Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Busters! episode 22

Yep....things don't get any better.
Hello there my lovely readers!!!! I have a post woohoo! A little late in the day but I have one. Maybe two but the night is slowly chippin away. XD Here we go though. Up now is Little Busters! episode 22. Spoilers for things....being really off.
Such sadness repeating over and over again on the news.
Episode Summary: Noumi is taken to the hospital as she has fainted. Riki continues to watch the coverage over the news, which basically says the same thing over and over again. All reports are grim, with Tevua becoming more and more dangerous. Something about a reactor blowing up and not knowing where the crew is from the craft. Noumi wakes up in the hospital screaming about going to the prison. The girls calm her down and she returns to the norms but not school. Riki tries to talk to the guys about the situation but things point to bad and Riki can't make bad better. There are now reports of people not being allowed in or out of Tevua so how can Noumi get in to see her mom? Kanata shows up on cue to say that the Tevua embassy has sent Noumi a ticket to come home. Everyone discusses what Noumi should do. Komari is like everything will be okay right? Rin is like are you dumb NO it won't and runs out. Riki runs after her and Rin explains that if Noumi goes home it will just bring her pain. The two look over and see that Noumi was hanging out with her dogs near the water's edge. She says she doesn't know what to do but wants to tell her sad story of woe. When she was younger she always looked up to her mom even though her mom was probably the worse person on the face of the planet. One day when her mom ACTUALLY saw her Noumi tells her the dreams she has of following in her footsteps and being an astronaut. Yay for dreams. Noumi goes to the special school on Tevua that helps prepare kids for astronaut training. Only when she gets there almost all the school books are in English and she quickly falls behind. Kids talk about how dumb and a waste of space Noumi is and she feels like she can't possibly be her mother's daughter. So......Noumi ran away from Japan. She decides that she can't go back and cries, with Rin crying with her.
Part of Riki "remembering" things. Does Komari's storybook change each timeline?
Everyone talks about what Noumi should do, most saying she will regret not going back to be with her mom. Noumi overhears them all and decides she wants to be with all of them and runs off. Riki later sees Noumi carrying a large box to the trash and Kyousuke talking to her. What he doesn't hear is Kyousuke saying that Noumi has remembered everything and that has affected her decision to go back. Riki just thinks that Kyousuke is being stronger than him. Riki then start to hold his head as memories flash in his mind. He has no idea what is going on but reaches his way to the box. Masato and Rin were throwing things away and join Riki in opening the box. Inside is everything that Noumi holds dear in the world, her mom's old belonging and Noumi's books. Riki decides to take the box with him and find Noumi. She is sitting under a tree, thinking back to when her mom learned she got accepted into the school. As a present her mother gave the cap and hat Noumi is always wearing, that these are supposed to protect in her mom's place. Riki pops up and asks why Noumi didn't throw throws those away too. Noumi starts crying and saying she is a failure and not what her mom wants her to be. Riki says that Noumi is good the way she is and that she needs to go be with her mom. Noumi sniffles and eventually decides she is going to go. Kanata wishes her luck separately from the group and hopes Noumi will return soon. Noumi joins the others and says goodbye, saying that she might not be able to return. Riki says that she WILL and not to worry. Everyone says goodbye and Noumi says so in a different language, but with it's real meaning being goodbye forever. She leaves the group and THE END!
Um....Kyousuke is getting involved? Must be serious.
Well....that was confusing. Very confusing indeed. I am sure people who have read the source material and played the game think this all makes perfect sense. Not for me folks.
Put on your Hazmat suits and find those people!
First off...why are they talking like Noumi's mom is still alive. You need to be with your mom, go home to see your mom before things are too late, you will regret this if you stay here ect ect. Why is this being said? Isn't Noumi's mom dead? Not to be rude but REALLY dead? Like exploded in a million pieces? Granted maybe the rocket itself didn't blow up and it was a new component near the rocket that exploded. But hello this episode takes place over a series of days. How long does it take to find the rocket portion, really the people portion of the space craft, and find if the humans lived or not?
Rip it up for her!
So that is why I thought it was odd all the characters were wanting her to go home and be with her mom. Or maybe they wanted her to go home and say “goodbye”? I don't know. It was all odd. But that is not the only thing odd about this episode. It was like it was being told from an unreliable source. That something else was going on and everyone wasn't talking about it. Instead the truth was awful and everyone was avoiding it. Like their memories had been replaced. Because why else would everyone word things like that? Like they knew the mom was alive? Maybe that is just me.
