Monday, March 18, 2013

Shin Sekai Yori episode 24

Hello there my lovely readers. Today I have been so lazy. So lazy indeed. I think all I did today internet games. Oh lord folks. So lazy. I must make it up tomorrow by cleaning the entire house, going grocery shopping, and catching up on every single blog comment. I must be productive or else.
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Does your reflection show the insanity inside?
At least I am doing things now yes? Blogging is important too. XD I have a much of episodes almost done and ready to be posted so that will make me feel better. Up now is Shin Sekai Yori episode 24. Spoilers for....what is the point anymore?!
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That someone's chasing you?
Episode Summary: Saki goes to run to Shun to ask him what the hell is going on when suddenly Shun turns into Kiroumaru and he is wondering why Saki is so crazy. She wants to know where Satoru is and Kiroumaru explains he is slightly injured in a cave and to follow him. Saki is reunited with Satoru and she explains that Inui died for her sake. Satoru starts to realize that all his blood is making his shirt red but it might be the for greater good. Saki shows that she has the anthrax and Satoru decided to wear the necklace despite being the more injured of the two. Saki rolls her eyes at that concept but then remembers she hates bugs. They follow Kiroumaru as he can sense where the Fiend and company is. Kiroumaru has taken out some of the other QueerRats so he says they can either run to fight another day or use the weapon and take out the Fiend. Kiroumaru slathers on some mudd even though he just got done saying the QueerRats weren't interested in him. The rain seems to mess up their plans and they are forced into a corner. Kiroumaru decides that he will be bait and lead the Fiend to Saki and Satoru. They will then run and try to use the weapon if they can. Saki and Satoru protest that the plan puts them in danger when Kiroumaru points out everyone has been put in danger thus far for the last 6 episodes. So they go along with the plan. While they wait for Kiroumaru Saki keeps hearing Shun talk to her about how this is not a Fiend. Saki posses that question to Satoru who gets upset, thinking that Saki is just sad that Maria and Mamoru's kid will be killed. Saki then says look, I don't think the Fiend knows it is a human thus that is why I keep saying it's not a Fiend. It thinks it is a QueerRat. Once they show the Fiend what it looks like maybe they can reach him. Kiroumaru gets the Fiend to Saki and Satoru. They freak out and start running but soon the Fiend doesn't follow them at all?
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Because you are really working with them?!
They wonder what is going on and Saki realizes it is a trap. The ceiling caves in and Saki realizes that Yakomaru knows their position. There is talk of if Kiroumaru told Yakomaru where they were. The Fiend comes upon them and Satoru puts up a mirror to show the Fiend what he looks like. This results in the Fiend screaming and breaking the glass. Satoru throws the anthrax but Saki decides that Satoru will die at that distance and sets the anthrax on fire. They manage to run away as the Fiend has gotten burnt in this attack. They eventually met up with Kiroumaru and there is some more talk about what to do now that Saki has destroyed the weapon. Eventually because my memory is failing me in my old age they go into a tunnel that will only give them one exit but that means that Yakomaru can only chase them one way. Saki apologizes for what she did, saying she couldn't bear it if she was all alone in the world. Satoru says it is okay and Yakomaru starts calling out to them, promising a truth. Even though Kiroumaru says be quiet everyone starts talking, questioning why he went to Tokyo all those years ago. Kiroumaru confesses that he did come to Tokyo to find the anthrax himself but couldn't find it. He then turns into Yakomaru, sucking up and saying that he then was loyal to the humans to protect his people and keep them safe since they are so powerful. For some reason that makes Saki and Satoru feel much better. Well until Kiroumaru suggests they all die, by making the tunnels collapse and burying themselves and the Fiend in there. Shun is like SAKIIIIII can't you hear me?! It's not a Fiend. So Saki decides that she has come up with a brilliant plan that needs Kiroumaru to work and may not involve Saki and Satoru dying. She is going to stop the Fiend ya'll. THE END!
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All of my ideas suck so don't bother asking me!
What the hell folks?! What the hell?! I was ready for my victory speech. Like AHA I knew this was going to happen but just melted before my eyes. I don't even care about Saki and her dumbass self enough because of my wrongness.
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Because they are?
But lets be clear here folks. I am not calling this a total loss. In face I might say I was halfway right. Halfway. Because I want a victory folks. Kiroumaru was not in league with Yakomaru. They were not working together to kill Saki and Shun. Kiroumaru probably did want revenge for his people. The showdown in front of the human leaders was real. These are all the reasons why I was wrong.
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But I couldn't find them so I sucked up instead. THE END!
HOWEVER I am not ready to hold hands with Kiroumaru and call it friendship and love and yay you were on our side and didn't betray us. He did. Or at least he tried to. Inui was right with his thinking, that Kiroumaru came to Tokyo to get the anthrax himself. That alone means he wasn't all YAY HUMANS! The fact that he didn't join up with Yakomaru doesn't mean he turned over a new leaf and wanted to live side by side with the people who kept his people down. He simply did not have the weapon. Had Kiroumaru found the weapon I bet things would have turned out different. Maybe he and Yakomaru would have worked together to destroy the humans had he had the weapon.
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Because I had to bitches!
