Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Psycho-Pass episode 18

Or maybe he broke your robot leg and head and threw you around the helicopter? Just maybe?
Dinner has been accomplished. How soon after dinner can one have dessert? Is the answer instantly? Guess we will find out soon. But in the meanwhile have another anime post. XD So much catching up today weee! Up now is Psycho-Pass episode 18. Spoilers for Ginoza having a pretty bad life.
No? Don't tell me no!!!
Episode Summary: Ginoza and what is left of his team roll up on the helicopter crash scene. But before Ginoza can question who is in the body bag the drones tell Ginoza that he cannot pass go, cannot collect $200. Ginoza gets pissed but Granny appears and tells Ginoza she will explain. By explaining Granny meant she would lie and say that Shougo had a connection in the Ministry and obviously that is how he escaped. Ginoza goes to protest but Granny points out that Ginoza has some “failures” under his belt but by allowing him to recapture Shougo that is Granny's way of putting faith in the man. All Ginoza has to do is take Shinya off the case. So Ginoza goes down to tell his team this b.s news. Instead of being pissed Shinya points out how utterly stupid this entire thing is. That obviously Shougo being captured alive is a more important task than stopping people dying. Ginoza gets super frustrated, even reaching the point where he asks Daddy Tomomi for help. Tomomi is like look things are really shitty now. Even thought you know this is wrong and we are being used if you go against the grain you will be hurt. Tomomi's advice is to do exactly what Granny says and to stay humble/alive. Shinya has decided to stomp around with Akane following him. Akane realizes that if captured Shougo might not be judged in the way that gives the most justice but what else could they do? Shinya decides to blame the lack of helmet to the head on himself as Akane is too Akane to kill anyone. Akane tries to remind Shinya that he wants to be a detective, not a killer. Akane makes Shinya promise to be that detective and Shinya is like oh okay.
Akane....did something good?!
Ginoza has decided that maybe he won't be following things by the book and gives Shinya to another team, the team that is going outside to look for Shuusei. That way WINK WINK Shinya can find ways to do what he needs to do. Ginoza and Akane walk away feeling all accomplished when DANGER DANGER! The van that team 2 was going to climb in is full of drone ready to arrest Shinya. Granny appears from the shadows, talking about how lame this trick is. She decides that she will blame Shinya and hands Ginoza to take care of the issue. Only when he goes to pull the trigger Granny changes it to splat mode. She keeps telling Ginoza to be the man but Akane shoots Shinya with a paralyzer and calmly tells Ginoza that his gun must be broken. Shinya wakes up unsplatted in his hospital room. Shion comes in to visit Shinya and they talk about how sad it is that Akane is growing up so fast. They go to her work room where Shinya sees Shion has one of the helmets. She says that she hasn't heard anything about Shinya being off the case and not able to borrow the helmet HINT HINT. Shinya takes the helmet and the two basically say goodbye to each other. Shinya tests the helmet out by visiting Tomomi in his room. Tomomi questions Shinya's motives for going after Shougo. When given the Shinya answer Tomomi gives the man the keys to his safe house/car and advises him to say goodbye to Akane before heading off. Shinya has a case of the noos and leaves Akane a note instead. Basically it says sorry, gotta stop being a detective and find the bad guy. By the time you see me again you will probably have to blow my head off. XOXO Shinya. Akane is not happy with this news and cries. In the city Shinya is able to sneak by the detectors and makes it to a car. Off he goes. THE END!!
Looks normal to me. But if your face is looking special put a helmet on?
Apparently this episode was the episode of horrible faces? Maybe because I got frustrated at all the subs not downloading right for me and I picked whatever site came up first on the search engine but didn't seem that bad to me. I mean....I guess nothing will compare to Shin Sekai Yori episode 5. That was bad folks. Super bad.
um who is in the body bag?
So things are starting to fall apart for Granny/ Sybil System. I think it made quite a few mistakes this episode. Things are unraveling and instead of cleaning things up all nice and neat Granny is coming on very strong and obvious. I mean if her/its plan is to kill everyone and leave no witnesses I guess it doesn't matter if you leave a string of mistakes. But sooner or later someone is going to start questioning all the body bags, starting off with the one Granny was in. Well one of the Grannys anyway.
So screwed.
As much as Ginoza sucks and doesn't believe in the ever amazing powers of got to feel bad for the guy. He really did get a rough hand dealt to him in life. His father was flagged as a latent criminal early when the system was released. That meant that Ginoza had it tough proving himself. So Ginoza went all out being a bad ass. Much focus on the ass. Then his partner loses himself in his work just like his father. Now he has to serve over the both of them despite the fact they are both better detectives than him. Throw in the fact that he has lost one Enforcer and one “ran” away and his new partner is Akane....the man is lucky to still be alive folks.
And then Shinya didn't lose his mind. Interesting.
So when he was talking to Granny and had to relay the awful news to his is frustrating. We as viewers know the truth and are screaming at our screens. But even if Ginoza knew the truth he wouldn't be able to act on it. Because Ginoza is smart enough to know that he is in trouble and things aren't adding up. Now he might not know how much trouble he is in but all he can really do is say okay and weakly protest. Yes ma'am thank you for not splatting me today type stuff.
This is some bullshit!
The rest of the team is allowed to speak their mind as HEY they are already latent criminals what else can they do to us? Wait what do you mean Shuusei is missing?! Oh well we will still speak our minds. I think that Shinya was the opposite of calm even though it appeared he was amused. Like he was so mad he bypassed anger and went to crazy. Like haha this is my stupid life HAHAHAHHAHA this is all dumb. I think that deep down all the Enforcers know that Ginoza is in a hard place too and complaining to him really does nothing. Everyone just needs a place to vent.
Probably one of the last times they will talk.
There was almost a touching moment between Ginoza and his dad. Everyone say AWWW because one or both of them will be dead in a few episodes. I think that was the closest thing that they are going to get to closure. Ginoza asking his dad for advice and Daddy giving it. Only Tomomi gave what Ginoza thought was bad advice. Unless it was Tomomi's plan, I will tell my son what to do and since I said it he will do the opposite. BRILLIANT! But even if that wasn't the point Tomomi is probably right. There is a time and place to be a man and this is no Mulan movie. Time to shut up and try to survive this thing. Tomomi was being a dad in this case, not someone trying to protect Ginoza's feelings.
Everyone thing is messed up.....bu I will still support it.
I think Akane is supposed to represent society. Like she is one step above the average person. Like she would know that someone being hit with a hammer over and over again is bad but still wouldn't want that person to die themselves. It is like she almost gets it, that she wants to get it. But she has grown up in this society and can't take the full leap to bashing people in the head. Even know when things are pointing to VERY BAD she still wants to capture Shougo alive and make Shinya promise to be a good detective. Oh innocent Akane.
Good plan....just Granny was one step ahead of everyone.
I was really surprised that Ginoza thought up a way to help Shinya out. Maybe Ginoza did the opposite of what his dad said or really Ginoza is pissed that he keeps getting embarrassed at work. Whatever the case it helps Shinya out, something that Ginoza hates doing. But Ginoza tried to help both of them out and almost ended in disaster. I do not believe that Ginoza was going to shoot Shinya. I think at that moment Ginoza realized that everyone was expendable and that if he shot his friend he was still going to die. X____X So it is a good thing that Akane shot Shinya...again. Look at Akane, doing amazing things and saving the day!
Well at least one of us is making it out of here alive.
Much like Mamoru over in QueerRatsRUs Shinya saw the writing on the wall. Or maybe it was slightly...obvious when the gun was pointed at his face. Either way it was time to leave, before Granny really took him out. Shinya had a bit of help from Shion and Tomomi. Two people who probably hate the system just as much as Shinya but don't have his abilities. They can only help someone else escape. Keys of the car here, helmet there. Everyone must know that things are super dangerous for everyone thus the goodbye vibes all over the place.
I don't think anyone in anime ever gets a happy letter. Eff you mail system!
The episode ends with Akane reading a letter from Shinya while he walks around town in a helmet. Didn't this town just get messed up from said helmet people? Maybe it was too early in the morning for people to be out and about and notice said helmet. But yeah Akane was not pleased with this news. But deep down she must know that Shinya was on the chopping block. I will be pissed though if Akane is able to kill Shinya when she wasn't able to kill Shougo twice. I will be SUPER pissed. SUPER!


