt and there is promise for a better future. But I am sure there were still some sad stories about all that were loss and moments of silence and what not. 

While I might not be up to date on all that is going on Japan my heart still goes out to the people. So much red tape to be cut through until the victims are helped. It is sad really. Their economy is suffering, power needs are not being met, and thousands of people are still displaced. And each day that it takes their government to solve the problem is one more day of misery and distrust. Just a bad situation getting worse. 

Two years might be a long time in some instances and short in others. For this situation it is a long way for some to get help and a short time to forget about the tragedy that happened that day. So while I might not be a Japanese citizen or live in Japan I do get a lot of my hobbies and interest from Japan, starting all the way back in my childhood with the Power Rangers and Pokemon. In some tiny, tiny way I feel sorta connected to Japan. So I continue to pray for those in need and hope another incident never happens again. Tragedy and natural disasters happen all over the world and for a few weeks it is all over the news. But even after the cameras fade away for most, people are still affected and need help/prayer. It has been two years Japan. Hopefully as each year passes there is more positive news and rebuilding and recovery becomes more and more obvious and people can start to heal. That is all I have to say, I pray for a speedy recovery and that Japan can get back fully on its feet soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

CNN did a small two years later photo gallery.

Here's the link:

It's not huge, but at least it's something.

My condolences to them. I hope they can return to their homes and salvage anything from their old lives.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I like the picture of the tree. I know it is something small, but it gives people something to believe in. It is just overwhelming seeing all the destruction still and that many people are still displaced. Just sad. Hopefully each year the stories are more positive and more progress will be made. Never forgotten but improved.

Christina said...

Oh and thank you for sharing that link. I appreciate it. Maybe small tributes from other countries are better than drawn out ones that cause more fear *cough cough Nancy Grace*