What are we talking about now?!
Noumi was acting that way too, that she knew her mother was alive and there was another reason why she didn't want to go back to her home country that I have never heard of. She said “I don't want to go to prison” at the hospital (clinic?), was talking to Kyousuke about remembering something, and how she wasn't going to run away anymore. To me it didn't seem like her sadness was all connected to her mom exploding into a million pieces. To me is seemed like Noumi was focusing a lot on the running away aspect that she thinks has surrounded her life.
Clearly this is all Noumi's fault.
Which of course seems off too. Or more like Noumi has taken on so much on herself it just doesn't seem fair. She thinks that she ran away from her home country or what she calls her home country since she moves around so much. But they ran her out of town. A little kid scared of people picking on her and not measuring up to her absent mom. And all over not knowing another language. If her mother wanted her to be an astronaut maybe she should have stuck around and helped teach her kind English. How is any of this Noumi's fault? She is so smart, far from a failure. So it is sad that she thinks of herself like that.
Where are all the adults?!
Regardless I think all of this episode was a bit 4th grade logic again. Like...why didn't the grandfather come and take care of Noumi? If he has been the parent figure in her life and getting to the country was difficult he should have flown to Noumi. If the kids themselves couldn't say the awful things why wasn't the news giving more up to date information. Like it shouldn't take forever to find the bodies/victims. There should be school counselor or something talking to Noumi, not her friends who aren't equipped to deal with this themselves .
Um....that came out no where?! X____X
So yes Noumi didn't want to go back to her home land because she was upset about her mom being dead. Rather I think Noumi believes she is alive. Factor in what Noumi said when she woke up in the hospital (prison) and the fact in the previews there are chains and tore up looking Noumi...I am going to go out on a limb and say that Noumi is afraid of going back to her homeland because she is going to be treated roughly.
Is Kyousuke the wish master now?!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....yeah a lot of questions here. How does Noumi know this is going to happen? Kyousuke said remember. Like this has already happened. Is this a time loop? Are people going to stop talking and forget their names?! We already know (well I assume and pretend I know it all) that Kyousuke is sending the letters for the secret of the world. Is the secret that it repeats itself, until Riki can save each and every girl? How does Noumi know her fate already? Has she been through it so many times she finally remembers it? But if this is the case why would Kyousuke SEND Noumi over to danger if he knows what is going to happen? What possible lesson can this teach Noumi and Riki? Like if mom is dead or in danger why send Noumi over there to suffer? Even if the mom was a good person I wouldn't suggest this craziness.
Just say no!
So it is hard to type anything else because of all those glaring questions. Noumi feels bad but I don't feel as if she should be. She really needs a family member in her life and not people she just met. Riki felt powerless in this episode like he should have. I am not sure how I feel about people telling Noumi what to do. Maybe because I have some family issues myself. Like I just don't see Noumi's mom as a nice person. I would not tell someone to put themselves out there to a person who doesn't deserve it. Just because they gave birth to you or you are related to them doesn't mean you need to go all out for them when they are a negative force in your life.
:( How can anyone's arc be worse than this?
Overall the mood was just sad. Sad sad. Riki started to remember some sad stuff too, probably past mistakes from reset universes. Everyone wishes Noumi off but it seems like she is saying goodbye to them because she knows something bad is going to happen while everyone says goodbye because due to things going on there Noumi can't fly home. Either way.....downer episode. X___X


Eternia said...

A lot, lot of questions. Just like Haruka's arc. Yup. Noumi said "farewell" because she knows that she won't be able to return to Japan anymore if she goes there. Or, at least that's how it's supposed to be. Under normal circumstance, it's really impossible. But this is Little Busters!, the group that solves everything and sweeps everything under the rugs. So...

Christina said...

Eternia- I am surprised that everyone let her go! Or that she was even allowed to go. Like okay seeing your mom is important but getting your mom out of the country is a hard enough job without you too. Sit there and wait, that is what your mom would want you to live! This show has a lot of explainin' to do....

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