Sunday, March 10, 2013

Psycho-Pass episode 19

Well then. WELL THEN! My plans of getting tons of blogging done today went up in smokes. Dramatic smokes. And not the kind that are signal fires. X____X My tiny quiet life seems to generate a lot of drama. Or what I think to be drama. Not trillions of dollars in debt, cheating husband kind of drama but still. RARW!
Eff you Dominators.
So instead of blogging I moped around the house until someone took me out for some retail therapy. Then I was delivered home in time to watch The Walking Dead. XD So....all you get is Psycho-Pass episode 19. I think I blogged it last Wednesday? Yeah I suck. :( Spoilers for a lot of talking.....talking all over the place.
Well.....that was sad yes?
Episode Summary: Shinya has taken off to Tomomi's old safe house. He looks around a bit, seeing a really cute picture of chibi Ginoza but has to take off on the motorcycle before people start waking up. He makes it to Mr. Saiga's house where he is greatly warmly to breakfast. And a bit of eye rolling at the arsenal Shinya has. Shinya is running on little sleep but gets some real coffee in him. Saiga and Shinya eat and talk about the Sybil system. They sprinkle in some stories that they obviously learn in high school while comparing the Sybil system to other things. When asked what Shougo would say Shinya thinks he would talk about prisons, how the most people are being tracked by the least amount of people. Shinya explains all that has happened and that the Sybil system will be back up and running in 5 days. So that means Shougo will have to do his grand finale within that time frame. Saiga gets on his magical computer and gives the audience a ton of information that was otherwise not available. Since it's inception of the Sybil System Japan has cut itself off from the rest of the world. But Saiga has found some websites and chat boards from people who have been wronged by the Sybil system. He planted a thread, asking how one would take down the Sybil system in 5 days time. Shinya is like is this real life but is told to think about WWSD. What would Shougo do? Shinya reads it all over and decides that crop one makes the most sense. Since Japan has cut itself off from the rest of the world it has had to make its own food for all its citizens. Most of the food comes from a single grain ground by robots. It has been engineered to a T but that means there is only one strain of this grain. If the crop went bad it would spread fast and Japan would be forced to open their gates up to allow foreign food in, people would sneak in the borders, and the general public would lose their minds over the fact that there is no food. After assuming all this nonsense Shinya and Saiga look up the expert on crops and figure Shougo will have to go find him. Shinya gets ready to leave again and Saiga says goodbye, saying that he will be a goner as helping with this case will surely throw off the next random scan. Shinya apologizes for getting Saiga in trouble but Saiga says Shougo is the real one in danger. Shougo and his gun take off in search of the crop master.
So basically your life sucks? Got it.
Meanwhile at headquarters Ginoza is pissed. He calls a team meeting and Akane shows up PISSED. Ginoza is like so....Shinya ran away and Akane is like yeah and what?!?!?! I am pretty sure Yayoi was like well at least I'm not dead yet. Ginoza explains that their task is to hunt down Shinya and to bring in Shinya. Akane is pissed that Shinya is on the death list while Shougo be taken in alive. Tomomi says they should just leave Shinya alone and let him bring them to Shougo. Akane is not having the best day ever and eventually makes it to Shion. Akane has herself a cry, thinking that Shinya will eventually become a killer or dead, both of which she wants to stop from happening. Upstairs Granny is having an argument with herself as the different brains converge. Seemingly Touma is in charge of the functioning Granny but the other brains tell him something that sparks his interest. Granny Touma says he will really have to look at the results before agreeing on what the collective has decided. Ginoza has to see the hue doctor and the news is not good. If Ginoza doesn't do something soon he will become a latent criminal at best. The doctor recommends immediate action but Ginoza is too busy laughing at the irony at the situation. He says that working with Akane gives him hope so he can manage himself out of this situation. His good mood doesn't last long as Daddy Tomomi tries to give him some more advice. This leads to shirt pulling and wall smashing. Tomomi thinks that going after Shinya will just lead to someone's death. Probably Shinya's. But if another team goes after him maybe it will work out. Ginoza thinks that if they are the ones that go after Shinya maybe they can talk him down and take him in alive. Tomomi is like did you change your name your name to Akane? Shinya is dead no matter if he comes in alive or if we shoot him ourselves. While Ginoza tries to not cry Akane is off being alone and probably crying. She is trying to figure out where Shinya is when a drone rolls up with a Dominator. When Akane picks it up the gun a voice says that it will now tell her the truth about everything. THE END!
Shougo has it rough. So very, very rough.
I am pretty sure that is the worse summary in the history of ever. I think it took me an hour to type that. Mainly because I am typing and watching something at the same time. I kept losing my train of thought and would have to go back and reread what I wrote. So basically I wrote exactly what happened. You're welcome, time to go home.
No friends for Shinya weeee!
But I guess we have to talk about the episode. I really didn't know where Shinya was going but when he showed up at Saiga's house it made a bit more sense. Of course by the end of this all Saiga mentions the fact that he will die because of this. That means three different people have helped Shinya out and could possibly die for Shinya's cause. They believe he can do the right/hard thing whereas they can only aid. They are willing to die for the cause. But maybe they could leave out the fact they are dying for the cause. I think Shinya already knows that and it is rubbing salt in the wound.
Yep. So much caring.
