Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This might be super old news to some (almost a month old which is like 6 years in internet time) but there is a new pokemon game ya'll! We have run out of colors and stones though. We have been reduced to letters. I am sure there is a reason behind this, more than the legendaries having those letters as part of their name but yeah. Pokemon X/Y will hit shelves just in time for my birthday weeee! Maybe I should finish White 2 that I got for my birthday(ish) last year.
 photo pokemony_zps1093be05.jpg
Ready for a new adventure?!
The husband has been slacking though! He is usually my source of pokemon information, that we got to go to Gamestop and get this pokemon and look at this new skin and blah blah. But today I woke up to many text messages from my friend informing me of this new game, the new pokemon at Gamestop, and of course.....something that would really catch my interest. A new Eeveelution.
 photo pokemonxy_zpsfb213fdd.jpg
I see that someone was reincarnated from Spirited Away....
So after pulling myself out of bed and looking human onto the computer I went to see this for myself. People have not really embraced the majority of 5th generation pokemon. Some are better than others I can agree on that. But....some are really pushing it. I am not sure what kid wants a trashbag as a pet but hey.....well....maybe we are running out of animals.
 photo eevee2_zps6ed585bf.jpg
Gotta catch them all and train them all with proteins and HPs and ects! XD
But a new Eeveelution is something I could/can get behind. I love my Eevees. I have mentioned this before but I am an Eevee trainer. I love getting all the forms and powering them up to be my main party. Now usually I would have to do this after the elite four or only have a few before ending the game. But with White 2 I was able to get ALL of the Eevee forms before going too far into the game. Now the husband thinks I am insane because they aren't duel types and blah blah's the pretty that counts. The only thing that bothers me is that there is a lack of flying Eevee. I can teach all the other HMs to various Eevee forms but not fly. So it is important to me that a flying type would show up eventually even if I know that poison or steel would be easier.
 photo eevee_zps31d42984.jpg
THOSE EYES!!! X______X Not Eevee enough!
But what the hell is this?! WHAT IS THIS?! Is it wearing a digimon on it's head?! Kyubey is that you? Are you making that pokemon a magical girl? Are the random ear things something that make the new Eevee Sylveon in the air? Are the wrong eyes something necessary to glide across the sky so I can visit city to city?! Can someone explain to me why Sylveon has attacks that look like fire and circus type moves? I mean...apparently there are NEW type of pokemon, Light and Sound (?????) so maybe Sylveon is a light. Well go towards the light and fly to the sun please!! :(
 photo pokemonx_zpsa88c184c.jpg
Which one of us will you choose?!?! XD
I am probably just crazy. And a little sad as this game will be only for the 3DS. :( We were putting off getting any new game systems but I love the pokemons and update when I can no longer play the newest games on my newest system. So a bit of sticker shock and the lack of flying Eevee makes me a bit of a sad panda. Also I hate 3D movies so you know. But....I will have to get this new game eventually. Maybe it will be excellent, the best game ever, one that didn't need to be named Popsicle Orange or Granite. Maybe this new eevee will become my favorite. Even though this news is only a month old we don't know much about any of the other pokemon. Guess we will all have to wait a bit longer as more and more pokemon are rolled out in the upcoming 6 months. Keep your fingers cross that this game rocks. XD


Anonymous said...

Here is your flying type:

Lovely isn't it? ^_^

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think it is pretty cute but if the Dragon type could fly I rather use that. :( Why do they hate me?!