Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Amnesia episode 8

X___X It feels like a million years since I last posted an anime episode. But it appears that I did post one last Friday so it hasn't been quite that long. Just....a bit. XD I try, I try.
A man who will make his woman food? A KEEPER!
There are many things in my little Tenchi folders that are nearly done and almost ready to blog. So let's get to it shall we?! Up first is Amnesia episode 8. Spoilers for no Kent at all. :(
But what about Kent?! XO He only got one episode!
Episode Summary: Shujinko is shocked to see that she has passed from a dimension with Ikki to one with Toma. She responds to the change by passing out on the ground. She wakes up in a cab as Toma is taking her to the hospital. The doctor can't find anything wrong with her even though she has Can'tTalkItis. But since this is Japan the doctor insists she spend the night. Forgetting all about what Orion has said Shujinko agrees when she sees it is August 1st again. Toma is all I got to take care of you and it will be okay. Shujinko seems okay with spending the night at the hospital but is taken home the next day. Toma shoos her upstairs so he can check the mail. Shujinko checks to see if anything is written in the notebook. Of course it is blank but she spots another diary like book. There is a lock on this book so she focuses on a mini calendar on her table. Something about the back alley and Ikki? Toma comes inside and becomes super helpful with the cooking and making sure Shujinko is okay. Still he notices that she is quiet and not her usual self. Shujinko wakes up the next morning knowing she needs to figure things out. Shujinko is also a bit scared when she finds trash in her mail box. When Toma comes over she asks him to take her to the back alley. Toma seems a bit against it but spending time with Shujinko is okay with him. They walk along until they reach the back alley.
Nope you suck as a boyfriend. Time to move on.
Things start to get fuzzy as Shujinko can't remember why this is important and asks if Toma is her boyfriend. She passes out and wakes up a day later with Toma watching over her. Toma is so happy that she is okay he doesn't ask what the heck is going on. He takes her a short while later to the maid cafe to ask Waka to give her some time off. Waka doesn't seem to have a distinct personality in this time frame but he says yes to giving Shujinko a few days off to....recover or what not. Shujinko peeks in the dinning room and sees the 3 evil girls with hats. Ikki doesn't seem to think anything is wrong and can't wait for Shujinko's update in the alley. While Shujinko and Toma are talking outside a flower pot nearly crushes Shujinko in the head. It is clearly one of the hat girls but Toma can't catch them. Toma takes Shujinko to his apartment as he is scared for her now. Shujinko seems okay with this agreement and spends her time looking at photo albums. She sees that Shin is in this universe too as a childhood friend. Later that day Toma offers to go out and buy them stuff for dinner. Shujinko declines asking for anything as she needed unmentionables. She goes out for them on her own and comes across Ukyo. At first he starts off as his normal self, saying of nice to see you in this time frame, who are you dating now? But then things get sinister, with him grabbing her arm and saying she is going to die. Toma comes by just in time to save Shujinko. He doesn't get that mad at Shujinko for being dumb, just takes her home and sleeps on the floor so she can get the bed. There is a bit of flirtation in the morning but Toma decides to be a gentleman. He wants Shujinko to stay at his place for the time being so they need to go shopping for the things she will need. Toma is not a seasoned shopper and the mention of underwear nearly kills him. Shujinko offers to get him a drink and skips off. The hat girls appear and one of them cuts Shujinko hair. What is going on!? THE END!
She has a hard time using her big girl voice.
And then there was regression. Back to uhhhs and whats. Oh Shujinko. Your brief time with Kent was not enough. Please come back to the talking side!!!! We need you to talk about what is going on, not to have the guys explain every single second to us. You do something aside from what the boys see. Be apart of the plot, not watching it with us.
Shujinko is awake! Rejoice!
Which I guess is hard to do with this episode. Boring city. Mainly because Shujinko spent half the episode in bed. Seriously. I think she spent as much time in bed/being ill/dizzy than all the other dimensions combined. Was Ukyo foreshadowing something else? Is all this time jumping and what not starting to effect Shujinko health? I don't see her becoming awesome like Madoka XD Maybe Shujinko was like screw this, I am taking me time. Someone take care of me!
AWWWW! So cute!
Toma filled that role very well. We actually didn't learn much about Toma because he was too busy running around collecting mail and making dinner and protecting Shujinko. You that I think about it...we don't know much about Toma's past but we know about him as a person. He is kind. A little....well slow since he didn't question at all why Shujinko is so loopy. Loyal. Maybe a little jealous Ikki gets some attention. But most of all he puts Shujinko first. Something the other boys haven't really done. Toma is miles ahead in the boyfriend department. Sure Shin tried to make sure Shujinko was okay but he was pressuring her to remember for HIM. Toma was taking care of Shujinko because he loved her.
You only care for me?! XO
Toma wins. Time to go home?
Break that baby open!
Okay I guess there is more to talk about. Shujinko didn't seem to be on her game this episode. She did seem interested in the diary but since it's hers she should have just broke it open instead of looking for a key. She did suggest going to the back alley, something that should have thrown up a red flag in Toma's direction. But other than that Shujinko was in bed and eating yummy food. Sometimes I have moments like that. Like sorry I am done with people today someone take care of me.
Well it can't be that secretive if Shujinko leaves notes around where Toma can read them.
I am sure whatever Shujinko and Ikki are doing behind the alley it isn't.....well cheating. I am sure the hat girls think it is thus the glares and the flower pot throwing and the hair cutting but in each universe Shujinko has been loyal. One guy at a time. Maybe in her universe she will have to make a decision but for now if she is with Toma she is with Toma. The dialogue was very...suggestive but I am thinking it is a lot of nothing, especially if Toma knows about it.
Everyone say AWWWW!
And Toma does know something. He knows that Shujinko is being bullied but since it is girl on girl bullying Toma can't beat the shit out of them. So he does little things to make sure she is okay, like clearing the garbage out of the mail box or making her take time off work. Maybe he thinks this is all stressed related and he rather get no sleep at all than have her suffer a little. Everyone say AWWWW!
Yep this is the spot where you meet up with Ikki all the time...
There were some special moments to this show. I am pretty sure that Shujinko doesn't live halfway across the world. They know.....go to her apartment and get her stuff. No need for buying anything or Shujinko being embarrassed to ask for things. Toma did seem very slow on what was going on with Shujinko. Like he was so caught up in taking care of her he didn't really want to question why she seemed so off. Also...they didn't seem that lovely dovey. Like when Shujinko asked if they were going out Toma was like...yeah....almost like they weren't and Toma had no idea what to answer.
Well now that you mention it.....
Ukyo was creepy yes? And it looks like at this rate he is going to get his own universe. Is Shujinko going to be a volunteer candy stripper and take care of his creepy self? I mean....they go to the same college so I guess they can meet up and be normal together. But since Ukyo knows what is going on with this insanity I am thinking that they won't be a happy couple.
Is Ikki that amazing? Like seriously folks.
The episode ends with a bit of shopping for sexy underwear and Shujinko trying to be useful. Only the minute she tries to do anything for herself and others it ends in disaster. XO The hat girls who love Ikki have appeared and are armed with scissors. Thankfully they didn't snip much of her hair but still....Shujinko better be stabbing some hoes. DO NOT TOUCH SOMEONE'S HAIR!