I am kinda disappointed of Yayoi. Like really disappointed. I know she has come across as very....cold and off putting this entire time but now two of her teammates are missing and one is in serious trouble. And one is Akane. So maybe she could stop acting like a robot and show some emotion. Not go oh...what should we do now? Maybe we will see some emotion when her singer friend turns up? I am not sure how she can at this point but if Yayoi dies there probably won't be many tears for her. I are already a latent criminal. Get a little upset, even if it's in private.
This is me having a pout.
Akane was all over the place in this episode. I like that she was staging the world's smallest protest. Like yeah I know this is shit leave me alone. Akane got her little digs in too. Like OH so Shinya gets blown into Shuusei bits but we bring in Shougo alive, the guy who killed my friend and handed out murder helmets. Let me just stomp away and look pissed because this is the stupidest job ever.
Worse job ever.
But Akane has a softer side, unlike Yayoi. She goes to Shion and is able to tell someone her real feelings. A lot has gone on for this girl and she deserves to have a cry. But she has already lost one nonwork friend so she can't really go and cry to the one left. We haven't seen much of Shion so it was nice to see her show her softer side. Help the newbie out. Maybe Shion will live?
Um I am trying to keep you alive son. A little bit of appreciation please.
Where was I? Oh I was talking about who helped Shinya escape. Well Tomomi did just that and he got an earful from Ginoza. Working with family is fun. FUN FUN FUN! Add in that Tomomi is older and the father AND a better detective and Ginoza is hanging on by a thread. Tomomi didn't have as helpful advice this week. Either way Shinya is screwed. Ginoza is hoping that maybe he can talk Shinya into coming in instead of being blown away. Ginoza took some Akane pills though. I mean...the chief wanted to blow Shinya away for being a little sneaky. What is Granny going to do now that Shinya has actually broken the law? Yeah it isn't going to end in a jail cell but blood splatters. Ginoza was hoping a little bit too much but Tomomi was just as special. Let's just let it be. Let what be?! Either way this is bad and if this is your way of trying to calm Ginoza down well the wall does not agree.
That is the face of someone who has lost all hope. See the sad smile.
Ginoza is having it pretty rough though. Really rough. He has been acting all high and mighty the entire series despite being the second weakest member of the team (the first being newbie Akane). And maybe he is an asshole. Maybe this was his strategy to remove himself from the situation. Like nope gotta keep my hue nice and sparkly. But now he is in danger of being a latent criminal AND no one likes him. And it will be a whole lot of HAHA I told you so! The icing on the cake is that Ginoza really likes Shinya but hates that what happened to Shinya was avoidable (in his eyes) yes Ginoza is going to do the same thing. The same exact thing. The only difference is that Ginoza is probably going to die so know.
Um...yes indeed. Apparently all my brain cells have left my body.
Now that we have covered all the other players...onward to Shinya. He and Saiga are so...boring. Yes I think the word is boring. More like they are talking about things I don't understand and it pisses me off. I mean I have read Hamlet and Gulliver Travels but that is about it. And I am willing to guess that most Japanese people don't know the titles/names of people that have been thrown around lately. Like hello stop trying to make me feel stupid by going over my head with all this nonsense. Craziness. Just eat your eggs!
Well then...why didn't I think of that?
After they got done talking about things I didn't know about they decided to change things up and start talking about things I couldn't know about. I mean I am happy to learn such things but part of the fun of shows is guessing where they are going next. I was wondering about why other countries didn't do this or how Japan could get away with it. But I would never have guessed that Shougo's plan was to take out the oats. THE OATS! I mean get me some anthrax and giant slugs up in here. How was I suppose to guess that?
Such a light conversation around the breakfast table.
Shinya and Saiga also used 4 chan to solve a crime didn't they? I mean it would be bad if Shougo was the one posting the answer but I guess I wouldn't put it pass him. Saiga and Shinya have decided that Shougo wants attention after being declared not human by the system. So maybe he did post to Shinya where to find him. Like xoxo love Shougo. Still Shinya and his buddy had some super human guessing going on in this episode. Once again civilization has gotten so advanced one tiny mistake will cause everything to tumble.
Sounds like someone is trying to take control of all the brains.
I think I have typed enough. I guess we will have to wait until next week to see what Granny and company were fighting about and who will die next and how much worse Ginoza's life will become. Me thinks that some people want to bring Shinya in alive while Touma Granny is like um no bueno. And Shinya...who cares if Shougo was not judged as a kid. Shoot his brains out please. Thanks. Then stop the system. XD Without all the riots and murder helmets.


Eternia said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only one who think that, all these quoting are weird and annoying. Who is this Foucal? Who is this Jeremy Bentham? They are totally Greek to me. I don't care about them, and I don't want to google them. It doesn't worth it. The only western book I have read are Disney's. :-D

Can't they talk normally? Without all the quoting? Are those quotes really necessary? They can simply say "oh, we are lifeless dolls nowadays, unable to do things out of our own free will, and such." Why would these futuristic people refer ancient people? Oh, well, it's Urobuchi....

Christina said...

Eternia- THANK YOU! I feel so stupid when all these quotes come up in animes lately. Like thanks was I sleeping the entire time in school? I probably should remember more of Hamlet and maybe I should remember a few others things that have been mentioned. But I don't and I feel dumb. Makes me want to read more manga and not these books. Like thanks for making me feel dumb o Japanese people who inserted all these lines to make the show feel edgy!

Apparently I have a lot of feelings about this. XD