Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Busters! episode 23

Guys. Guys. I am not liking this new Photobucket thing. I put it off as long as I could but now I have to use the new format and it is no bueno. It was much easier for me to blog with the previous version. Why do things have to change? Don't they know I am old and set in my ways?! I hate change!
 photo littlebustersepisode239_zps76a0c0cb.jpg
Everyone is worried about Noumi for good reason.
But I shall push through so I can be productive in the two hours before bed. Up next in terms of anime is Little Busters! episode 23. Spoilers for......Rin's arc being 32983 kinds of awful if this trend continues.
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Episode Summary: Since Noumi has been gone the Little Busters have been watching the news nonstop to hear all the awful details that are happening in Noumi's homeland. Yuiko comes up with some random facts about the country, how the natives are pissed that the whities came and used their natural resources to fund this super unsafe project. Add in a reactor not doing well and the native rebels ….well start to rebel. Super dangerous indeed and Riki wonders if it was the right thing to do to tell Noumi to go home. Noumi has arrived on the island and watches the chaos from a mountain top. She is taken by car to the house (her house?) where her Grandfather is hiding. He is happy to see her and says that there might be a chance the astronauts survived. Later the Grandfather learns that yes all the astronauts did escape the craft although the mother was injured saving someone else. Grandfather goes to rescue the mom and tells Noumi not to leave the house. Back in Japan Riki is becoming more and more depressed that he sent Noumi away. The other Little Busters have varying degrees of sadness and think about Noumi and her horrible situation. Kyousuke seems to think this is what Noumi needed to do as Rin takes care of the dogs.
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Thanks for those random facts.
A rocket is then launched in the building that Noumi is hiding in and when she comes to a gun is pointed at her head. They recognize Noumi as the astronaut's daughter and kidnap her. Naked and stuffed in a cave Noumi dangles from chains reaching the ceiling. Clearly having the worse life ever Noumi starts to cry, saying she is a worthless gear, and that she was no help to anyone. Everyone in the Little Busters was reflecting alone about Noumi and think kind thoughts of her. Riki himself was holding the broken gear Noumi tried to throw away. He thinks of her and how he hopes she is okay. Noumi herself thinks that she needs to help the others and keep her promise of going back to Japan. Riki and Noumi seem to have visions of past events and POOF Riki is able to wish the gear to Noumi who uses it to smash her chains. She is able to escape the cave and travels down some awful water, thinking about her mother and the gang along the way. She makes her way outside and sees a beautiful sky. She is happy and free. Later the others are playing baseball and talk about how Noumi is okay and her mom is okay and soon she will be back in Japan. As if by magic Noumi appears behind them, smiling and crying at the same time. Everyone takes turns saying hello to Noumi and crying too as Kyousuke looks at her knowingly. Noumi then decided to follow her own path...which means being an astronaut and enjoys spending time with the Little Busters. THE END!
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No really did see that. I understand your confusion.
Just...I....I have no words. What the hell am I watching? I know that Kannon had a fox girl and Clannad might have brought someone back to life. But besides that I think everything made sense in some way. And even that I think things made sense. There was a legend about foxes taking on human appearances and only after the main character collected enough feel good points could he grant a miracle. It all made sense in the setting.
 photo littlebustersepisode236_zpsd5c3d2c3.jpg
For what?!
But this show...I don't even know. No I have not played the game/read the source material/ect. So if I started ranting and raving about things that are wrong well I am only going by what I see on my little computer screen. Maybe later things will make sense and I will go OHHHH I see why this was so magical. But for now I am going to talk about what I see and why it doesn't make sense.
 photo littlebustersepisode237_zps5104963a.jpg
This isn't what really happened in the episode. So....a separate timeline?
Noumi was talking to Kyousuke last week about remembering things. Clearly that meant that THIS event had happened before as she was locked in a prison this week but remembered being in a prison last week. So that means that the world is either repeating itself, time traveling is occurring, or there is some parallel universe stuff happening. I am thinking it is more repeating itself. None of the other girls/characters are aware of this but Kyousuke. Riki is starting to suffer from repeating too many timelines and soon he will be the most powerful magical girl ever.
 photo littlebustersepisode238_zps3003c484.jpg
Um....yeah. Why are you here again?
So my question is...WHY DID NOUMI DO THIS?! If she knew what was going to happen to her why would she do it again? What wish? What wish indeed?! To me it looked like Noumi went to her home country, got kidnapped/raped?, and escaped through the power of Riki sending things across time and space. How was any of this necessary? How did Noumi do anything positive? She keeps on saying that she is tired of running away and that is fine. But what did she accomplish?
 photo littlebustersepisode2310_zps44e9597b.jpg
Um.....I don't understand how that is the reason...
The only thing I can think of is that by Noumi going to her home country her mother was not kidnapped/killed herself? That if they had not found Noumi in the house it would have been her mother instead? Because other than that I got nothing and I am starting to worry about the other girls. Each girl's story is getting worse and worse (and more unbelievable) so I am starting to think Rin is going to have a heart attack and someone is going to steal her kidneys.
 photo littlebustersepisode2311_zps361e3673.jpg
How about you worry about yourself!
So since there is no reason for Noumi to go home I have to assume this is not really what happened. That everything is working out way too perfectly for this to be real. I mean...Haruka has the world's evilest grandmother but everything ended well for her after all of this time? Seems too perfect to me. Noumi's arc has been the most unbelievable. So I am thinking that Noumi's mom is not okay. And that Noumi went through much more than what was seen on the screen. And that maybe she didn't come back at all during the first timeline. Now since I don't know what is going on I am not sure WHY she went there. Only that something major is missing from this show, an explanation on why Noumi would go through all of that if it would have worked out fine had she stayed at home.
 photo littlebustersepisode2312_zpsdb16279e.jpg
Even Noumi is surprised.
I don't think I am explaining things well. Just that Noumi going back and Kyousuke encouraging Noumi to go back when nothing GOOD would come of going back. Maybe mom did die and Noumi had her chance to say goodbye. Whatever the real reason....Riki sending something across time and space was a little special. I mean everything else he has done so far has been possible even if the situation was impossible (Mio and her other self). He just used his words and the power of friendship to fix everything. But now Riki has evoked the power of magic...and headaches that either show the future or past timelines. X___X Is he really Madoka now? Does he have powers to do...well whatever he wants because of what he has been through?
 photo littlebustersepisode2313_zpsa3e0d53c.jpg
Everything is all better weeee!
Another confusing point for this episode was how Noumi was able to bounce back so fast. And that she returned to Japan so quickly. I would think after all that she went through (even if she wasn't raped she went through more than what most will ever) she would spend some time with her mom. But then again she has spent more time with Riki and her friends than her absent mom. Maybe that was just natural. But if Noumi spent all that time and energy in putting herself in danger I would think that she would spend more time there, that the emotional reunion would be with daughter and mom, not Noumi and her friends. Another sign that things are off or that this show takes friendship to new levels?
 photo littlebustersepisode235_zps3b58a692.jpg
How about we go home to Japan where it is safe?
I was going to write something negatively about the grandfather and how he didn't go see Noumi before going to their home country. But that is his daughter. Sometimes you do irrational things for family. Or to them...not that I am bitter or anything. It looked super dangerous and maybe he should have taken Noumi with him to pick up the mom. But then again since I don't believe what is going on maybe that was the right move. Moreso I really can't talk about the situation in that country, just that things SEEM to take a dramatic turn very, very fast. Yuiko had a lot of knowledge about a random island country did she not? At least she didn't start quoting Hamlet.
 photo littlebustersepisode23_zpsf38c8b1d.jpg
Everything is fine now guys. That kidnapping and almost dead mom thing was a whole week ago!
In the end everyone was worried about Noumi, there was so magical moment that allowed everyone to save her, and basically when rockets explode an entire country goes to crazy town. But Noumi has made it back alive to Japan to play baseball with all her friends. So...yeah. WEIRD!