Anonymous said...

Since the Eliminator need to be "fixed", like Akane said, doesn't that mean that they are made as well? So, where/how are "guns" made?

Agreed w/ SCAMP from The Cart Driver:

>In many ways, this ep has been a story centered around specific moments in Akane’s life where the Sibyl system did not do what should have been ‘right’ and how she reacts. The first episode she panicked and did what felt instinctive to her, although that was in large part because she had only just started as a police officer and hadn’t grown accustomed to what the system did. Episode 11 was after she had grown used to the system telling her what to do and turning gormless in the face of it failing on her. Her attempt to go against the system with the shotgun was a miserable failure with no conviction.

What was interesting about her quick thinking this episode was it was sharp and confident. There wasn’t a hint of the sheer panic she had in the first episode when she originally shot Kougami. It goes a long way to show her development over the course of the show. I’d say the discussion about how good or not Sibyl is for society from Akane is coming up soon. This episode was more her talking about its usefulness for the police in capturing criminals. In that case, yeah sure the system is pretty great. Almost certainly has a higher success rate in catching criminals and stopping crimes than regular policing. <

Christina said...

Anonymous- This episode does show some interesting parts to Akane. However I hope this new found growth doesn't mean the end of Shinya. She was unable to follow orders in episode 1 and couldn't kill Shougo to save her friend. But she was able to go against her boss. I don't know, hopefully she won't kill Shinya just because he is breaking the law. Maybe she will see what he is doing is needed and will see the grey in the situation.