Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Amnesia episode 9

Hello there my lovely readers. The husband took note of all the drama I have been having at work lately and decided to take me out on a spur of the moment date. Like hurry get your shoes on time to go type thing. XD Twas a nice surprise. We went to see The Great and Powerful Oz. Not sure how I feel about the movie yet but had a great time.
Um.....spoiler alert?
Before I hit the hay and start off tomorrow full of hopes on getting things done here is one post. Silly daylight savings time messing with my brain. Up now is Amnesia episode 9. Spoilers for...well crazy people.
Can these people please change their awful clothes?!
Episode Summary: The bully girls smirk at Shujinko and tell her that she needs to learn her lesson. Shujinko looks at the 5 strands of hair they cut and the girls run off, passing Toma and alerting him to the danger. Toma takes her back home and assesses the hair emergency. He deems it okay but things might go terribly wrong next time so he says she must stay at home from now on. He goes out for a bit and Shujinko sits still for about 5 seconds. She remembers that she has a meeting with Ikki and maybe he can explain things to her. She tries to call him but he is out with the crazy girls and doesn't recognize her new number. So Shujinko gets dressed so she can meet Ikki in person. Toma comes home right when Shujinko leaves and is very upset at her decision. He starts talking about Ikki and how he wants to protect her. Shujinko seems sad and goes to bed. When she wakes up Toma hands her a cup of coffee and goes to work on his paper. Bam Shujinko wakes up and it is dinner time. Toma hands her a cup of coffee and tells her to eat up. Bam Shujinko wakes up and it is breakfast again. This cycle continues until Orion is like stop drinking the beverages! She pours it out into a plant while Orion barely explains that Toma has been drugging her with something. She pretends to be asleep when Toma checks on her. With that knowledge Toma lets his guard down and falls asleep. Orion urges Shujinko to escape but she sees that Toma has her old phone and takes that second to investigate the crazy. Turns out she has tons of missed messages about how she sucks or how people want to date her.
Do you have any real powers?
Shin arrives to ring the door a million times. Shujinko gets back in bed and pretends to wake up when Shin walks in. Shin seems to be pissed about this arrangement, that Toma has no right to protect Shujinko since he is not her boyfriend. Shujinko is like WHAT while Toma takes Shin outside, saying he trusts no one. He returns and basically plays the part of the villain, saying he put Shujinko in danger so he could trap her. He kisses her and she appears to be knocked out again. When she wakes up she is in a cage and Toma is pretending like this is all normal behavior. Even though Shujinko is in a dog kennel Toma continues to take care of her, giving her meals, buying her clothes, and bringing her stuffed animals. Orion points out the obvious that this is really weird and that they can't trust Toma. One night Toma starts questioning what he is doing and lets Shujinko out of her cage so they can talk. Toma says that he knows that Shujinko has no memories and used that to his advantage. He knows that Shujinko has feelings for Ikki and that she is being bullied by the fans. All of this he has done to protect her. When Shujinko seems to forgive Toma he gets angry and puts her back in the cage. But he receives a call that he has to go to the university and forgets to lock the cage. Instead of running to the police Shujinko wonders what her feelings are towards Toma and thinks her diary will tell her the answers. She takes off to her apartment with Orion in tow. She is nearly hit by a car and has to limp the rest of the way. She nearly makes it to her apartment but Toma has arrived home and finds she is gone. He takes off after her and THE END!
See? Not so bad!
Okay guys. A lot of people might hate me for this but....I am really not hating Toma all that much. Yes what he did was wrong and in any other situation I would be like MOG throw that crazy man in prison. And yes he did fall a few notches down in terms of being a good boyfriend. But I really thought he was the one who paid those girls to torture Shujinko. So when it came down to a cage I was like...oh I see.
We are totally bad ass!
But first things first. The bully girls are pretty damn lame. If you are going to be crazy enough to cut someone's hair DO IT! A few strands? Please. Maybe they just wanted to intimidate her and it worked. Just....wow. These girls are the insane ones. Sharing a guy like a bunch of hos and picking on the one girl who might have real feelings for him (at least in one time line). Do the police really suck in Japan that no one can go to them for help. Is Ikki that blind?!
Good luck with that, this girl is a problem magnet.
I think when Shujinko got assaulted by the girls Toma handled it normally. Stay in this house. Only let me go out. Now he should have told someone....but it seems that Toma is jealous of Ikki so that might be out of the question. Maybe Toma doesn't have enough evidence to go to the police but can't they still go and tell the girls they KNOW what is up so they can stop their shit before they get in more trouble? But yes Toma saying he wanted to protect Shujinko. I was on board with that.
Someone's pissed......
Shujinko read things in her room that lead her to believe that Ikki might have some information. And yes she did try to call the guy. Maybe next time leave a message. But since you were just attacked 5 seconds ago maybe your ass should stay inside. JUST MAYBE! Text him and maybe he will get back to you. So I understand the intial rage of Toma when he finds that Shujinko left the house. And that Shujinko has been told Toma is her boyfriend and she is basically cheating on her. Anger I understand it here.
Why do I get so dizzy every time I drink anything MOG!
I MIGHT understand the sleeping pill bit too. Which makes me the most horrible person ever yes? I mean poisoning people is wrong. Do not poison people! DO NOT DO IT! However Shujinko is clearly putting her dumb self in danger. I mean....anyone else being this dumb would be Baker acted and she would have been on lock down anyway. Poisoning is bad. Do not do it. However.....Toma was trying to protect her. Maybe he should have just locked her in the room. Clearly I need to be locked in a room if I am defending this insanity. X_____X
Thanks for your help Mr. Magoo.
Orion is the little protector that can't. It is like he is there to state the obvious. But since Shujinko is beyond the obvious I guess he was needed. Like um you know how you have been asleep 23 hours a day lately...yeah you are being poisoned. I THINK that Toma is up to no good. Just think. Poor Orion. Where is he from again?
Um....how about more rescuing and less talking?
Shin is kinda late to the rescue party. Like um here I am with my fashion crippled self to ask you what is going on. Now if all three of these people are friends in this time line Shujinko has been missing for quite a while. Good of Shin to come over to see what is going on. Why didn't he call Toma when he couldn't find Shujinko? Like dude that girl who is always in trouble is in trouble. We got to roll out dude. Instead there was a pissing contest on who wasn't Shujinko's boyfriend the most and how they are all selfish.
Toma addresses this little fact later.
For some reason Toma decided he needed to scare Shujinko before locking her in the dog kennel. Like yep I hired those girls to terrorize you. And for 5 seconds I believed him! Like oh snap this is what everyone meant when they said he was twisted. But I guess this was Toma just losing his mind a little. Just a little folks.
Feed her some carrots?
Locking Shujinko in a dog cage and acting like everything normal was......insane. But Shujinko was just as insane. HELLO! You are in Japan. You have paper thin walls. Scream! Bite Toma when he comes near you. Put up a fight when he takes you out for bathroom runs. Don't sit there and snuggle with your plushies thinking how this is not like Toma. Clearly you do not know Toma. DUH!
Why don't you slap him?!
Instead Shujinko the crazy and Toma the insane function together until Toma decides to take her out of the cage so they can talk. There she learns that he just wanted to protect her and that he knew all along they weren't going on. He just made her his girlfriend because she is too dumb to take care of herself. And he knows she likes Ikki but clearly Ikki isn't that worried about where Shujinko is and doesn't have a dog cage so he is a bad boyfriend. And Shujinko eats this all up, starting to feel bad for Toma.
But not dead....like she usually is.
Due to anime magic Toma has to leave the room for a minute to go to college and he forgets to lock the cage. Instead of running the police Shujinko wants to prove that Toma is right. Because she is dumb. Super dumb forever. Like it is noble this guy wanted to protect you but you were in a cage and you were drugged. And while you are at the police station tell them about the crazy girls.
I will laugh if the book is empty.
But since Shujinko doesn't think like that she runs off to her apartment to open her diary. Because surely that will explain how she feels about Toma. You know, the guy who is someone else's not boyfriend. She needs to know how she feels about a person who locks in her in a cage and poisons her. I guess I changed my opinion on how crazy this all way throughout the episode. Shujinko did manage to not get hit by a car in this episode so I guess that's something......something. Doesn't negate all the crazy though.