But he didn't folks. And there is a difference between Yakomaru and Kiroumaru, just like all humans are different from each other even when they have the same goals. Kiroumaru knows what humans are capable of doing and instead of fighting back and losing the war/many lives Kiroumaru decided to suck it up and be the bitch. Like yes time to suck up. In fact since Kiroumaru did such a great job of sucking up his group was perceived as being more loyal than Yakomaru's this Yakomaru suffered even more anger. Yakomaru might be bent on being the king of the QueerRats and has no problem throwing as many bodies into this fight as possible but he seems to be fighting for the greater good or complete freedom for all QueerRats. Kiroumaru just wanted that for his group. Like yep we will be your slaves no problem here, keeping it alive. So I don't know why Kiroumaru is getting painted as this awesome character. Or really a loyal character. He wasn't willingly loyal so it doesn't count to me.
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Are you jealous now or something?
I have decided to deal with the appearance of Shun in a certain way because basically it makes my head explode. So...I have decided that Shun has either put part of his soul into Saki before he exploded. The other explanation is that Saki is crazy intelligent and the way she deals with all this is imagining Shun and giving him all the right things to say. But it would make more sense if Shun was alive in some way in Saki's mind given he is actively giving her correct advice. He knows things from a different perspective, mainly because he is not the one in danger.
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Because Shun told me!
Either way it is bullshit. I mean Granny was going on and on about how special Saki is and all I see is Saki crying over bat poop and all the men lining up to die for Saki and now a man is giving Saki all the right answers. It sorta pisses me off. I like it better when Saki was ripping tentacles off Fail Eevees. She had a lot of spunk and now it has all fizzled. It has nothing to do with crying. People can cry and still be brave. It's just that Saki was so talked up by Granny I expected more. Or I am still pissed Saki couldn't take the few awful creatures in the tunnels when she saw people turn into confetti blobs. Like really. This is the great leader? I just wish that Saki wasn't getting info from dead Shun and was using her own wits to solve things.
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I think that Satoru is being portrayed as harsh in these last two episodes even if he is being super brave trying to protect Saki and the rest of his village. He is being shown as not listening to Saki when really she is not explaining herself well. Saki finally does get her point across to him but I just felt as if Satoru was getting a bad wrap. Saki talks to dead people. Satoru is trying to prevent more dead people. Next time explain your point faster and people won't shut you down Saki.
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At this point everyone does Saki. Everyone.
The Fiend is not a Fiend because it doesn't know it's human. Because QueerRats don't have mirrors. Or water......But still. I guess I have a few problems with this. The Fiend thinks it is a QueerRat. But didn't the Fiend kill all of Kiroumaru's men? I mean he did disarm the entire force but I guess I can't remember the specific wording. Perhaps that wording would show whether or not the Fiend killed them or the other army took them out. Also maybe I am not understanding how the death feedback works but it's not like if the Fiend is going to see his reflection and go OH NO I killed humans. Doesn't this feedback thing have to be conditioned over time? Going to the school and doing the test with the priest? It's not like the Fiend will see his reflection and it would work if he then attacked Saki and Satoru. It would need more time, a person in control of their actions. Who has concepts and ideas above that of a caged animal, because that is what the Fiend looks like.
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In the future the only reflective surfaces are mirrors. Good to know.
Also I am not sure what Saki was trying to gain by showing the Fiend what it looked like. We don't know what level of intelligence the kids has. So maybe Saki wasn't thinking straight or grasping at straws but that entire thing was special. She really doesn't want to kill any part of Maria....even if that part has killed many of her people. I think all the death is taking it's toll on Saki in a society where everything bad is erased.
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I guess living with no one is a loss too.
OOOOOOOOOR she doesn't want to be alone. That is why she saved Satoru from the anthrax. I would argue that the show was being a TROLL and that Kiroumaru was certainly being portrayed as a traitor. Because why couldn't one of the others be bait and Kiroumaru throw the anthrax so everyone wins?! But yeah besides that dumbass move.....Saki destroying the anthrax to save one person..for maybe a minute. How do I feel about that....well Logically Saki should have let Satoru kill the Fiend. More and more people will die if this keeps up and more Fiends are raised. So Saki would save Satoru for a short time just so she wouldn't alone for a little bit. But then when several other characters have stated their GROUPS are the real families, not the actual families maybe it understandable what Saki did. Maybe.....
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Because I know you won't throw it!
I think I have typed enough. I don't think I did a good job though talking about the Fiend and why this is confusing to me. But Saki ends the episode by saying Shun has given her an idea. It is the last episode folks. What could this magical idea be? It better not be...Kiroumaru killing the Fiend. Because I thought QueerRats were always around to help kill kids. So...that wouldn't be such a dramatic conclusion right? We know Saki is going to live though? Will Satoru make it out of there? And does it matter because if Saki can live forever like Satoru she will end up alone anyway? I don't know. I have been saying use the QueerRats all along to kill the Fiend but who knows. WHO KNOWS. Oh wait ghost Shun does...


