Thursday, March 21, 2013

Queen of Hearts Build a Bear Outfit. Or the source of Tenchi's happiness for the week. XD

XO Is it possible to be so excited over a piece of clothing? A piece of clothing that is made for a bear and not yourself? Well maybe I am living proof that yes, yes it is possible to be so excited over a tiny little bear outfit. Go me!
 photo buildabear2_zpsf20dc617.jpg
Just take all my money now.
Behold why Tenchi is late on blogging anime posts today. And where all of her money has been going lately. Isn't it marvelous? XD Sure one could say this place is made for kids but hello? Did I have a job when I was a kid? Did my parents let me spend tons of cash on bear clothes? No. So I must relive my youth now folks.
 photo buildabear_zpsf9bd07bc.jpg
Pictures are not mine. Obviously since I don't have a Shellie May yet. :( Oh who is Shellie May? Well after the success of Duffy the Disney Bear at Tokyo DisneySea they (the powers that be at that particular Disney) decided to introduce a friend for Duffy as he was lonely. He didn't have a best friend like Mickey. So Minnie made Duffy a best friend in Shellie May. Or you know...more money from the company. Either way I stand behind it!
I have wonderful plans when I go to Japan next year. One being actually going to Tokyo DisneySea since I totally missed the boat on that one. Part of my plan is to bring my newly bought Shellie May and Duffy to the Queen of Hearts restaurant since the husband and I really enjoyed it last time we went. And of course Shellie May and Duffy have to look the part. Now with Build a Bear a lot of the same outfits are available online and at the stores but there seem to be some outfits that are hard to find and not at all stores. This being the Queen of Hearts outfit. It is not available at my local store and hit and miss at many others. Well tonight I was informed by some very helpful people where to find the outfit and how to get it delivered to my house. A process that sounds easy but when a company doesn't take credit cards over the phone it can get a bit tricky.
 photo buildabear1_zps7026144f.jpg
Needs some pants and shoes...
So I am slightly happy that my Queen of Hearts outfit is on the way. XD So happy I had to make a post about it folks. Now I just got to buy the Mad Hatter outfit and accessorize them a bit more. Oh and finishing earning all the money for the plane tickets, hotel rooms, meals, time missed from work, ect. ect. And then plan the trip. And make sure all involved have the time off from work. But don't worry folks. I got the most important element to my Japan Trip 2014. I got a bear outfit for a bear I don't have yet. XD
 photo buildabear3_zpsd88ab0ad.jpg
All kinds of wonderful.
So that was my night folks. Trying to coordinate getting a Shellie May outfit (not sure if i will make her Duffy's girlfriend or sister yet) from California to my house. Easier said that done but now that I know the process it will be easier next time I need an out of state outfit. Sometimes the internet can be a place full of hatred and people being mean for no reason. But other times, like this one, it is full of helpful people making a crazy girl's dream of bear outfits come true. XD

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