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Toma was beyond protective in this episode. There were other logical ways to keep the princess safe. The obvious choice would be to inform the police of the mean girls' harassment and get a restraining order against them. Also, having a police officer temporary escort the princess until this nonsense settles would be another sound choice as well.

I'm damn sure no one wants to be drugged and imprisoned like an animal by some insane stranger who's not his/her boy/girlfriend. Any other person would have struggled to escape, fight back, run to the police but the not the princess. Why is the princess so stupid in this episode? I mean, it's utterly annoying that male protagonists of harem shows get more personality and lines while the princess gets nothing. Why? I know it's a double standard, but still, why? Why do male characters like Riki of Little Busters or Yuki from Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate are more competent than the princess? We all know she has amnesia and that's the reason for her dull personality, but the writers can still make improvements. :(

That's all

Anonymous said...

.....and come w/ Ukyuu arc next, which also include all the answers.

YAY!! Can't wait! Especially since he has double personalities. ^_^

Christina said...

Anonymous- Clearly the police does not exist in this world. Because Shujinko has been harassed by everyone and anyone and barely anything happens. I am convinced though that Shujinko would get herself killed without the boys protecting her. To be clear in any other case I would be like THROW TOMA IN JAIL. And part of me still feels like that. But....really....really....Shujinko is 15 kinds of dumb. I don't even think she knew she was kidnapped. RARW what am I saying? Of course Toma was wrong!

But yes. I know we are supposed to put ourselves in the role of the main character but I can't pretend to be that stupid. Boys always seem to have it easier and better.

Anonymous 2- Ukyo is crazy. But I guess he knows what is going on since he talks to her every arc. Yay for answers?

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