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see both sides sacrificed plenty in their struggle for survival, but there is still a fundamental difference. Like what RandomC said:

>The humans sacrificed in hopes that things remain constant, which more often than not seems to end up with diminishing returns. Queerats sacrifice in hopes that things would be better off. It’s no wonder Kiromaru thought of the humans as giving up, if it appeared they never wanted a better tomorrow.

Interestingly, this also ties back into what has always been said about Saki’s character: that for all her insecurities and flaws she was special in her strength to never give up, and that clicked with what Kiromaru said about “giving up”. Her actions in destroying the psychobuster to save Satoru was a discourse from the state of perpetuation humanity arrived at, and really highlighted this difference about her in a way the show hadn’t quite managed before. The bigger implication isn’t lost; if the fiend had died along with Satoru like that, humanity would’ve just return to as it always was. In acting on her fear of being alone, Saki made a personal gamble for a better tomorrow in her life.< Looking back at the “brat” Saki in ep1, I have to say she really did comes a LONG way.

Also, it’s nice that Kiroumaru’s ambiguous motivations have been somewhat explained away. It sets things up decently enough for a blazing finale likely to leave large swathes of the audience in awe.

We know one thing we know for sure, Saki will survive.
Maybe she and Satoru will adopt the “fiend”? Uhh, guess not?

Agree w/ Mrs. An_chan, “anything can happen”, seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens showed up in the final ep. I just hope it won’t leave us with a cliffhanger or “movie coming soon, because 25 eps just aren’t enough”.

P.S. - Kill Yakomaru!

Christina said...

Anonymous- That is a different way of looking at things, that Saki wasn't going to go the WELL someone has to die to save the future route. That humans just became used to losing all the time they never looked for a way to keep what they have. Of course humans have lost so much over a long period of time it is easier to deal with the awful you know than gamble with the hope you might not get.

That might be a sign that Saki is a good person but not necessary ready to be leader. I am not saying kill people because you can. But her gamble could have ended very badly for everyone, not just her. Of course I would save my husband even if it meant screwing over a lot of people. But that might not be a good game plan for a lot of someone elses.

And of course Saki was trying to hold on to humanity, something that has been lost upon the way with this society. It is like there isn't much worth fighting for. Cabin in the Woods anyone?