Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 21

See! I promised you back to back episodes. A bit special to blog and hopefully everything stayed in its proper post but up at the same time. Now that I think about it I might have included a line about Megumu that should have been in the last post but meh. They go together. And I am behind on blogging so there should be no spoilers. All is good still.
Quit asking questions!!
So yes now it is Zetsuen no Tempest episode 21 times. Spoilers for Hakaze not having an awesome MOG face. :(
There are giant trees controlling the world. What's not to believe?
Episode Summary: Hakaze is like what.....so Aika repeats herself. I am the mage of Exodus. Aika decides that the police might think they look suspicious so she jumps off the roof and tells Hakaze to do the same. Hakaze is starting to wonder if this was real life. Meanwhile back in the future everyone is freaking out because a HUGE Genesis tree has appeared in the middle of nowhere. Much bigger than the rest. Clearly something needs to be done but public opinion has been swayed too much. There is some talk about how the Tree of Genesis wants to give them a test. Evangeline explains, since she is an expert now, that all the legends of dragons and evil snakes were past civilizations trying to give the future clues on how to beat the Tree of Genesis. There will be a test and if they pass humanity can live on. If they fail humanity will be reset and civilization will start over. Aika repeats these words to Hakaze as well, that if the tree of Genesis is not destroyed in 10 years almost no humans will survive. Due to how Hakaze has worded things Aika has figured out she has been murdered and due to some events Mahiro found Hakaze so she could meet Yoshino so she will fall in love with him to stop the tree of Genesis. The more Aika talks the more Hakaze doesn't want to kill Aika. Aika is the coldest person on the face of the planet is like oh so I will die to save the world and my powers will be transferred to Megumu and I probably should eat that ice cream in the fridge.
I still think she is alive but that is just me.
Hakaze wants to know how Aika is so calm when Mahiro and Yoshino will cry forever. Aika says she is doing this for them and it becomes Shakespeare all over my face. Hakaze says this will bring about tragedy while Aika thinks this can still end with everyone happy. Basically she is okay with dying but not okay with Hakaze making Yoshino cry. This lead to a face punching and Aika decides she is either going to kill Aika herself now or keep Aika from killing herself. This means it is battle time. Aika mocks Hakaze a bit, that her magic is so limited so those in the clan won't rise to power. Hakaze holds her own and tries to hold Aika back but Aika is so much stronger. She talks to the viewers about how she has known she is the mage of Exodus since she was 10 and therefore felt cut off from the rest of the world. The only two people who connected to her were Mahiro and Yoshino who felt the need to protect her. Thus she will die for them and give them a happy ending. She overpowers Hakaze, telling her that when Hakaze uses magic it really just powers her up. Aika knocks out Hakaze, goes to her house, and kills herself. Aika wakes up a while later and tries to make it to Aika in time but doesn't make it. She sees Aika looking all smily in death and that a note has been left for her. It says that this is what Aiak wants and to give Yoshino and Mahiro the other part of the note after the tree of Genesis is defeated. Hakaze runs out of the house and cries in front of the grave that Aika will be under soon. She has herself a cry and says she will save the world after paying her respects. She goes back to the house and sees Mahiro at the scene of the crime. She leaves to go back to the past but sees Yoshino running up the steps. She takes off as well, declaring this whole thing wrong and awful. THE END!
The tree was like Hakaze is gone, time to hurry before Aika reveals she is still alive.
See! I feel as if I forgot something important about this episode because I was watching the two back to back. Like I am sure there was more conversation in the present but I can't remember. I don't even think these are first world problems. More like crazy half white girl first world problems. XD
That lovable Aika....
I just want to add that a lot of people on the internets seem to like Aika more after this episode. I am not sure where that is coming from as she basically acted the same if not worse. I mean I guess the decision she has made regarding her future makes her a strong person but everything else? I can't even call her a robot. She is beyond robot. Like Japanese crazy girl problems. XD
Errr......yeah. Poor Hakaze indeed.
First things first. Hakaze was not having a good day folks. I mean she has lost a lot throughout this show. Imagine having a strong belief in a religion and little by little being told that it is evil and not something worth protecting. Her brother tried to save the world but that meant killing her. She is in love with a guy who is in love with his dead girlfriend. Her ally Mahiro might have the worse attitude on the face of the planet and at the end of this she still might end up dead. Now the girl that is the emotional cause of everything is like OH I am the mage of Exodus lalala. Feel out the situation and be a little more serious. I guess this is Aika's punishment for not taking Aika's death seriously when discussing it with others.
So simple really.