Anonymous said...

>Also...they didn't seem that lovely dovey <

^ That, is a BIG hint in this arc.

I LOL at the shopping scene. The poor man is blushing really hard and gritting his teeth since he realizes that he can’t even get a word in with the choices. LOL

>Toma is very nice.<
Yes, he is, but he is also twisted, see ep 9

Anonymous said...

Kent got robbed INDEED!! 'Cause it looks like Toma got 3 eps.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

In episode 9, the audience will get to know Toma much better. And it's quite shocking.

Also, the princess should get a restraining order against the mean girls or at least report the harassment to the police. For crying out loud, a potted plant almost fell on top of her head! It would have cause massive head trauma had it hit. Poor princess, she probably needs a pack of bodyguards escorting her everywhere. Would be very funny at the end if she turns out to be real princess from a fantasy world! lol.

That's all.

Christina said...

Ya'll are bumming me out!!! Toma isn't the perfect boyfriend? They are all creepy assholes and Shujinko deserves better? SADNESS!!!

So I will just guess and say that Toma is paying those girls to harass Shujinko. Or really he is giving them information that Shujinko is friendly with Ikki which pisses them off which makes Toma look like the hero. Of course that wouldn't explain why he is cleaning out the mail box for her....

Anonymous- Are you saying he really isn't her boyfriend? That he might be the most observant of them all and is trying to steal her away? WHY TOMA WHY!

The husband is sorta like Toma (when he isn't being creepy obviously). Like time to go shopping, hold the bags and Duffy!

Anonymous 2- Three episodes? Well if that means el creepo in green gets none I am all for it but Kent did get robbed.

Anonymous 3- Now I am scared to watch the episode. I talked this boy up in being the best boyfriend and he might be the worse.

All those girls are crazy. They are sharing one man for three months. Is his penis that amazing? Maybe they focus on hating Shujinko so they can still be friends with each other. They need a target to make this insanity work.

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