MCAL said...


Welcome to Kud's arc!

It will make sense... eventually.

Eternia said...

I told you. I told you. I warned you. :-D I am too pissed off to play the another session of the PC game. So I have yet to see how will this make sense in the end. So what, even if they are in repeating timeline, I don't see how Riki could become a Level 10 Telepath and a Level 10 Teleporter?! Even the kids in Zettai Karen Children and To Aru Majutsu no Index can't do those, yes? Unless Naoe Riki really is Madoka Magica. The game will stay around in HDD for a while, until... I am running low of disk space.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I just stopped thinking about this show anymore. No, sorry, I don't want the show to make sense anytime now because it hurts thinking about it like Black Rock Shooter! :(

Power of friendship? Really? It grants you magical abilities? I'm just facepalming here, folks. Why don't we turn Riki into a magical girl while we're at it? Yeah, that will bring in the ratings!

This show is just insane. Seriously insane beyond reason. At least with Amnesia the craziness there was "understandable". While the writers of Zetsuen are sociopaths, the writers of Little Busters are clearly insane and bad--I honestly thinks so. :O

That's all.

elior said...

any of this things you seen at the episode wont make any sense in this season.if they will make second season for this show only then everything will make sense

elior said...

any of this things you seen at the episode wont make any sense in this season.if they will make second season for this show only then everything will make sense

Daniel Miranda said...

You said somewhere, in different timeliens she failed and didn't go back to her home or in reality her mom isn't that well... you have a big point there ;)

Christina said...

MCAL- Weird is such an understatement. Like...what is this show and why do none of the characters acknowledge what is going on? Maybe if someone felt as if things were off I feel better about it but you know....eventually.

Eternia- I was warned. I just wasn't prepared for gears flying across the planet and little girls being able to escape terrorists over everyone being okay with sending Noumi over there to begin with. What is this?! X___X And if Riki is the main character why does Kyousuke know it all? Way too many questions!

Anonymous- I swear this show was written by 5th graders. But maybe if none of this is really happening and it is all a bunch of nightmares...that could make sense. Maybe none of this is happening because of Riki's disease. But yes each story is getting more and more out there making it hard to watch the show. Rin is going to be gang raped by a bunch of dogs at this rate!

Elior- I am thinking that families with two fathers doesn't make sense either. Or that people can get over being...lost to their imaginary in 5 seconds makes no sense either. But this pushes the envelope of not making any sense...X__X

Daniel- She must have gone back or done this before/for real as she knew about the prison and she was in a different (red?) area that she wasn't in this time. But I am not sure what would change by going back, if it is all a dream. Because if she didn't go back the first time or did go back and didn't see her mom....none of this is real. What is the point of it all? Clearly mom is dead so how can Noumi make it better? Can't fault her for being scared and wanting to be alive.