This show does one thing all the time and that is having the same conversation take place at the same time. Sometimes at work and other times it doesn't. In the present a huge tree has appeared, the main Genesis tree. The end is near! I am not sure who appointed Evangeline as the giver outer of important information. I think that Samon has earned that right. But yeah she was talking about how the Genesis tree is going to test us and that there have been hints on how to defeat it throughout history. I think with all the theories going on it is starting to hurt my head on what is going on. Aliens sent this to curb civilization but if we pass a test we can live? Okay then.
How do you know all of this?!?!?!
This feeds into what Aika was telling Hakaze. Later on in the episode it is revealed that Aika has been the mage of Exodus since the age of 10. That explains why none of this nonsense bothers her but doesn't explain why she knows all of this. Like...who told her? I gather that Hakaze comes from an ancient family and they discovered this back in the day. But Aika was walking to 4th grade and suddenly a sleeping tree communicate to her that she is the mage and has the ability to create things like fireballs and swords out of nowhere? Yeah okay. I don't think there will be much more back story to this so this is all we get.
Um....you might be missing the point. Just maybe. Or maybe I am.
Aika knew that there was magic and trees and what not. But I thought she handled her death/impending doom way too casually. No wonder Hakaze was like what is wrong with you???!?! I mean you wish you didn't waste time studying for your test? I can understand wanting to do the right thing but you can still cry about it right? She was just too....bleh about it. It is hard to describe. Like way too cool for school, too cool for life. She is allowed to be afraid yet still die to help the world out or at least Mahiro and Yoshino.
You do know that this isn't a video game right?
Then when she came to the dramatic conclusion that she kills herself...after 5 seconds of thinking...she was AOKAY with that too. I mean score another point for me being right but she was like smile smile yay I kill myself time to go to the mall and buy an awesome knife. Just...I think Kuybey showed more emotion that this girl and he was dealing with other people. Oh and he had no emotions. Aika just came off as weird. Like look I have been so cut off from people for so long I am numb to emotions.
Um....shouldn't you be crying that you are dead?
I think Hakaze is an emotional girl who likes to think things out, have a cry, and then try to do the right thing. Since Aika skipped the important crying part Hakaze got upset. Hakaze was waiting for Aika to cry and say please find a way to save me, I want to be with Yoshino. But Aika was like yep time to die and it pissed Hakaze off because she would fight for Yoshino and feels that Aika isn't doing that. Aika skipped the impractical wishing portion of the talking and it makes Hakaze mad.
When you are done acting out your death how about we talk?
So...I do have a question. And maybe this will be addressed later. But....okay Aika thinks she has to die so Hakaze can come in contact with Yoshino so she would stop the tree of Genesis. However.....if Aika didn't die Mahiro would have ignored the message in the bottle. Maybe someone else would have found it but who knows if they would have been successful. Mahiro was hired to help STOP the Genesis tree. Only because Yoshino had an attack of crying that either trees survived that day. So if Aika doesn't die Samon will go through with his plan. Maybe even succeed. Maybe. And we would have a dead Hakaze and 2 billion alive people. Putting aside the John Connor dad Terminator crap isn't this a big issue?! Just wondering.
Not exactly good verses evil is it?
I think the girls needed to fight it out for a variety of reasons. To show who is the biggest princess, who loves Yoshino more, who wants to protect the planet more. A lot of emotions going on. It was another nail in the coffin for Hakaze though. Like look you aren't the strongest mage out there. Aika just kicked your butt. Oh and it was a time to quote Shakespeare again. I am going to BURN those books now. At least they both realized they were being used and MOG they shouldn't be fighting at all.
:( So sad yes?
After the battle Hakaze had to face Aika's death alone. At least we know why hommie was smiling. I like that Hakaze took a moment to cry, looked at Mahiro and Yoshino, and resolved to make things better. She knew what had to happen but still took a moment to reflect on how horrible this all is. I wonder what is in the note though. Why does Aika want them to read it after she is gone and not now? HMMM! I don't know if there are any more mysteries left other than what the trees were doing here to begin with. Time to trim down the cast? Nope that would be a tragedy.


Anonymous said...

…..and DAMn! Was that punch good/strong/powerful!

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Your first screenshot of Aika punching Hakaze was hilarious! :D

Go Aika!!!! LMAO!!

I guess that's why Aika is considered the most interesting character in this show because she's an awesome combination of crazy, weirdness, Kana Hanazawa (voice actress), and more crazy! LOL.

Again, Aika's punch was the only scene that stood out in this episode in my opinion. Your screenshot just made it even more crazy! XD

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think Hakaze had the brains punched out of her. Like out of all that has happened in this world Aika punches Hakaze over some tears. It was so unexpected but should have been since Aika is so crazy.

Anonymous 2- I think Aika appears to be the most popular character but...I find it hard to like her. She is just all over the place. She knows she "has" to die and she is talking about eating treats and what not. There is being strong and then there is being a cold person no one can connect to. Or at least me anyway. Just....why did Yoshino like her again?